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ShareX - Take screenshots or screencasts, annotate, upload and share URL in clipboard QR Code Generator – create QR codes for free (Logo, T-Shirt, vCard, EPS) Creating a blog in Symfony2 — symblog - A Symfony2 Tutorial Coding in the Cloud The Internet has allowed us to work anywhere we want, giving us tremendous flexibility in choosing where we'd like to plant ourselves to build the next great app. Not being tied to an office desk has been a blessing to many who cherish the ability to work in varying environments and draw inspiration from their surroundings. But for the most part, we've needed to have a full-blown development machine to make this happen. As I mentioned, until now, whether you were in an office or sitting at a coffee shop, you generally needed a development machine (a MacBook, Windows, or Linux laptop in most cases) which may have the following things: An editor or IDE like Sublime, Vim or Visual StudioA local web server like MAMPAn app server and framework (RoR, Python/Django, Node.js)GitLiveReload or CodeKit And countless other tools that you rely on to get your work done. These services not only bring IDEs to the web, they also provide infrastructure that gives developers:

QuickDrag How to change Bluestack App's Resolution in Windows | GeekWake Hey guys today we are gonna explore one trick. Everyone knows about Bluestacks right, Bluestacks is providing platform where you can play any android game or you can run any android application simply on your Desktop/PC. So we gonna mass up with BlueStacks Application. Mass up in the sense, Many of you have tried to change the Bluestacks resolution, nop its not possible to change resolution directly. we have found one way to change your Bluestacks App resolution. One of our GeekWake Team member Dharmin Shah. Features: Bluestacks Stack Hacker Tool Simply change the ResolutionChange Shared Folder LocationBypass checking Graphic DriverEtc

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