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Lead Generation, Appointment Setting

Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
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B2B Lead Conversion Optimization Tips for the New Year As 2014 creeps in, marketers brace themselves for possibly the most challenging year of the decade so far: the intimidating expansion of technology is expected to rise even higher, new marketing strategies are becoming more popular, and buyer behavior has never been so revolutionized in years. For a true-blue online marketer, website optimization is the best weapon to have. But what exactly must a business website be optimized for? The answer is, and always will be, conversion. These are some of the ways you can maximize the potential of your website/blog to rake in potential leads for your business: Bank on the power of social proof. It’s simple – when people find out that others are doing a certain behavior, they will be more assured that following suit would be a good idea. Invigorate your CTA designs If people are avid readers of your content, chances are they have clicked on your CTAs multiple times in the past. Feature new offers Embrace A/B testing, for goodness’ sake.

The Benefits of Telemarketing Services for Software Industry Events The software industry is a fast-paced world that blossoms on a constant flow of new products being launched into the public every now and then. Considering the multitude of software companies out in the market, the battle centers on how each of them would attract their audiences through product launches, updates and events. This is where their lead generation capabilities are put to the test. The question now, is: out of all the available channels of marketing, which one should a software company choose to generate invitations for a product launch? Virtually any of the avenues are usable, but in this article the focus will be on telemarketing. Telemarketing provides for clear messaging The thing about software product launches is that it entails a specific kind of positioning to make sure software buyers know exactly what they need to know. When marketers talk to prospect buyers directly, they can better provide information needed for a commitment to take place.

The Modern Sales and Marketing Professional- 4 Must-Dos Are you still living in the 20th century when it comes to communicating to potential customers? There has been a shift in the way sales and marketing professionals deal with their prospects, mainly in satisfying their informational and emotional needs. This is partly because business reps want to be unique in how they present themselves, but also this is because the needs of the audience have also changed. In light of this shift, it’s important to know how the business side would adjust to the new trend. Modernizing your approach to your target market ensures stability in the years to come. In a recent study featured in this post at Eloqua, the things that should be done in order for sales and marketing representatives to stand out from the rest are being summarized as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. Read the full article at 4 Must Dos For Sales and Marketing Pros

Other Industries Logistics Callbox supports logistics and supply chain solutions providers by developing and implementing strategic b2b lead generation and appointment setting initiatives based on emerging trends, strategies, marketing tools, and industry best practices. We help logistics salespeople maximize their sales time, and focus on selling instead of filling the sales funnel. We generate logistics sales leads through professional telemarketing, targeting their potential customers which might include logistics managers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and project cargo service providers. Insurance We use non-scripted style telemarketing to market various types of insurance policies including Mortgage Guaranty, Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Healthcare Insurance, Auto Insurance, Loan Protection Insurance, Commercial Coverage, and Education Insurance. Research and Consulting Travel and Tourism Real Estate Management

Investing on good web design = More business opportunities?B2B Lead Generation If you’re the type of marketer that frequently hops from one business site to another just to stay in the competition, then you’ve probably noticed how these sites are evolving these days in terms of web design. Basically, this “evolution” has two major, extreme opposite categories: simplicity and radicalism. The move for simplicity is driven by those who got tired of flashy, over-animated sites and preferred to employ a plain, straightforward design, with basic functions and fewer variations in color. Whether you want your design to lean towards the far left (simplicity) or the far right (radicalism), it is important to know exactly why this choice even matters. Neil Patil, a top entrepreneur and web influencer ( said in an article titled How Saving On Design Could Cost You More In The Long Term that web designs are actually investments over time. Related:How Saving On Design Could Cost You More In The Long Term Related:The Importance of Good Web Design

5 Common Google AdWords Mistakes to Avoid This 2014 Nobody wants to mess up an AdWords campaign because of one obvious reason: it involves investing a considerable amount of money. It can be very costly when not done correctly, and there’s no point in continuing if the ROI is dreadful. But online marketing is not as complicated as one thinks. All you need to do is know those things that can pull your efforts down. There are 10 common mistakes marketers commit when doing an AdWords campaign, according to Leon Krishnayana, founder and CEO at, in his blog post in Mistake #1: Not Grouping Keywords Correctly Not using ad groups is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Mistake #2: Not Using the Right Keyword Matches AdWords allows you to add keywords as a broad match, phrase match, or exact match. A phrase match keyword needs to show up in the search as a complete phrase in the order you enter it. An exact match keyword works just like it sounds. Mistake #3: Not Using Negative Keywords

Customer Satisfaction Survey Losing customers like dew under the sun? There must be more to it than just bad economy. Losing a customer results in reduced profit, and worse, a flaw in your brand image that might affect future lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. Generate unbiased customer feedbackStay up-to-date on changing customer needs and preferencesIdentify areas of your business that need improvement Callbox provides telemarketing services to help you generate unbiased customer feedback which can guide your efforts in keeping a solid, satisfied customer base. Identify objectives, scope, and appropriate survey method.Design and discuss survey questionnaire.Prepare list of customers to be included in the survey.Interview respondents and capture data through telemarketing.Conduct validity checks.Analyze data, prepare final report, and submit customer satisfaction findings. Equally important as finding new customers is retaining the ones you already have.

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