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No Shelf Required — A moderated discussion of the issues surrounding eBooks, for librarians and publishers. From the OverDrive blog: OverDrive conducted an end user survey from June 26-July 15, 2015. Administered via library websites, the survey collected input from 16,756 respondents. Their full report examines the positive effect the shift to digital content has had on the role of libraries in their communities by helping attract new readers, serve existing patrons better and reach beyond their physical walls. 10 Tips to Help Master Prezi Last week, I spent two days teaching Prezi at the Langley Center for New Media. As the event came to a close, a few attendees asked if I could sum up more than 16 hours of teaching in a top 10 list. Well, here’s my first stab at 10 tips that should help you become a better Prezi presenter and publisher. 1. Work in 1024 × 768 Import assets (like screenshots) at the resolution you plan to present at, otherwise your imported assets will look awful.

eBooks and schools Hi! I am a high school English teacher and I have had a Kindle for about a year--and I love it! I can annotate my texts and project passages and my notes for the class through Amazon's site and my LCD projector . A recent update allows me to group my books in collections and wherever I go, whatever room I am in, ALL of my Kindle books are with me; the Kindle fits neastly in most purses. Classics in American and world literature are usually available for free,recent titles are usually $9.99 and I can even email my own documents to it to take to meetings or readings. I like the font and that I can enlarge it and not need my "cheaters" .

eFront: Facebook for e-Learning Facebook objective is “to help you connect and share with the people in your life“. At the same time, Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networks that helps people communicate efficiently with their friends, families, coworkers, and classmates.50% of Facebook’s active users log on to Facebook in any given day.Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events. Some of them are your learners and they know how to use Facebook effectively! Using Facebook for e-Learning could inspire many of our students to learn. As a result, my question is how can we use Facebook for e-Learning?For an e-Learning course I would prefer a Facebook group instead of a Facebook page.

eBooks and Education eBooks are electronic forms of text. eBooks are texts that have been “published” in a digital format that displays on specialized reading devices or computers. There are now over 5,000,000 eBooks available online for free. It is now possible to have a library in every classroom or even in your pocket. Books Without Borders: The Digital Infinite Library It almost goes without saying that the recent demise of bookseller Borders, which is in the process of liquidating more than 200 of its superstores around the nation, was inevitable. The rise of digital book culture has made many of the traditional trappings of a physical bookstore presence obsolete. Booksellers like Borders and Barnes & Noble are trying their best to innovate their way out of a difficult situation - dedicating more floorspace to digital book readers, emphasizing higher-margin multimedia items (educational toys) and hosting more live events to draw in neighborhood foot traffic - but the economics of the publishing industry have forever changed. In the same way that Blockbuster could no longer compete with Netflix and eventually filed for bankruptcy, bookstore chains like Borders can no longer compete with online retailers like Amazon. And that's where it gets interesting.

Dean Shareski: How To Make Better Teachers Want to create better teachers? I know how. One word. Blogging. Now before you roll your eyes or accuse me of oversimplifying the very complex issue of teacher evaluation and monitoring, hear me out. .epub eBooks Tutorial Original Content:Home | Books | eBooks | Other | Links | Fan Content: Andromeda | Avatars | Anime | Dark Angel | Matrix | Pern | Stargate | Star Trek | Star Wars Introduction: What is ePub? | Part 1: Formatting Your source content | Part 2: Prepare the XML Files | Part 3: Creating The Container and Adding Your Files First, let's go check out the official specs.