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Do you dare to wear a granny square? I’m not sure if I’d manage a granny square evening dress…. But I’m loving the cowl I made last week and have been quite excited to show you! I must apologise for the photos, I’ve cropped them right down this week, so you can’t see the whole effect, but let me tell you, it really is lovely, I tried it on my friend to see how it looked on someone and couldn’t get it off her and back around my neck fast enough!

Beatnik boat-neck pullover: Knitty Deep Fall 2010 BACK Using smaller straight needles, CO 78[90, 98, 110, 118, 130, 138] sts. Work in Twisted 1x1 Rib until work measures 2.5 inches, ending with a RS row. Switching to larger needles, establish pattern as follows: Next Row [WS]: P6[12, 16, 22, 26, 32, 36], place marker, [m1p, p5, m1p, p6] six times, m1p, place marker, p6[12, 16, 22, 26, 32, 36]. 91[103, 111, 123, 131, 143, 151] sts; 79 sts between markers.

The 10 Greatest Movie Comedies of All Time The ten comedies that make us -- and perhaps, only us at Short Ends and Leader -- laugh out loud. Guaranteed to differ from yours... probably... This is going to be a tough one. Humor, like musical taste or artistic appreciation, is always in the eye… and ear… and funny bone of the beholder. So when trying to pick through the best cinematic comedies of all time, one is bound to bash their clueless noggin against someone’s link to laughter.

Talking Crochet ...Colorful Carryall Colorful Carryall Designed by Delores Spagnuolo You have a case for makeup and a case for money and credit cards. Now you can have a case for crochet hooks, too. This handy holder is made with the star stitch and lots of cheery colors and is big enough to keep all your crochet hooks in order. Finished Size6" x 7". Tutorial - Using Excel to design colorwork (Marnie, speak! Good girl.) This entry has also been posted at the Create Along Today, my intrepid reader, I hope to offer you some tips on using Microsoft Excel for designing colorwork. This will be a long and picture heavy post, so I hope you'll bear with me. Later, I will do a tutorial on designing stitch pattern charts in Excel. I am currently using Excel X for the Mac.

Amigurumi Apples © June Gilbank 2010 Here’s a realistic amigurumi apple: it’s not just a ball with a stalk attached, it’s actually the shape and size of a real apple! Give one to your (or your child’s!) favourite teacher, make a bowlful in red and green as a decorative centrepiece, or add a pair of safety eyes and an embroidered smile to make a sweet-as-apple-pie toy This pattern is Donationware – the pattern is available for free, but if you like it please consider sending me a donation to show your appreciation: Send me a donation and receive the easy-to-print PDF version of the pattern as a thank you! I-Cord Gloves - 1st Installment « What Do I Do Next? | Main | Peaceful Palms Weekly #2 » October 30, 2005 I-Cord Gloves - 1st Installment Are you ready to knit a pair of gloves from the fingers to the cuff?

Flannel Receiving Blankets I'm starting to think that there is something in the water. Friends, left and right, are turning up pregnant. Thrilled with the good news, I've become a receivin'-blanket-makin' machine.

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