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Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly by Electroninks Incorporated

Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly by Electroninks Incorporated
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Programas de diseño electrónico y simulación... - Simuladores de circuitos - YoReparo OrCAD OrCAD es un software propietario utilizado para la automatización en el diseño electrónico. Este programa puede ser usado principalmente por técnicos, ingenieros y diseñadores para el dibujo de circuitos electrónicos y el diseño de circuitos impresos, además de la simulación de circuitos, tiene una base de componentes actualizable. Licencia: Pago. Web: Demo (requiere registro): Altium designer (antes Protel) Altium Designer es un conjunto de programas para el diseño electrónico en todas sus fases y para todas las disciplinas, ya sean esquemas, simulación, diseño de circuitos impresos, implementación de FPGA, o desarrollo de código para microprocesadores. Web: Circuit Shop Circuit Shop permite diseñar, simular y aprender acerca de circuitos electrónicos analógicos y digitales. Web: Simetrix Qucs Licencia: Gratuito.

Ring : Shortcut Everything. by Logbar inc. Ring is like magic, allowing you to control anything you want, by wearing it on your finger. You can send texts, control home appliances, and even pay your bills — all at once and in a flash. Time - "This Ring Will Turn Your Finger Into a Magic, Gadget-Controlling Wand" Entrepreneur - "With Bluetooth Ring, Control Your World With a Finger Twirl" Mashable - "This Bluetooth Ring Is Like a Magic Wand on Your Finger". Fast Company (Co.Design) -"A Ring That Lets You Control Pretty Much Anything By Writing In The Air". Techcrunch - "The Ring Input Device Puts Gesture Control And Home Automation On Your Finger..." . We exhibited at the SXSW Trade Show in Austin, Texas from March 9 to 12th! Play Ring only detects the movement of the finger that is inside and identifies the gesture being made. Each Application, has its own unique gesture mark, so when you want to use it, simply perform the designated action. You can connect directly or using the Hub. - Direct Number Payment - Checkmark Payment

Precision Measurement without Ground Offsets Using Differential Amplifier Input to A/D ADC, Ground Loop Circuit Diagram, Instrumentation Amplifier for Precision Sensor Measurement The problem: ground loops! Probably the most common source of error in any analog to digital measurement system is improper grounding. To accurately measure an analog signal, the producer of the signal, that is the sensor, and the measuring device, usually an A/D converter in a microcomputer system, must share a common ground reference. In practice, that is often difficult, and the two ground references may differ in voltage by millivolts to volts. Unless they are fully isolated, analog output sensors must refer their output voltages to a ground reference. Unfortunately, if the analog sensor requires power its ground is usually connected to its power supply's ground, which in turn may eventually be connected to an earth ground. Referring to Figure 1, the power supply currents create ground differentials of ±ΔV1 and ±ΔV2. Attempts to better tie together the grounds of the sensor and measurement system usually don't help. Mitigating ground loop offsets There are two other solutions.