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Språklekar, språkverktyg -

Språklekar, språkverktyg -

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Learn to Draw Animals Print and enjoy our Learn to Draw Animals pages for kids of all ages. Kids can use our step by step illustrations to discover how to draw all sorts of animals and build up their skills and confidence in the they are just good fun! You could build up a whole folder of these printable pages for rainy days - teachers might even want to laminate them and keep them ready as a time-filler or reward. And of course many of them tie into classroom themes, too. We have over 80 of these animal drawing pages so you are sure to find one that appeals! Explore our learn to draw animals printables below...

Royal Baloo free printable packs All printables are provided free of charge, but please read the terms of use! Terms of Use These printables are provided free of charge and are for personal use only. You may: Print as many copies as you’d like Use them in a group or classroom setting Activity Cards - Individual Child This information is also available in: Spanish The 36 Get Ready to Read! skill-building activity cards are fun, engaging, child-friendly early literacy activities to try with 3- to 5-year-old children. They’ll give you new ideas for bringing literacy activities into your classroom, home, and daily routine. The cards were created with both parents and educators in mind, and they’re free and easy to print. Halloween MASKS These are our Halloween masks – they are merry rather than scary! They were copied on colored cardboard from the KROKOTAK templates, then they were cut out and colored by the kids. We added pom-pom noses to make them even funnier.

Alphabet Lacing Cards Print out these fun, colourful alphabet lacing cards for an unusual motor skills activity the kids will enjoy! Print onto card and cut out (laminating if you wish for durability), then punch holes around the edges and give them to the kids to thread or sew. Perhaps the children could work in pairs, one doing the upper case letter and one the lower case letter? Alternatively challenge the children to do one letter then find the matching card. Younger children might like to lace their initial, or even their full name. And of course you don't have to use these just as lacing cards!

Printable World Flags To make watching the Olympics on TV at home more festive and exciting, for a world travel themed party or to celebrate any international occasion, we’ve put together these 100 countries printable world flags in one file, in perfect sizes to make party bunting with. Download Each page has 10 flags with the name of the country on the side tab. Fold over this tab to use the flags as bunting. Children can try recognising and guessing the flags and then learn the country names of each flag written on the back flap. You can also use them as educational playing cards. Blue Tadpole Studio - How to draw More coming soon!! How to draw a panda How to draw a frog

25 Reading Strategies That Work In Every Content Area 25 Reading Strategies That Work In Every Content Area Reading is reading. By understanding that letters make sounds, we can blend those sounds together to make whole sounds that symbolize meaning we can all exchange with one another. Without getting too Platonic about it all, reading doesn’t change simply because you’re reading a text from another content area. Only sometimes it does. Animal Masks Printable masks for all sorts of animals - fun for children to print, cut out and wear for animal themes, make-believe, putting on plays or just for fun. We've got all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac and many farm animals, and we are adding more all the time. Whether you need a bunny mask for Easter or Spring plays or for Chinese New Year, you can print this one, cut it out and be wearing your bunny mask in a flash! Print out this cute dog mask for the kids to cut out and wear - perfect for dressing up, parades and fun! Our printable dragon mask is useful for acting out fairy stories, the story of St George and the Dragon, and of course the Chinese Zodiac story! Here's a lovely bright frog mask to print out for the kids to use in role play or fancy dress!

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