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The Tiny Life

The Tiny Life
First you should know this is a continuation of previous post: The Search For Land Part 1 and Part 2. As many of you know it can be tricky to find land and my experience was very similar. After you’ve read those posts this post will make more sense. So where I am at today. The house is nearing the home stretch and I am frantically trying to finish it because the lease on apartment ends next week! The trick to all of this has been getting a lease on the land.

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WHAT WILSON WANTS: ( barn/stable conversion by Ábaton ) HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I hope you had a fantastic New Years Eve and have started the year with fun and are ready to be inspired! I was reading my one of my daily favourite blogs, 'You are the River', and came across the beauty... My first post of 2012 (Exciting) is this fantastic converted stables renovated by architectural and development firm Ábaton. Tiny House Cost vs. Traditional House Cost There are lots of benefits from buying and living in a tiny house. The most obvious is the cost of the house itself. I have written this blog post for you to SEE the difference in price between traditional homes and tiny houses. This only covers the issue of the price of the house itself.

Tiny House Blog Oprah’s “Tiny House Man Expands”: Not a Story About Weight Gain I should really start paying more attention. I didn’t even know that this new piece on Oprah’s Where Are They Now was available online until I stumbled upon a link through Alex Pino’s Tiny House Talk. Thanks, Alex Pino. Thanks Oprah Winfrey. Microtopia is Mega-Good Tiny Tack House Plans — The Tiny Tack House Q - How big is your trailer? A - 7 x 20 5,000 Dual Axel Utility Trailer with load up to 10,000 Capacity. Q - How long did it take to build? A - Seven months from delivery of the trailer. Q - How many man hours did it take to build?

Tiny House Decisions - The Tiny House It’s decision fatigue. And it’s very, very real. You know that feeling of overwhelm that creeps in when you face decision after decision? Stylish New Green Prefab from FabCab The accessory dwelling unit is in style these days, especially in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve seen this with Backyard Boxes in the Seattle and laneway houses in Vancouver, and now FabCab would like to help this market out in Seattle, too. FabCab – short for fabulous cabin –- is a new endeavor by Emory Baldwin to sell eco-friendly prefab and kit dwellings. Pictured here is FabCab’s first home, which was on display at the Seattle Home Show in late February. The 538 square-foot home has an open kitchen, living space, bedroom, and bathroom, all for the price of about $85,000. The Seattle Home Show model was built with locally sourced and sustainably harvested Douglas Fir, low-VOC paints and finishes, and water efficient fixtures and components.

Uncut Tiny House Realized As a result of this exploration we now know that a tiny house that could be built without a saw. The direction I went in is just one way to go too – and I’m certain there are many many more. In fact several folks have commented and contacted me directly suggesting some great improvements. Clothesline Tiny Homes Hello everyone! happy happy holidays and to all a good night. :) I came across a really inspiring small house (not tiny… but still very small!) and wanted to share it with you all for inspiration… Nakai House by University of Colorado students – Tiny Living in Style

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