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Learn Web Design: 50+ of the Best Online Educational Resources to Learn to Build Web Sites

Tutorials & Guides Free or Low Cost Keep your hard-earned dollars in your pocket Text-Based Good for those who like to learn via reading and see text code examples Shay Howe's Guides to HTML & CSS Shay Howe bundles HTML and CSS into one learning block that is beginner-friendly and well organized. Those who have the basics can continue with his advanced guide, which expands the concepts previously learned and specifically aims to help designers broaden and shore up their HTML, CSS and jQuery skills. HTML 101 at Berkeley Knight Digital Media Center While this resource is provided by a very credible source, its intended audience is not hardcore developers but career journalists and communication professionals. Web Development for Beginners from WebPlatform Web Development for Beginners is a survey of the essential skills necessary for a web developer to be able to execute code efficiently and effectively, even with little to no skill. The HTML & CSS Book from Wiley Books Online Courses Codecademy Related:  Courses

12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free All education is self-education. Period. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a college classroom or a coffee shop. We don’t learn anything we don’t want to learn. Those people who take the time and initiative to pursue knowledge on their own are the only ones who earn a real education in this world. Take a look at any widely acclaimed scholar, entrepreneur or historical figure you can think of. If you’re interested in learning something new, this article is for you. Note that some of the sources overlap between various subjects of education. Science and Health MIT OpenCourseWare – MIT OpenCourseWare is a free web-based publication of MIT course materials that reflects almost all the undergraduate and graduate subjects taught at MIT.Tufts OpenCourseWare – Tufts OpenCourseWare is part of a new educational movement initiated by MIT that provides free access to course content for everyone online. Business and Money History and World Culture Law Computer Science and Engineering Mathematics

Node.js Tutorials and Resources Node.js is increasingly gaining popularity among web developers. Due to all hosting companies Node.js remains the prerogative of dedicated servers and VPS. Actually VPS is a solution that even a small startup can afford. For more details refer to the documentation on As you know, Node.js supports modules. Winginx includes module manager NPM, popular framework Express.js, and template engine Jade.For debugging Node-Inspector module is connected. In brief we can say that Node.js, in contrast to PHP, is not interpreted but is compiled into a single server, and therefore occupies separate port. Lets consider an example: take the foundation Node.js-server from the developer: Save this script via path home/nodejs.local/server.js. Pay attention to the port, it has to match the one in Node.js-script. What remains is to notify Winginx that we need to run out server on Node.js. server = home/nodejs.local/server.js This can be a separate url for Node.js-service. Node.js Docs.Node.js

PDFy Mirrors : Free Texts : Download & Streaming PDFy Mirrors texts eye favorite 1 comment 1 This public document was automatically mirrored from PDFy.Original filename: 228831637-Optimal-Tip-to-Tip-Efficiency.pdf URL: Upload date: July 27, 2014 02:46:21 favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews ) Topics: mirror, favorite 4 This public document was automatically mirrored from PDFy.Original filename: The Maze Runner.pdf URL: Upload date: October 06, 2014 18:49:22 favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews ) Topics: mirror, comment 2 This public document was automatically mirrored from PDFy.Original filename: The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.pdf URL: Upload date: July 28, 2014 19:02:12 favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 2 reviews ) Topics: mirror, favorite 3 favorite 2 by Dessler, Gary, 1942- favorite 0 favorite 8 favorite 7 comment 0 by Moalem, Sharon; Prince, Jonathan favorite 5

Ruby Warrior Si vous voulez vous initier un peu au développement Ruby sans forcement vous taper un gros bouquin long et chiant tout de suite, je vous invite à vous rendre sur Ruby Warrior (ou à l'installer chez vous puisque les sources sont dispo). En plus du Ruby, ce jeu est aussi conçu pour vous permettre de vous familiariser avec le concept d'intelligence artificielle. Vous incarnez un guerrier qui doit grimper tout en haut d'une tour pour récupérer un trésor et à chaque étage, vous devez vous déplacer ou combattre grâce à vos capacités de développement. Et ben évidemment, comme vous ne pouvez pas tout prévoir, c'est à vous de rendre votre guerrier suffisamment "intelligent" pour faire face à n'importe quelle menace. Évidemment, comme ce n'est pas aussi simple qu'on peut le penser, la solution se trouve aussi ici. Amusez-vous bien ! Rejoignez les 55085 korbenautes et réveillez le bidouilleur qui est en vous Suivez KorbenUn jour ça vous sauvera la vie..

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