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Testing made easier in Internet Explorer

Testing made easier in Internet Explorer
3 months free testing with BrowserStack We've partnered with the people at BrowserStack to bring virtual, interactive testing to you for your next project. Test your site across any browser versions on Windows platforms. You can redeem your offer anytime before January 10, 2014 and your 3 month period begins once you log-in. Additional terms may apply.Learn more here » Download Chrome and Firefox add-ons for BrowserStack Download these free add-ons to integrate BrowserStack testing into your browser.

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Verde Overview Verde is an integration test and application health verification framework for ASP.Net MVC. Integration tests are intended to automate verifying the different components of your application such as databases, web services, etc. are working together correctly. Unlike test runners integrated into Visual Studio or standalone applications, the Verde framework runs tests directly within your web application; leveraging the same configuration settings, security permissions, network topology, etc. This allows exposing issues that may not otherwise be encountered until an end-user actually starts using the application. Import Users from CSV I needed to batch import users into WordPress but I didn't find any plugin which would import all the user data fields as well as user meta. This plugin allows you to import users from an uploaded CSV file. It will add users with basic information as well as meta fields and user role.

▶ How to make a bootable OS X 10.10 Yosemite install drive Back in the day when we bought OS X on discs, as long as you kept that disc, you always had a bootable installer just in case. Modern, downloadable versions of OS X create a recovery partition on your drive, but it's always a smart idea to make your own bootable installer drive too. I recommend making one for Yosemite, on an external hard drive or USB thumb drive, for many of the same reasons I recommend making a bootable Mavericks installer drive: If you want to install Yosemite on multiple Macs, using a bootable installer drive can be more convenient than downloading or copying the entire installer to each computer. If you want to erase the drive on a Mac before installing Yosemite, or start over at any time, you can use a dedicated installer drive to boot that Mac, erase its drive, and then install the OS clean and restore whatever data you need from a backup. And if your Mac is experiencing problems, a bootable installer drive makes a handy emergency disk.

6 free mobile device emulators for testing your site Webdesigner Depot The percentage of all web usage that comes from smartphones and other mobile devices is growing, and it won’t be long before mobile internet users overtake desktop and laptop users in terms of web traffic. So it’s a cardinal sin to ignore mobile users when you’re developing a website. One of the most important things you can do to make a website mobile-friendly is to test it on multiple smartphone and tablet platforms. SB Welcome Email Editor I thought that the WordPress Welcome Email to both the Admin and the User were very un-user friendly so I wrote this plugin to allow admin members to change the content and headers. It simply adds a new admin page that has a few options for the welcome email and gives you a list of hooks to use in the text to make the email a little more personal. Added support whereby the admin notification can be turned off or a different admin (or admins, support for multiple recipients) can be notified. Plenty of hooks to make the emails as customisable as possible. A reminder email service has now been added whereby the admin user can send a reminder to any particular user. This can be the original welcome email or a separate template configured on the Welcome Email Editor settings page.

LuxRender - home LuxRender is a physically based and unbiased rendering engine. Based on state of the art algorithms, LuxRender simulates the flow of light according to physical equations, thus producing realistic images of photographic quality. LuxRender is now a member project of the Software Freedom Conservancy which provides administrative and financial support to FOSS projects. This allows us to receive donations, which can be tax deductible in the US.

Using a load test plugin to limit the number of tests run in a load test - Bill Barnett's blog Normally the number of iterations of the inner tests (usually web tests and unit tests) run during a Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) load test is determined by the duration of the load test. However, some users which to control the number of inner test iterations exactly. There is not direct support for this in VSTS, but it can be accomplished using a load test plugin. Below is an example of a load test plug-in that does this. Instructions for using it are included in the comments. Note that if the load test is run on a test rig with more than one load test agent, the number of test iterations specified will be run on each of the agents.

Shipping Software for eCommerce: Shiplark Feature Tour- Webgility It's easy to install - Install on your PC and start printing labels in under 10 minutes. It's easy to use - Everything is point and click, no more spreadsheets, no more file import/exports. We provide great support - We've got help docs, videos, webinars and an active community. If that doesn't work, we're here to help you by phone, email or chat. We're up-to-date - We have a team devoted to keeping Shiplark compatible with the latest APIs and changes to your shopping cart. We're a great value! Isolating Code Under Test with Microsoft Fakes Microsoft Fakes help you isolate the code you are testing by replacing other parts of the application with stubs or shims. These are small pieces of code that are under the control of your tests. By isolating your code for testing, you know that if the test fails, the cause is there and not somewhere else. Stubs and shims also let you test your code even if other parts of your application are not working yet. Fakes come in two flavors:

Get A Managed VPS Package With SSD Technology Our managed SSD VPS packages are affordable and a cost-effective solution for those who want the benefits of a managed VPS and the super-fast speed of SSD drives. our SSD VPS packages have all the advantages of VPS hosting packages with the additional performance of solid state drives. 24+ CPU Cores Equal ShareGuaranteed RAM 1.25 GBRAID-10 SSD Storage 20 GBPremium Bandwidth 3000 GB$35 PER MONTH ORDER NOW 24+ CPU Cores Equal ShareGuaranteed RAM 2.25 GBRAID-10 SSD Storage 40 GBPremium Bandwidth 5000 GB$50 PER MONTH ORDER NOW

Microsoft Fakes Framework in Visual Studio 2012 In Unit Testing/Test Driven Development (TDD) Isolating dependencies, sometimes referred to as “mocking objects” or “faking objects” is a norm. There are many books/articles that have been written on this topic. There are also great frameworks out there, which allow us to isolate dependencies without having to use any hand written mocks/fakes. Visual Studio 2012 new Fakes framework takes faking/mocking objects to a new level. In this article, I will explain the features of Visual Studio 2012 Fakes framework.

VPS Packages Are Available To Suit Your Needs VPSs are excellent for websites using Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, or Magento that demand more than a shared environment can empower. We have 7 VPS packages to satisfy every budget and need. 16+ CPUs Equal ShareGuaranteed RAM 768 MBRAID-10 Disk Space 25 GBPremium Bandwidth 3000 GB$25 PER MONTH ORDER NOW 16+ CPUs Equal ShareGuaranteed RAM 2 GBRAID-10 Disk Space 70 GBPremium Bandwidth 6000 GB$35 PER MONTH ORDER NOW Using Stubs and Shims to Test with Microsoft Fakes in Visual Studio 11 - Rich Czyzewski Microsoft Fakes is an isolation framework for creating delegate-based test stubs and shims in .NET Framework applications. The Fakes framework can be used to shim any .NET method, including non-virtual and static methods in sealed types. Additionally here is Wikipedia’s definition of Mock Object for reference In object-oriented programming, mock objects are simulated objects that mimic the behavior of real objects in controlled ways. A programmer typically creates a mock object to test the behavior of some other object, in much the same way that a car designer uses a crash test dummy to simulate the dynamic behavior of a human in vehicle impacts.

Resources for my session on early estimating Tuesday, August 24, 2010 - 11:26 As part of my session A Method for Getting Early Estimates Right at DrupalCon CPH , DrupalCamp Austin , Drupal DevDays Brussels and DrupalCon Chicago , I've made the example requirements and the resulting estimation sheet available. Video recording