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A ride whenever you need one - Lyft

A ride whenever you need one - Lyft

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Enspiral: Changing the Way Social Entrepreneurs Do Business Enspiral Space is Enspiral's co-working facility in Wellington, New Zealand. (Courtesy Enspiral) While it seems clear that New Zealand-based social enterprise network Enspiral is doing exciting things in the social impact space, it can be difficult, at first, to understand what exactly Enspiral is. How Data Can Enable Business Disruption: Traditional Retailers Must Take Note Of The Sharing Economy Recently, I talked with the CEO and founder of reBuy about the shifting dynamics in the retail sector as a result of digitalization. The use of data has evolved to the point where data has become the enterprise’s most critical business asset in the age of the customer. The business model of reBuy reCommerce — the leading German marketplace for secondhand goods — can help CIOs understand how the intelligent use of data can significantly disrupt a market such as retail.

Champion small winemakers At Naked Wines we define fine wines as wines that need more than one year from vine to table. This is a subject of very heated and earnest debate among wine enthusiasts, and every one of them seems to have their own definition. So we just picked the one that made the most sense to us! In our humble opinion (and there are many who would disagree) fine wines are not NECESSARILY: From classic regions like Bordeaux and Burgundy. Other less well known regions are capable of producing wines that blind taste tests rate as equivalent or even better than the classic regions.

Emerging Global Advisors - EGShares - ECON - Emerging Markets Consumer Fund Objective Seeks investment results that correspond (before fees and expenses) to the price and yield performance of the Dow Jones Emerging Markets Consumer Titans 30 Index. Index Description The Dow Jones Emerging Markets Consumer Titans 30 Index measures the stock performance of 30 leading emerging market companies in the Consumer Goods and Consumer Services Industries as defined by Dow Jones Indexes. Reasons To Invest Forward-looking growth potential: Consumer sectors may stand to benefit as many emerging economies transition from an export-led growth model to one focused on domestic spending.

How it works How We Share To borrow from SHARE you need to become a member. It’s easy – see belowOnce a member you can borrow any item – see our catalogue hereThe borrowing period is for for 3 or 7 daysWe have a suggested donation system (between £1 and £3) and by donating you are helping to ensure that the good work of SHARE can continueMembers are encouraged to bring items back as soon as they’ve finished using them, so they can be available for others Becoming a member of share Report: Sharing is the New Buying, Winning in the Collaborative Economy The Collaborative Economy Movement Changes Business This report offers critical insight for big brands who are grappling with the emergence of the Collaborative Economy, and for the startups that are driving this growth. For those new to the term, the collaborative economy is a powerful, if nascent, movement in which people are getting the things from each other, it’s a combination of trends like the sharing economy, maker movement, and co-innovation. That means that people go to a site like LendingClub to get funding for their new project, rather than a traditional bank. Or, they may go to a site like Etsy or Shapeways to get custom made goods, or go to a site like eBay to buy pre-owned goods, instead of buying new products from retailers.

What is Kickstarter 1. Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects. We’re a home for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kensington I'm a very forgetful person, the type who can put my keys down one minute and instantly forget where they are the next. I'm sure I'm not alone in this, though, which explains the need for products like the Kensington Proximo ($59.99 direct). The...Read full review ProsHelps locate iPhones and other belongings. Easy setup. Can use multiple tags at the same time. (click photo to download) The Third Industrial Revolution Master Plan, jointly conceived by Nord-Pas de Calais and the TIR Consulting Group LLC, provides a road map for steering the Region into a new economic era that will spawn the new businesses and employment opportunities of a sustainable 21st century. The TIR Master Plan report is a collaborative effort, bringing together government officials, business leaders, academicians, and civil society organizations from the Region of Nord-Pas de Calais with the TIR Consulting Group's global consulting team. The themes, proposals, and initiatives in the final report reflect the joint efforts of the Region and the TIR Consulting Group LLC.

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