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QR codes with i-nigma You can encode either a link to a website, a message to a friend, or your contact details. Then turn the information into a mobile barcode, one that can be printed on stationery, advertising or packaging, a t-shirt, or even built into a website or a Facebook page - and read by an i-nigma enabled mobile device. Creating a mobile barcode is easy. The following requirements must be followed to ensure your mobile barcode will work effectively: Barcode size - Minimum 2cm x 2cm. White space surrounding the barcode - for best results, we suggest at least 4mm. of white space around the barcode. Scanning distance - A 2cm x 2cm barcode can be scanned from 10cm away. Display surface - For optimal results, it is recommended to display the barcode on a flat surface. Medium - barcodes can be displayed on a variety of mediums including newspapers, magazines, packaging, posters, plasma/LCD screens, T-shirts and business cards.

@PE_Spider QRs in Education - ISTE Technology has changed not only how students learn, but how teachers learn. Educators across the globe can now choose between traditional professional learning — as mandated by the district or state — and nontraditional modes of learning such as teacher-led … Continue reading Web 2.0 technology — the free digital tools that empower all users to create and share — has changed the way the world operates. In the hands of educators, it can become a powerful catalyst for changing the way students … Continue reading What better way to kick off Advocacy Month than with the National School Boards Association’s annual conference in New Orleans? Local school board members play a powerful role in grassroots advocacy, and their firsthand knowledge of what schools and districts … Continue reading Student-centered learning — in which students are independent learners who take charge of their own education — has become something of a holy grail among educators. Girls want to change the world.

World Class Physical Education @MrWickensPE QR Pictures Behind Art What if traditional forms of art could be more interactive? That's exactly what Jose Torres, better known artistically as Tony Taj, wondered. Jose, a painter and mobile designer, mainly paints intricate cityscapes on canvas, and is inspired by imagining the lives of the people who live and work on each floor and in each building he paints. Jose combined both his professions to create what he calls the Ambient Media Portal (AMP). The code will link to further artwork, be it a live character video, animation, a song, or lyrics. Speaking to GeekTech, Jose said: "This idea has been on my mind for a little over a year. At present, three of Jose's paintings have codes hidden within them, and for now the QR codes only link to animations. The funding will be mainly used to pay extra artists and Web developers to expand the AMP project. Jose isn't stopping with QR codes, however. [Kickstarter / Photos courtesy Jose "Tony Taj" Torres; used with permission] Like this?

Coach Ratliff PE | Trying to physically educate the world, one person at a time… dansl Desktop Reader What are QR Codes?: A QR code is a lot like a barcode you see on most products. QR codes are a great way to share information like websites and contact info. They can be scanned using your camera equipped device and a proper QR code processing app (For Android, I use the Barcode Scanner App, and on iPhone I use QR Reader for iPhone.) Once the code is scanned and processed, it takes you directly to the URL on your device, or shows you whatever else was encoded in the QR code. I love the ease ability of QR codes, just a quick scan, and the content is on your device. Note: I have moved all the info and download links for QRreader to

National Association for Sport and Physical Education NASPE Home : : Contact Us : : Join Top News AAHPERD Partners with First Lady's New Let's Move Active Schools Initiative Register for 2013 AAHPERD Convention See the Featured Speakers Sam Kass from White House Set to Speak at NASPE General Session NASPE Releases 2nd Infographic Physical Activity in Schools Ask, Listen, Learn Challenge Is back this year! NBC News Story Highlights Innovative P.E. more news User ID: Password: Not a Member? Newly Released! Free Downloads Head Start Body Start Early Childhood Activity Calendars ICE 2012 App Our App is back! ICE members loved our Conference App, EventLink, in 2013. This year, the ICE 2014 app is again available in an iPad-specific format as well as native iPhone, Android and Blackberry versions. App functionality for 2014 includes many features you asked for! Syncing across multiple devices A “Friends” function with Facebook-like features A Web App interface in case you don’t have a smart phone or tablet Interactive sessions maps Once you have the app, be sure to complete your profile to get the most out of this great conference feature. You can download the App now – of course it’s FREE - and play awhile to get familiar with its features. We are all so excited about the program and events planned for this year’s conference.