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Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly by Electroninks Incorporated

Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly by Electroninks Incorporated
Share this project Done Share Tweet Embed Tweet Share Email Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly by Electroninks Incorporated Play Circuit Scribe is a rollerball pen that writes with conductive silver ink. Urbana, ILDIY Electronics Share this project pledged of $85,000 goal seconds to go Funded! This project was successfully funded . Circuit Scribe is a rollerball pen that writes with conductive silver ink. Electroninks Incorporated Project by First created | 14 backed See full bioContact me About this project The Circuit Scribe Kickstarter is over, but you can order Circuit Scribe at! Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter | Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly Circuit Scribe is for Makers, STEM Educators, Artists, Kids, & Life Hackers. No shaking, no squeezing, no goop, no smell, no waiting for ink to dry. Invent Instantly Circuit Scribe is for Makers of all ages and skill sets. STEM Education: Circuit Scribe was made for project based learning. Components:

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Solidator DLP Desktop 3D Printer by tangible engineering USA Corporation Size matters. Solidator features a huge build area that is 3-4 times larger than that of most other commercial stereolithography printers and even a lot higher than those of the most FDM printers. No longer will you be limited to small prints - the 588cm² print area yields objects that are truly massive by comparison. Speed sells. Whether you're rapid prototyping or simply impatient by nature, speed is king. PROJECT DRAWDOWN - If it is happening, it is possible. Special Announcement About Important Things! Drawdown is a book, a database, a basis for curricula, a digital platform, and a movement. It defines and describes 117 impeccably researched, “state-of-the-shelf” technologies, both practical and social, that will reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Drawdown delineates a path to carbon neutrality and reduction in the atmosphere using technologies that are already in place, and describes the beneficial financial and social impact they deliver over the next thirty years. It is also a mirror held up to the world about what we are doing about greenhouse gases, with the underlying motto that- if it is happening, it is possible.

United Nations International School’s MakerSpace AKA CoLaboratory By: Francesca Zammarano, Junior School Technology Integrator & Jacqueline Jenkins, Junior School Divisional Head, United Nations International School UNIS is in its first year of having a CoLaboratory, a room which is just that – an interactive, colorful and vibrant space. Here we allow students to generate and create visible, tangible and exciting products, which they then can share with the wider school community. These projects are often interdisciplinary in nature, which allows for concepts in Math, Social Studies, or Art to be integrated into the final outcome.

Graphene Armor Would Be Light, Flexible and Far Stronger Than Steel Graphene Armor Would Be Light, Flexible and Far Stronger Than Steel Who needs science fiction? Nature is a wealth of imaginative plot twists. Take carbon. Carbon is common. It’s the fourth most abundant element in the universe. Robot Fourbot - A copter that anyone can fly! by Aksel Gaspari Anyone Can Own a Drone, the Affordable Multi-Rotor Air Robot! 1. Piloting made easy: With an extremely user-friendly control app & GPS,everyone can enjoy the feeling of being a pilot. 2. Birds eye view of the world: Put a camera on FourBot and take quality video from the air, in real time. 3.

Small World of Words Project Welcome to the small world of words project! Last modified: April 16, 2014 Voor Nederlandstalige informatie, klik hier The small world of words project is a large-scale scientific study that aims to build a map of the human lexicon in the major languages of the world and make this information widely available. In contrast to a thesaurus or dictionary, this lexicon provides insight into what words and what part of their meaning are central in the human mind. This way it enables psychologists, linguists, neuroscientists and others to test new theories about how we represent and process language.

Creating a Mini Maker Space For kid makers, having a dedicated space to work on projects can be pretty wonderful, and it just might help them create more than they ever imagined. A workspace doesn't need to be huge -- a small workbench that is efficient, compact and flexible in its use and storage can fit almost anywhere. Here are some tips on how to design and set up a mini maker space made just for your kids. Your kids can even help you set this up, though adult supervision is suggested, especially when installing the table and hanging shelving and pegboard. 1. Answer a few questions to help your child make some key decisions. Polymer Blend Conducts Heat Ten Times More Efficiently Than Conventional Plastics While plastics have become an indispensable material in modern society, they are not very useful for certain applications because of how heat doesn't disappate from them easily. However, a group of material scientists have developed a polymer blend that not only exceeds the heat dissipation of other plastics, but is about ten times more efficient than conventional materials like metal and ceramic as well. The project was led by Kevin Pipe of the University of Michigan, and the paper was published in Nature Materials. Plastics are synthetic polymers that are composed of repeating molecule chains. They are generally more lightweight and resilient than metals and glass, but the molecular arrangement does not allow heat to be removed easily when it is needed, like in automobiles and computers. Previous attempts to make a polymer blend that fits the bill have been adulterated with other materials, which detracts from the appearance and utility of the material.

Black Sun: Revolutionary Solar Collector by Terrance Yee Problem: Today solar energy technologies are too expensive to gain widespread industry acceptance. To compete with fossil fuels, solar technologies must become low cost, suitable for mass production, and easy to implement. With fossil fuel depletion and pollution rampant throughout the world, the time for a breakthrough in renewable energy technology is now. Solution: Over the past two years, Black Sun Planetary Solutions has developed a solar collector capable of producing clean, sustainable energy at a fraction of the price of current power technologies. This design has been tested and verified on the prototype scale, and we are finally ready to construct a commercial version of our product that can be shared with the world.

Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history Smarthistory offers more than 1500 videos and essays on art from around the world and across time. We are working with more than 200 art historians and some of the world's most important museums to make the best art history resource anywhere. Use the "subject" pulldown menu (go to "Arts and Humanities") at the top of this window or click on the headings below to access our content: Art history basics First things first (you are here) The materials and techniques artists use Art 1010 Prehistoric art in Europe and West Asia

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