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55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)

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100 Greatest Cooking Tips (of all time!) : Chefs 1. Remember, y'all, it’s all about the prep. Take away the stress by doing the prep the night or day before. 45 uses for lemons that will blow your socks off by John Summerly – 1. Freshen the Fridge Remove refrigerator odors with ease. Dab lemon juice on a cotton ball or sponge and leave it in the fridge for several hours. Make sure to toss out any malodorous items that might be causing the bad smell. 2. House Cleaning - Tips for Cleaning House from Heloise Steve Giralt Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Rather than save up chores, I live by the philosophy "Clean as you go."

22 Clever Kitchen Tips That Will Make Your Life Much More Enjoyable 22 Clever Kitchen Tips That Will Make Your Life Much More Enjoyable November 1, 2014 Here are some amazing life hacks you can use in the kitchen. Culinary School Lesson: How To Work With Phyllo Dough - Foxes Love Lemons In my “What I Learned in Culinary School” series, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks that I learned from two years of working with some of the country’s best chefs. This will include big things like learning to work efficiently, and small things like how to cook bacon perfectly. All of them will be applicable to your home kitchen, making you a faster, better, and more confident cook. I’ve only cried in the kitchen once. It was before I went to culinary school. It involved phyllo dough.

Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil — Tips from The Kitchn Do you use your freezer to preserve herbs, vegetables, or fruit? The freezer can be a powerful, overlooked method of preserving. Pesto, strawberry puree, tomato soup — stash them away now for colder times! One of my favorite ingredients, a handful of fresh herbs from the garden, is one of the simplest things to preserve in the freezer, and I just learned a new, better way to freeze herbs: In oil! I noticed a post at The Gardener's Eden (read it here) recommending that you freeze some herbs in oil. Why?

HOW TO MAKE YOUR FOOD AWESOME This is an infographic list of 20 of the most awesome food hacks out there! Please Note (Credit on my lists): All images, recipes, etc. belong to their respective creators/owners. 30 Ways to Cut the Cost of Living — Simply Frugal Living #18: Use the occasion of spring cleaning to redecorate for super cheap or even free. I am grateful for today’s guest post by my mom! See part one HERE. I love to use the excuse of spring cleaning to redecorate one or two rooms. Why I Took My Kids’ Toys Away (& Why They Won’t Get Them Back) Have you been looking for new things to try to restore order in your home? Maybe sometimes you want a little shock and awe? Well, here’s one family’s solution. Let’s see if it works for you. Ruth at Living Well Spending Less is a best-selling author and a mom.