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Building Intelligence

Building Intelligence
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Clockworks What is Clockworks? KGS’ flagship software, ClockworksTM, delivers energy and cost savings by utilizing extensive automated analytic libraries to produce prioritized energy efficiency and maintenance actions for facility managers, operators and service providers. Clockworks is based on 30+ combined years of research and development, leveraging the team’s doctoral research and customer-driven development. Online access to data, diagnostics, and guidance Clockworks connects your team with valuable information: Real-time data and historical trending from sensors, control systems, and utility metersAutomated fault detection and diagnosticsCost and energy savings opportunitiesCustom reports and analytics Engineering consulting to support your team KGS Buildings will work with your team to leverage the power of Clockworks’ automated data collection and diagnostics. We provide: Clockworks Modules Commissioning Dashboard Analysis Builder/Data Explorer Performance Dashboard Documents Alarms (Just Released)

Green Button Posted by Aneesh Chopra on September 15, 2011 at 04:55 PM EDT On Monday, President Obama declared this week National Health IT Week. To kick it off, HHS Secretary Sebelius co-hosted a Consumer Health IT Summit where the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation announced the creation of This new website advances the movement of enabling consumers to download their personal health data and share it with health providers, care givers, and others they trust—all by the click of a button. The US Department of Veterans Affairs originally launched Blue Button with industry and non-profit collaboration. It’s a simple, common-sense idea—people should be able to access and download their own health information—with the potential for a big impact. Why can’t the same common-sense concept be applied to the energy industry with a “Green Button”? Since its release, Blue Button has been adopted by Medicare, the Department of Defense, and private sector health care organizations.

Lucid | Building Dashboard Competitions Go head-to-head in energy and water use reduction competitions between buildings, floors, and departments. Budgets Track success toward meeting a monthly budget with colorful calendar views and pertinent daily summaries. Discussions Make public announcements, strategize about reduction efforts, and share best practices with live discussion feeds. Commitments Call on individuals to publicly commit to energy and water conservation actions in their buildings and on Facebook. Community comparisons Grade your building against the best and worst performers, and see where your building stands among its neighbors. Event tagging Create a continuous log of building improvements, energy efficiency upgrades, and community activities.

Desigo CC - Building Technologies - Siemens With DesigoTM, Siemens offers an integrated building management system that covers all your requirements – both now and in the future. Desigo is the most extensive building management system currently available on the market worldwide. It is an integrated solution that makes the best even better. Desigo provides managers, CEOs, users, facility managers, and building occupants with all relevant information for all aspects of properties and building portfolios – enabling them to make viable decisions that will safeguard the future of their companies and institutions over the long term. This is made possible by Desigo’s broad product portfolio and the innovative Desigo CCTM platform, a milestone in the history of building technology. Increase performance and enhance your image Satisfied employees are more productive employees. Learn more Drastically reduce your costs Exploit synergies, reduce consumption, save costs. Optimize safety, security, and comfort

Rapid Energy Modeling Who is this for: For Designers, Architects and General Contractors to evaluate lifecycle impact of retrofit decisions. For Building Owners, Facility Managers, Tenants, real estate developers, property managers and financiers to prioritize retrofit investments and evaluate building portfolios. For regulators, municipal and state governments and financiers to streamline Asset Rating. Takeaway: Rapid Energy Modeling makes energy assessments quick, easy and cost-effective and results in actionable conclusions based on building science, building’s geometry, and local climate conditions. By: Aniruddha Deodhar - Sustainable Buildings Program Manager Improving the performance of our existing buildings (approx. 97% of the building stock) is critical to addressing climate change. Current methods of energy assessments are expensive, laborious, inaccurate and require high technical expertise. The challenge is getting to that sweet spot of minimal information with maximum benefits.

Cover Photo Credit NationalField | Measure Change Green Building Studio Account for all of the energy-using systems in a building to understand energy cost projections that inform design decisions and financial analyses. Green Building Studio energy analysis software adds defaults and assumptions based on your building type and location to complete the energy analytical model. This helps you perform a valid and useful analysis for decision making. Green Building Studio gives you access to over a million virtual weather stations that are compiled from a variety of trusted sources. For existing building projects, you can upload building utility history. Understand how the energy efficiency of your project compares to similar designs, and get LEED point estimates directly from Green Building Studio. For every project located in the United States, Green Building Studio provides an ENERGYSTAR score to compare the energy efficiency of your design to similar energy-efficient buildings, including a LEED point estimate for glazing factor and water credits.