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Tons of Google Forms for Teachers, Administrators and Students

Tons of Google Forms for Teachers, Administrators and Students
January31, 2014 I came across this wonderful resource a couple of days ago through TechChef4u and after checking the forms it has I decided to share it with you. This is basically a treasure trove packed full of handy Google forms you can use with your students in the classroom. There are also forms for administrators and another selection for professional development. So those of you who do not have time to design their own forms, this page is a must bookmark for future reference. If you are not yet familiar with how to use Google Forms and want a head start, check out the resources below. Below is a screenshot of the forms created by Molly. FollowMolly Blog :Technology Ideas, Thoughts, Resources, Sites, and Projects for teachersTech for Teachers :Technology resources for classroom teachersClassroom in the Cloud :Web 2.0 Examples from the ClassroomChromebook Classroom :A resource for all things Chromebooks Click HERE to access source page.

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4 Must Have YouTube Chrome Apps for Teachers April 28, 2016 YouTube is absolutely an excellent resource of educational video content to use with students in class (if it’s not blocked in your school). However, YouTube ’s experience can sometimes be student-unfriendly. YouTube videos are usually embedded within a distractive environment that disperses the viewers focus and divides their attention. The Comprehensive Google Drive Guide for Teachers and Students January 26, 2014 Google Drive is one of the fundamental tools in our digital toolkits as teachers and educators. Whether you want to compose a document, create a presentation, design a sheet, or share a beautiful drawing you made, Google Drive provides you with the tools to do that on any device and anywhere you are with an internet connection . Given this huge importance of Google Drive for teachers, I have created an entire section here packed full of tips, tricks, ideas, and third party tools to enable you to better tap into the full educational potential of this platform. Today, I am sharing with you a treasure trove of practical guides on how to use each tool in Google Drive. This is the same list I have been using to create guides I share with you here in this blog.

INBOX Happy 450th Birthday, William Shakespeare! Affirmative Action Ban Upheld The Supreme Court upholds the right of a state to decide whether or not it will use race in admissions decisions at public institutions of higher education. Inside Higher Ed April 22, 2014 Ideas from NCTE for Teaching All Our Students: • Culturally relevant teaching is a term created by Gloria Ladson-Billings who, in this interview explores the implications of what it means to develop a culturally relevant pedagogy, how we might think about community in our teaching, and more. • The authors of Writing Instruction in the Culturally Relevant Classroom suggest that culturally relevant pedagogy can help us reach all of our students—especially those who have been ignored and underserved in America’s classrooms.

A Handful of Helpful Google Forms Tutorials for Teachers Google Forms and Google Sheets can be very useful for collecting all kinds of information from students and others. Three of the most common uses of Google Forms and Sheets in schools are creating quizzes, conducting surveys, and organizing workflow. The following videos, screenshots, and links will help you learn how to use Google Forms and Sheets in your classroom. 3 Powerful QR Code Generator Apps for Chrome Users April 15, 2015 Looking for some powerful QR Code generators to use on your Chrome? The list below has you covered. These are basically some of the most popular QR Code generator apps out there. You can use them to easily create QR codes from URLs of webpages, Text, Messages, pictures and many more.1- The QR Code Generator

Choose search options for your site - Sites Help If you are a site owner, you can control what visitors search when they enter a term in the search box on your site. For instance, they can search only your site, your site and its attachments, or a collection of sites you own. Search options for your site Search across multiple sites: This option expands your search to include other sites. For example, you might configure the search box to search all similar sites that you own to increase the relevant content searched. Kate DiCamillo wins Newbery Medal, "Locomotive" wins Caldecott Looking for great reads for young people? "Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures," written by Kate DiCamillo, is the 2014 Newbery Medal winner. Click through the gallery to see the rest of the American Library Association's Youth Media Award 2014 winners for children's and young adult literature. "Locomotive," illustrated by Brian Floca, is the 2014 Caldecott Medal winner.

20+ Google Forms Teachers should not Miss After "The 10 Google Forms Templates Every Teacher Should Know About " that we have posted here a couple of months ago, today we are providing you with another great set of forms created by Kern Kelley who is one of the most reputable guys in the field of educational technology. Kern has really invested a lot of time and effort in creating these forms and on behalf of all you , we send him a big thank you for this work and don't forget to have a look at his fabulous blog The Tech Curve. Kern Kelley has divided these forms into categories as you can see below. 3 Powerful Map Extensions to Use with Students in Class March , 2016 Below are three very good map tools you can use with students in class. These are Chrome extensions that empower you with a bunch of excellent features to create, edit and customize your maps the way you want. Some of these features include: create stylized Google Maps to share with your students in image, GPZ or PDF format, measure the distances between areas in a map using Free Maps Ruler, create mapped routes with permalinks to track on your mobile device using GPS. 1- Scribble Maps

Comment utiliser les formulaires google en tant qu'enseignant? Cet article donne plusieurs conseils et des suggestions d'utilisation à des fins pédagogiques et professionnels. Une avenue intéressante à explorer! by jeannieproulxgignac Feb 2