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Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men, Wolverine and the heroes of the Marvel Universe.Comics, News, Movies and Video Games

Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men, Wolverine and the heroes of the Marvel Universe.Comics, News, Movies and Video Games

Marvelmania International First Marvelmania Club Catalog. Cover art by Jack Kirby Marvelmania International was comic-book publisher Marvel Comics' authorized but independently operated fan club from 1969 to 1971, which absorbed the Merry Marvel Marching Society begun in 1964. It included a six-issue fan magazine, Marvelmania Magazine. History[edit] Creation[edit] A Gallery of Very Unique Superhero Art It’s another one of those days where I wish I were an artist, because illustrator Christopher Uminga has me in awe of his talent. He’s created an amazing series of superhero/Star Wars/Ninja Turtles/etc. pictures in his own unique art style, and they’re the coolest things I’ve seen in quite some time. We’ve got the full gallery for you below and be sure to click on any of the pictures to make them huge with the help of our brand new gallery page! Hooray, we’ve made it into the 21st century!

Outsider: A full-color science fiction comic Outsider posts new pages (when available) on Mondays, but updates can be irregular, so I encourage you to use the RSS feed if you're interested in keeping up. [WIP Thread] 22 August 2013: Just a note to let everyone know I'm still here, the comic isn't dead. I'm just going through a patch where it's hard to find free time.

Swimsuit Issues: Marvel's Craziest Swimsuit Specials With Halloween over, Summer is well and truly behind us, but those of you who miss sun, sand and swimsuits can take solace in the pages of the Mighty Marvel Swimsuit Specials! Produced yearly during the early and mid-90s as an alternative to the “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit Issue that youngsters could con their parents into buying them as a comic book “investment,” the Marvel Swimsuit Specials were essentially books of pin-ups that saw heroes and villains taking time off from saving the world to catch some rays. Psylocke, 1991What made them really strange, though, were the underlying plots that ran through each issue and resulted in some memorable insanity, which is why we’ve turned to ComicsAlliance contributor Chris Sims to grab his beach towel and bring us Marvel’s absolute strangest swimsuit shots!

The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe "A shared universe, like any fictional construct, hinges on suspension of disbelief. When continuity is tossed away, it tatters the construct. Undermines it." -- Peter David Snood's Comics Recommendations (No true comic fan goes without them)

Cartoon Characters In College Imagine having Sponge Bob or Edd as your colleague, wouldn’t that be fun? Hence we are presenting you jet unseen footage from the lives of cartoon celebrities . How they partied, got seriously drunk and fought for students’ rights. Since they can do whatever they please, take a look at what they did to entertain themselves. Giant-Size Marvel: July 2009 I've bought and sold (and re-bought) many classic comics in my time. But no matter what, I've always kept my very fine copy of Amazing Spider-Man 121 lovingly protected in mylar. I have to, it's the single most important comic that I've read in my entire life!

THE AVENGERS:YEAR BY YEAR THE AVENGERS: YEAR BY YEARA "MARVEL TIME" CALENDAR Compiled by Paul Bourcier If you've always wondered about the nature of Marvel Time and about how the adventures of the Avengers figure into a time line plotted on a Marvel Time calendar, look no further! This portion of the Avengers Assemble website plots - year by year and month by month - the history of the Avengers as told in a variety of Marvel comics, portions of comics, and flashbacks, all listed in chronological order. First of all, I would like to acknowledge the work of George Olshevsky, the pioneer of Marvel chronology. His work, first in his own Marvel Comics Index (published in the late 1970s and early 1980s), then in the several Official Indexes to the Marvel Universe he produced for Marvel (in the mid to late 1980s), inspired my own research into the complex and intricate world of Marvel Time.

Sexy Super Hero Objectification October 8th, 2009 | Comics As if objectifying the Disney Princes weren’t enough for one day, we also have this tasty tidbit. Some dude named Mindsweeper has Photoshopped some hot pics of superheroes. Love the objectifying of traditionally butch characters. Especially in genres that typically paint the female characters to be overly sexy, ridiculously thin, and/or frail/slutty.

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