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Portal:Java Java Platform, Micro Edition Java ME was designed by Sun Microsystems, acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2010; the platform replaced a similar technology, PersonalJava. Originally developed under the Java Community Process as JSR 68, the different flavors of Java ME have evolved in separate JSRs. Sun provides a reference implementation of the specification, but has tended not to provide free binary implementations of its Java ME runtime environment for mobile devices, rather relying on third parties to provide their own. As of 22 December 2006, the Java ME source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License, and is released under the project name phoneME. As of 2008, all Java ME platforms are currently restricted to JRE 1.3 features and use that version of the class file format (internally known as version 47.0). Java ME devices implement a profile. Connected Limited Device Configuration Mobile Information Device Profile Information Module Profile Connected Device Configuration Notes

Plans and pricing : PythonAnywhere We guarantee a certain amount of computing capacity for your web app, but how many hits/day you can get out of that depends on you. If you write a website that does tons of calculations for every request then you won't be able to handle as many hits per day as our estimate. If you write a super-efficient one using a lightweight framework, you'll be able to handle more. Our estimates are based on real-world websites that we host, like, so we're confident that they're a good indicator of what a typical website will be able to handle. How it works, under the hood The web app compute capacity is defined by the number of web workers associated with your app. For sites without a lot of traffic — even if they have a lot of users accessing pages occasionally — one web worker is enough. Making things faster with static files

Kindling. Innovation software people enjoy using. Setting your username in Git Git uses your username to associate commits with an identity. The git config command can be used to change your Git configuration, including your username. You can also cache your GitHub password in Git. The git config command takes two arguments: The setting you want to change--in this case, new name, for example, Billy Everyteen To set your username for a specific repository, enter the following command in the root folder of your repository: git config "Billy Everyteen"# Set a new namegit config Verify the settingBilly Everyteen To set your username for every repository on your computer: Navigate to your repository from a command-line prompt.Set your username with the following command. git config --global "Billy Everyteen"Confirm that you have set your username correctly with the following command. git config --global user.nameBilly Everyteen To set your username for a single repository: Troubleshooting My name doesn't show up on GitHub

45 Free Online Computer Science Courses Missed lectures or hate teachers? Or want to study computer science courses without going to university? … You can study anytime anywhere because there are number of free online computer science courses available on internet that are very interactive. Here is the list of 45 free online computer science courses that are designed by teaching experts from best universities of the world (almost the whole graduation!). 1. Complete set of course materials. 2. This course is the natural successor to Programming Methodology and covers such advanced programming topics as recursion, algorithmic analysis, and data abstraction using the C++ programming language, which is similar to both C and Java. 3. Advanced memory management features of C and C++; the differences between imperative and object-oriented paradigms. 4. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to basics of modeling, design, planning, and control of robot systems. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Continuation of Convex Optimization I. 11. 12.

Skitch Trek aandacht Snelle focus op wat belangrijk is met gebruik van annotaties en markeringen. Zeg het met minder woorden Maak jouw punt met vormen, pijlen en snelle tekeningen. Verplaats projecten naar voren Gebruik Skitch op je pc, tablet en telefoon om feedback te geven en ideeën te delen. Git Cheat Sheet There are too many Git commands (with too many options and parameters) to know them all by heart. And even with a strong desktop GUI like Tower to support you, there might still be times when you have to work with Git on the Command Line. That's why we've created a helpful Cheat Sheet for Git - free for you to download! It contains the most important commands and workflows on the front and offers some helpful "Version Control Best Practices" on the back. Available in English | Deutsch | Español | Português | العربية | Chinese. Download the Cheat Sheet Get 8 of our most popuplar Cheat Sheets in one handy ZIP!

Charting the Linux Anatomy by Ed Stephenson 01/29/2001 It wasn't until Tim O'Reilly cut a cross section into an apple that the concept came together. Sitting in the marketing design department at O'Reilly & Associates one day last year, Tim picked up an X-Acto Knife and, slicing to the apple's core, he began to describe how all the disparate components of Linux fit neatly together. After that demonstration, the editorial and marketing design groups moved ahead, eventually putting in 450 man-hours over a period of eight months for, of all things, a poster to announce O'Reilly's 2001 Open Source Software Convention. Download a full-size PDF version of the poster (163K). "I started with the idea that this poster should try to give credit where credit is due, to help get across just how many people had contributed to Linux," Tim explains. Why make his case with a poster? A Cast of Contributors At first, Tim was alone in his enthusiasm for "information-rich" posters. The Gravity Well How could he express it visually?

Olive: Conquer Stress. Be Stellar. Your personal guide to conquering stress in a simple bracelet. Stress can be conquered Stress can keep us from being our best. It impacts the way we think, feel, and interact with the world. We all struggle with it because it can be hard to understand, hard to notice, and hard to find solutions that work for every individual. That's why Olive is putting science and technology to work for you. Olive sits comfortably and discreetly on your wrist and monitors stress-related data in the background. Tracks physical indicators of stress based on changes in heart rate, reactions in your skin, and trends in skin temperatureAnalyzes habits that contribute to stress like your physical activity, sleep, and exposure to lightTalks with your smartphone to understand your lifestyle through your calendar, your location, and other available data Olive is your personal guide to stress. Stress is something that is intimate, but we want you to be proud of the fact that you’re conquering it. Sensor technology

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