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@PE_Spider PE4Learning WebSite Securing that Leadership Position | PE Promotion As we approach the traditional recruitment season in education we may find ourselves taking a sneaky look in the TES for more than just its stimulating educational content. Currently there are 4,610 available jobs listed in the UK, but with less than 10% of those (387) listed as leadership positions. The very nature of leadership positions, the skill sets required and the lack of opportunities compared to main scale teaching posts means that the environment is extremely competitive. Schools are on the lookout for the very best candidates – leaders of people, expert practitioners, visionaries, ambassadors etc, etc. If you’ve been settled in your current position (like me) for a fairly long time, you may feel out of touch with interview experience – a bit like I imagine people feel after a long term relationship when they have to get back in the ‘dating game’. Preparation It is completely unacceptable to not have done your homework on the school. Seek help from colleagues Rest & sleep

Teachers pay teachers This product is a 1 page, physical education lesson plan template entitled the VIP PE plan. There are 3 different color versions included in a zip folder including: 1. white, 2. grey and 3. multicolored. The plan includes a number of text boxes with headings and subheadings that correspond to the physical education planning and structural procedures. The plan incorporates a wide variety of critical lesson plan components which includes the following: * Lesson/Unit Title * Grade level(s) * Unit Focus * Overview and purpose * Standards addressed * Learning outcomes * Modifications * Materials/resources * Safety concerns * Essential questions * Instructional activities (Warm Up, Lesson Focus & Closure) * Several assessment checkoff buttons The PE Lesson Plan is in the Microsoft Word format and can easily be modified to adapt to your personal needs. Also included in the Zip folder is a PDF example of the VIP PE plan in use with a Throwing Cues and Stations actual plan.

World Class Physical Education @MrWickensPE Lovepe bpollardPE: Practical and simple Teaching & Learning Ideas Teaching & Learning Ideas 1. Question Tokens Hand these or a form of these to a number of students as they enter the room. a) Every pupil with a token must ASK a question during lesson b) The pupil with the token must ANSWER a question, then pass on c) Pupils with tokens are only ones in their group who can ask teacher a question PE Example; Use a token or alternative during practical lessons where pupils secretly pass around as they take part in lesson (much like Liverpool FC's famous £1 game!) Whoever is holding the token at the end of the lesson must lead plenary/ ask 3 questions to rest of class based on learning etc. 2. Pupils are in small groups. group have correct answer, they give to teacher in exchange for card 2. Questions or tasks written on cones for groups to solve or complete before they can return to teacher for the next one. 3. I find this works most effectively when pupils are trying to develop key points & information. Works particularly well when framework in exam answers.

Cuaderno Interactivo de Educación Física Bienvenido al Cuaderno Interactivo de Educación Física.Subvencionado por Junta de Extremadura. Consejería de Educación. Esta aplicación consta de diez unidades didácticas con contenidos referidos al área de Educación Física para 1º y 2º de ESO, en los idiomas español e inglés, e ilustrado con imágenes, gráficos y vídeos que mejoran la comprensión de los contenidos. El Cuaderno Interactivo de Educación Física consta también de 100 actividades interactivas, de las cuales 30 son de refuerzo, es decir, de una menor dificultad. En cada unidad didáctica se puede trabajar actividades de ampliación accediendo a otros recursos webs alojados en internet. El Cuaderno Interactivo es también una potente herramienta de seguimiento del alumno por parte del profesor, el cual podrá configurar aulas “virtuales” o grupos de alumnos para una gestión más estructurada del trabajo de estos. Si aún no se ha registrado como profesor, puede hacerlo en este enlace.

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