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Fiddler Web Debugger - Installation Success

Fiddler Web Debugger - Installation Success

Download Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders from Official Microsoft Download Center <a id="b7777d05-f9ee-bedd-c9b9-9572b26f11d1" target="_self" class="mscom-link download-button dl" href="confirmation.aspx?id=35460" bi:track="false"><span class="loc" locid="46b21a80-a483-c4a8-33c6-eb40c48bcd9d" srcid="46b21a80-a483-c4a8-33c6-eb40c48bcd9d">Download</span></a> Mouse without Borders is a product that makes you the captain of your computer fleet by allowing you to control up to four computers from a single mouse and keyboard. This means that with Mouse without Borders you can copy text or drag and drop files across computers. DetailsMouseWithoutBordersSetup.msi Mouse Without Borders is a Microsoft Garage project by Truong Do.

10 Ruby on Rails Best Practices If you’re new to Ruby on Rails, one of the most daunting aspects is knowing what’s the preferred way of accomplishing a given task. While a lot of techniques and libraries have come and gone as the community’s preferred way of doing something, there are some best practices that remain, and can lead to writing the cleanest, most secure and maintainable Rails code possible. Listed here today are ten of the most popular and useful best practices you can use as a Ruby developer. Fat Model, Skinny Controller Arguably one of the most important ways to write clear and concise code in Ruby on Rails, the motto “Fat Model, Skinny Controller” refers to how the M and C parts of MVC ideally work together.

Web Operations Management Vamosa Content Analyzer Vamosa Content Analyzer automates the Discovery and Analysis of your entire legacy content allowing organizations to build a total view of their corporate content estate. Web usage statistics are gathered to provide insight into what web content is of value to organizations and which is redundant, duplicate or obsolete. Plans and pricing : PythonAnywhere We guarantee a certain amount of computing capacity for your web app, but how many hits/day you can get out of that depends on you. If you write a website that does tons of calculations for every request then you won't be able to handle as many hits per day as our estimate. If you write a super-efficient one using a lightweight framework, you'll be able to handle more. Our estimates are based on real-world websites that we host, like, so we're confident that they're a good indicator of what a typical website will be able to handle. How it works, under the hood

Learn It often feels like "best practices" have a shelf-life of a few months before being replaced by better ideas. Between Rails’ constant changes and a never-ending stream of new gems and philosophies, it’s a real challenge to keep up with the state of the art. Stay on top of it by reading the source of the Learn app itself, watching the thoughtbot team contribute to it, reading our books (which also come with high quality source code), and watching screencasts on vim, development tools, and more.

Revo Uninstaller Pros I have been meaning to install Revo for ages to clean out some junk on my PC but never got around to it. Well today I really needed it after I couldn't get rid of a program with just my PCs' uninstall application, and it worked just they way I thought it would. No surprises, no whistles and bells, it just got rid of the garbage program. Evaluating Different Ruby and Rails Versions with RVM If you've ever had to test an application that you are building with different versions of Ruby or Rails then you know how frustrating it can be. RVM aims to erase that frustration by making it incredibly easy to install multiple versions on the same development machine. The first thing that you will need to do is install RVM.

ZoomIt Introduction ZoomIt is a screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations that include application demonstrations. ZoomIt runs unobtrusively in the tray and activates with customizable hotkeys to zoom in on an area of the screen, move around while zoomed, and draw on the zoomed image.

My Experiences with Ruby off Rails I was recently pointed to Ben Singelman’s post on Why Nobody Should Use Rails For Anything, Ever. We seem to never get enough of arguing about application frameworks: I’m not going to do that. What irks me is when Ruby get thrown out with the Rails bathwater. Advanced Robots.txt Generator Advanced Robots.txt Generator is a unique utility that allows you to create, maintain, and keep track of your robots.txt files in the easiest and self-explanatory manner. Using Advanced Robots.txt generator will allow you to: Generate your robots.txt files for all your sites within minutes .

Tutorial: Macro and Hotkey Creation This brief introduction will help you start scripting your own macros and hotkeys right away. Tutorial Contents Creating a script Leveraging your Intuition Have you ever felt certain of something, despite not having any evidence to back up your hypothesis? That was probably your intuition guiding you. For good reason (i.e., intuition is often quite wrong about things that you aren’t fully educated on or internalized), people spend a lot of time learning how to set their intuition aside.