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The PE Geek Apps Video Tagger Tutorial Written by admin in videotaggerJuly 3rd, 2013 Step 1 - Launch the app and familiarise yourself with the 3 buttons on the tagging screen. The Green arrow shown below allows you to switch between the front and back facing cameras. You can access the settings screen with the Orange Arrow and begin recording with the “Rec” button at the bottom of the screen. Step [...] Physical-Education-Lesson-Plan-Template-362564 Teaching Resources This product is a 1 page, physical education lesson plan template entitled the VIP PE plan. There are 3 different color versions included in a zip folder including: 1. white, 2. grey and 3. multicolored. The plan includes a number of text boxes with headings and subheadings that correspond to the physical education planning and structural procedures. The plan incorporates a wide variety of critical lesson plan components which includes the following: * Lesson/Unit Title * Grade level(s) * Unit Focus * Overview and purpose * Standards addressed * Learning outcomes * Modifications * Materials/resources * Safety concerns * Essential questions * Instructional activities (Warm Up, Lesson Focus & Closure) * Several assessment checkoff buttons The PE Lesson Plan is in the Microsoft Word format and can easily be modified to adapt to your personal needs.

National Association for Sport and Physical Education NASPE Home : : Contact Us : : Join Top News AAHPERD Partners with First Lady's New Let's Move Active Schools Initiative Register for 2013 AAHPERD Convention See the Featured Speakers Sam Kass from White House Set to Speak at NASPE General Session NASPE Releases 2nd Infographic Physical Activity in Schools Securing that Leadership Position As we approach the traditional recruitment season in education we may find ourselves taking a sneaky look in the TES for more than just its stimulating educational content. Currently there are 4,610 available jobs listed in the UK, but with less than 10% of those (387) listed as leadership positions. The very nature of leadership positions, the skill sets required and the lack of opportunities compared to main scale teaching posts means that the environment is extremely competitive. Schools are on the lookout for the very best candidates – leaders of people, expert practitioners, visionaries, ambassadors etc, etc.

Ipad Apps for Physical Education In preparation for having some iPads at our disposal next term I’ve done some research into available apps and possible uses within Physical Education. I have only managed to trial free ones so far but will be purchasing some paid apps in Sept. In order to avoid wasting any money come September I’ve compiled a list from searching the app store and thinking through certain uses. It is by no-means exhaustive and as such please feel free to supplement the list and add any comments.

@MRPERROTTON Students come in to the classroom at AS full of confidence, after attaining excellent grades at GCSE level, they enjoyed the course at Key Stage four and many of them acquired strong practical grades. However, there is often panic after their first AS Physiology lesson, students bemused and worried where all the scientific aspects have come from, feeling it was definitely not as difficult at GCSE level. Unfortunately there is very limited physiology studied in the new GCSE course content and therefore this area is very challenging for students when they start the course in the sixth form. Kentucky Core Academic Standards - NEW The content is based on Kentucky's learning goals, academic expectations, and recommendations from local and national professional organizations, teachers, and administrators.Learning Goal 1 (Basic Communication and Mathematics Skills) and Goal 2 (Application of Core Concepts) and are cited most often within this document and provide the basic academic skills and content for what Kentucky high school graduates should know as they exit public schools.However, the skills identified in the other goals are equally important. ​Note: Standards in Science and Social Studies are in the process of being revised. Until those new standards are fully developed and then recommended for adoption by the Kentucky Board of Education, those areas in KCAS will continue to contain the standards that were originally included in the Program of Studies (2006).KCAS Practical Living (Health and PE) Standards and Alignment to National Health and PE StandardsHealth Kentucky Core Academic Standards - Mathematics

Embracing Tech For Teaching: What gives you 'zest'? While enjoying the final few days of the half term holidays, I was reading some back issues of a magazine that I used to get called Zest. This was a health, fitness and wellness magazine that I had a subscription to last year and which contained a regular interview titled 'What gives you Zest?'. This got me thinking ... what gives me 'zest'? What makes me feel energised and motivated? Since I joined the Twitter revolution I have been inspired by so many different people that I now 'follow'.

PE Office This autumn, I attended a PE conference where I was both disappointed and saddened by the negativity of the comments from some PE Teachers about the new PE curriculum and the proposed new assessment of pupils without levels. The opposition to the changes was often based on incorrect information or assumptions and it reminded me of one of my mother’s favourite sayings: ‘There are two sides to every story…and then there’s the truth.’ I truly believe in assessing students’ ability in physical education but we all have to accept that level descriptors are no more and embrace the new challenge of assessment without levels. This is the biggest and most fundamental change to the assessment system for physical education in England and it needs to be approached with new ideas and enthusiasm. So, with that in mind, here are the facts about the new PE national curriculum and assessment: