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Interoperability, Browser & Cross Platform Testing

Interoperability, Browser & Cross Platform Testing

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QNAP NAS Memory Upgrade Guide - Quick tutorial on increasing your RAM As most of you know, when you purchase your very first QNAP NAS, most of the units come with upgradeable memory. While the procedure to upgrade the memory will differ by model, in the most basic of terms, this article will serve as a general guide to upgrading memory. The NAS we are using today is the QNAP TS-451. The TS-451 is the first NAS I have seen from QNAP to offer an easy solution to opening up the enclosure for the memory upgrade procedure. On older NAS units or Pro models with the metal casing, you will want to start off by pulling all the screws off the rear panel. 10 Online Tools for Better Attention & Focus A recent happiness study from Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert found that the more our minds wander, the less happy we are. Summing the research, the New York Times wrote, “Whatever people were doing, whether it was having sex or reading or shopping, they tended to be happier if they focused on the activity instead of thinking about something else.” In short, being mentally “present” and focused on the task at hand really does matter – quite a lot, in fact. If only finding focus were so simple.

Virtualization for the Small Network - Part 2 Thu, 21 Feb 2008 04:25 Doug Reid Introduction In my last article, I discussed various technologies from companies including VMware, Virtual Iron, Citrix, and Microsoft. These software solutions enable virtualization, the technology that enables sharing physical computing resources such as CPUs, memory, storage, and networks among multiple different servers. Virtualization enables maximizing the utilization of computing investment, savings in energy costs and data center floor space, and provides compelling technology options for both large and small networks. In that previous discussion, I stepped through the creation of a virtual Host machine, which is a single physical computer that can run multiple servers simultaneously.

Free textures for your next web project. The seigaiha or wave is a pattern of layered concentric circles creating arches, symbolic of waves or water and representing surges of good luck. Made by Olga Libby Download Virtualization for the Small Network - Part 1 Thu, 27 Dec 2007 04:50 Doug Reid Introduction By now, you've probably heard of virtualization technology. VMware, a virtual software provider, had a very successful IPO earlier this year, and there has been other high profile market activity, such as Dell's $1.4B acquisition of Equal Logic, a virtual storage company. Responsive Web Design Cheat Sheet How to set up breakpoints in this design? You probably ask yourselves this question a lot. Responsive design breakpoints is no rocket science and you don’t need to search the web for the proper breakpoint dimensions every time you design for responsive. As a matter of fact, the ultimate design aid in this matter would be a simple graph with all the breakpoint dimensions visualised. And that’s what we give you.

How to import and export virtual machines (VM) to/from Virtualization Station (including importing virtual machines from on-line VM markets) ? What is the function of import and export? The function of importing and exporting virtual machines (VMs) can quickly move VMs from one Hypervisor, such as VMware and VirtualBox, to another. It can reduce the time of setting up a new VM environment among different legacy Hypervisors. There are several compatible VM formats many Hypervisors support so that users can utilize this function to move VMs without spending lots of time configuring settings. Timesheet.js - Open time tables with HTML, JavaScript and CSS … Visualize your data and events with sexy HTML5 and CSS3. Create simple time sheets with sneaky JavaScript. Style them with CSS and have mobile fun as well … 2002-09/2002 A freaking awesome time06/2002-09/2003 Some great memories2003 Had very bad luck10/2003-2006 At least had fun02/2005-05/2006 Enjoyed those times as well07/2005-09/2005 Bad luck again10/2005-2008 For a long time nothing happened01/2008-05/2009 LOST Season #401/2009-05/2009 LOST Season #402/2010-05/2010 LOST Season #509/2008-06/2010 FRINGE #1 & #2 Just include Timesheet.js and configure your data.