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550+ Royalty-Free Stock Photos You Can Download Now

550+ Royalty-Free Stock Photos You Can Download Now
Let me tell you a quick, cautionary tale about copyright law and using photos and images online. A couple years ago, a popular stock photography vendor claimed copyright infringement on an image we used in one of our ebooks. Embarrassed, I quickly investigated. As it turned out, another internet user had purchased the offending image from that same stock photography service and uploaded it to a photo-sharing website under a Creative Commons license. So while on the surface it looked safe for the taking, it was in fact falsely promoted as a royalty-free image ... and we were in the wrong. Scary story, right? That's when it hit me: What if marketers didn't have to shell out more money for images, obsess over copyright laws, and fret about permissions? Download 80 new stock photos here to use however you want, royalty-free. But don't stop there ... 565 Royalty-Free Pictures to Download and Use We have four collections of stock photos you can download here: 80 Assorted Stock Photos

The Case for Realigning the Role of Social Media | Simply Measured The Case for Realigning the Role of Social Media Uri Bar-Joseph Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured If you ask any marketer to tell you the one thing they would like to achieve, the majority of answers would fall under the category of “get better results.” Most surveys and reports about marketers’ goals and challenges show similar findings: marketers want to get better results, prove that their results matter, be smarter about their field, and be more efficient. Take, for example, Webmarketing123’s annual State of Digital Marketing Report. Source: Webmarketing123 Each of the top five objectives ranked by B2B marketers in the report can be mapped back to “get better results.” This is not a huge revelation. Let’s start with the problems that stem from the syntax of “get better results.” Results = ? In most marketing disciplines, the meaning of “results” is fairly clear. The 2015 Social Media Marketing Trends Report Better = ? The Chronicle of a Failure Foretold Ass Backwards What’s Next?

20 FREE Online Stock Video Sites! Whether you’re working on a commercial campaign, a corporate video, or a low-budget indie, incorporating stock video into your project can really elevate your final product. Here are a handful of sites from around the web that just might have the shot you need — for FREE! 1. Videezy Videezy is a fantastic resource for free HD stock video. 2. Looking for explosions, smoke streams, or blood splatters? 3. Movietools is a great resource for background and graphic video elements. 4. Since the mid 90s, has been a digital repository for all sorts of digital media. 5. All of the clips offered by Pexels Videos are totally free, high definition, and available under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. 6. X Stock offers high resolution clips, but suffers in terms of variety of subject matter. 7. The News Market features clips that are topical and newsworthy, as well as many prepackaged news pieces (VNRs). 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. BONUS: Shutterstock

Copy tone — Mozilla Style Guide Introduction These guidelines are for website content, campaigns and other communications intended for a general audience. If you’re looking for documentation guidelines, please visit the MDN Style Guide at the Mozilla Developer Network. If you’re looking for information about writing support articles, please see “How to write Knowledge Base articles” at Mozilla Support. Mozilla is people. (It’s people!) So many people. Mozillians live all over the world. Whenever a user — or anyone else, for that matter — reads a piece of Mozilla communication, they should feel like there's a person on the other end who recognizes that they are the same. So what does that mean, practically speaking? We should not, however, talk down to people or use overly technical language. The point is, we never want our users to forget that there are real live people behind our products and our words. If you're a real stickler for detail, read all about our copy rules.

The Resources You Need to Get Started With Business Blogging [In Under 100 Words] If you don't know what business blogging is get an introduction here. Ready to start writing? Cool, let's go! Start by selecting strong topics and keywords. If you're getting writer's block, this Mad Lib-style blogging template should help. (Or, just flip through this SlideShare about getting over writer's block.) If you still feel uneasy, give yourself a gutcheck against these 15 common business blogging mistakes. Once you pass the test, top your post off with a killer title. Since soon you'll be a blogging machine, things could get a little hectic -- schedule your content out with this editorial calendar. Phew. 100 words on the dot! Image credit: USFWS Headquarters

How Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram Are Enabling Marketers to Sell Smarter | Simply Measured How Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram Are Enabling Marketers to Sell Smarter Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured Can point-of-purchase shift from catalogs and websites to social networks? New “Buy Now” style options from Pinterest and Instagram aim to make that the case, and this week Twitter joined the party with a test of their own in-network solution. The truth is that as digital consumers we’re no longer concerned with limiting our activity to one central hub. I don’t just use Paypal anymore. I don’t just use Uber. I don’t just use Twitter. The intersection of mobile and digital have made us more willing to use single-point solutions for our various interests, because no matter how many apps we use, they’re all in the palm of our hand. Why this Matters to Marketers As marketers, we have the complex task of identifying and reaching consumers in a more disparate ecosystem, but we also have the ability to reach people at multiple touch points. 1. 2. 3. Download

Beachfront B-Roll 11 Email Blast Examples That Rock | Friendbuy Standalone email blasts are one of the best ways to promote your referral program and generate more referral revenue immediately. Your email list represents a big batch of folks who are the most likely to refer their friends to your business. And because they’re all in one place, they’re the easiest to reach. Help them help you by sending tightly focused and regularly scheduled solo email blast to remind them of how, where and why they should refer. There are several best practices around the individual components of an effective standalone email campaign. Quick technology note: Email clients (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.) don’t play well with JavaScript, which is the underlying technology in a referral widget. So here’s how to get the most out of promoting your referral program with email – and promoting anything for that matter… 1. Enticing subject lines are necessary for ensuring your email is opened and not deleted on first sight. Say you’re an ecommerce brand that sells toasters. 2. 3.

3 Strategies for Finding Customers With Social Media Do you need a strategy to reach your ideal prospects with social media? Are you overwhelmed by all the social media options? If so, you’re not alone. Social media overwhelm is one of the biggest challenges businesses face. In this article, I’m going to show you three social media strategies so you can focus your efforts on the channels that best align with your business objective and target audience. The Simple Solution Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for it: only focus on where your customers are. Where are your customers on social media? Once you find out where your customers are on social media, it becomes easier to come up with a strategy that will help you find your future customers. Here are three strategies you should consider: Strategy #1: Ask Your Customers Asking is the low-hanging fruit that’s easy for small business owners to overlook. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, when your customers visit your location, ask whether they use social media. Google+ Community search.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Social Media Benchmarks If I were to tell you that a recent tweet of mine received 20 clicks, what would you think? Maybe 20 clicks sounds like a lot based on what you’ve found for your own accounts. Maybe 20 clicks sounds rather lean, considering what you know about clickthrough rates of big brands or your most successful posts. Checking out the raw numbers of your social media stats, free of context, makes it quite hard to draw any concrete conclusions. Imagine having a way to tell at-a-glance the success of a social media update. Benchmarking is a way of looking at your stats, side-by-side with a meaningful standard. [Interested in listening to this post in podcast format? How to listen: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | Stitcher | RSS 4 ways to benchmark your social media stats One way that has been really helpful for me to think about benchmarking is splitting it into four key segments: AspirationalTrendedEarnedCompetitive I first heard of this method from Kevin Shively at Simply Measured. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2.

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