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Indie Music News, MP3 Downloads, Music Videos, Reviews

Indie Music News, MP3 Downloads, Music Videos, Reviews

207 Of The Greatest Indie Rock Songs Of All Time I will acknowledge up front that this is a total rip-off of homage to a post that I saw last week at HearYa which listed their Top 100 Indie Songs of All Time. It’s a pretty great list, and inspired me to do one of my own. While I’m not a total indie snob — artists I totally love like Bob Dylan, The Clash, Neil Young & The Who have spent their entire careers on major labels — I find that “mostly indie rock” is the best shorthand answer to the “what kind of music do you like?” question. That’s what I like: Indie Rock. But what is this “Indie Rock?” Right. Musicians hearing punk rock and deciding that anybody can play it. My take on it is that these things happened at the exact moment that I started paying serious attention to music, which means that I’m either a) lucky b) wrong c) both. I thought about doing a list of albums, but there is essentially a canon: start with Let It Be, and work a few years backwards, then keep moving forwards until right this second. Here are the rules:

Study Determines This Is the Most Relaxing Song Ever Looking for something to help you relax before bed that doesn't involve popping a pill? You might want to load up your iPod with a song by Manchester band Marconi Union. Sound therapists were able to rate ten of the most relaxing songs, with Marconi Union's 8 minute trance-inducing tune, "Weightless", coming out on top thanks to its continuous rhythm of 60 BPM, an ideal tempo for synchronization with the heart and brainwaves, making it an ideal audio accompaniment for a good night's rest. Listen to it after the jump… Lyz Cooper, founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy notes: "While listening, your heart rate gradually comes to match that beat. The harmonic intervals - or gaps between notes - have been chosen to create a feeling of euphoria and comfort. • 10 Simple Things to Make You Happier at Home • Your Weekly Retreat: How To Relax & Eliminate Stress at Home • 4 Goals to Boost Happiness at Home • Simple Ways to Relax and Enjoy Hosting

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