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Well-designed + Affordable T-Shirts, Art Prints, Posters, & Accessories

Well-designed + Affordable T-Shirts, Art Prints, Posters, & Accessories

Equaldex, The LGBT Knowledge Base Marriage⚭✖ Unrecognized, same-sex marriage and civil unions bannedEmployment DiscriminationUnknownHousing DiscriminationUnknownDonating Blood✖ Banned (1-year deferral)Conversion TherapyUnknown Public Opinion "Should Society Accept Homosexuality?" History Homosexual activity in Australia Val Cox African Violet « Two Glassy Ladies Lampwork Colour Guide -> Frit Blends -> Val Cox African Violet This frit (sold by Val Cox) is a “very rich violet leans slightly toward blue-violet. It is concentrated so start with a little and add gradually. Too much and it will become too dark. Works nicely with silver but purple (and violet) frits turn green (rim) in direct contact with silver.

Hyrule Dress from Koala Art & Design on Storenvy The awesome Ocarina Of Time inspired dress features a custom fabric print designed to be as though it was taken right out of the video game! This dress is an attention grabber and unique to only the Koala Art & Design store. Pattern on front and back of dress. This dress is made from 86% Polyester 14% Spandex 350GSM. No.1 Accessory Shop search My Account My Wishlist Log In The blog of Dr. John. H. Watson 29th January A strange meeting I don't know how I'm meant to be writing this. I'm not a writer. Ella thought keeping a blog would help but it hasn't because nothing ever happens to me. But today, something did.

Geek Fashion: BioWare Fashion Show If someone would have told me around five years ago that there would be such a thing as Geek Fashion Shows – runway and all – I would have been skeptical. Of course love geek fashion, but back then there wasn’t a lot of variety of geek fashion let alone an entire show dedicated to it. Fast forward and we now see the Geek Fashion Show (produced by Douggary Grant) at tons of conventions and the Her Universe Fashion Show has been held two years in a row at SDCC. This past weekend at PAX Prime, I was invited to witness the very first BioWare Fashion Show. I was thrilled to attend but I had no idea what to expect. PleadiaCraft Pleadiacraft fits in well with the Minecraft experience. It has a very blocky appearance but seems to add a significant depth to the original textures. All the blocks are more contrasted while maintaining the simplicity of the game.

"Dragon Ball Z Inspired Capsule Corp Faded Watercolor Print" T-Shirts & Hoodies by TumblrVerse Imagine Maria Oct 23, 2015 Although it's a unisex hoodie . It fits snug( thought it would fit loose.. I'm small framed . Precisely Portal Precisely Portal is the original Minecraft Beta texture pack based on the video game Portal developed by Valve. FTL: Faster Than Light Store - The Kestrel Hoodie Comes free with every Kestrel spacecraft! However, you're going to need a lot of scrap-metal for the down payment... Sizes S-3X:Lightweight fleece (good for chilly -- but not freezing -- temperatures)Slim fit (if you like your jackets to be roomy, consider ordering a size up!)Heather-charcoalSizes 4X+:Heavyweight (good for temperatures closer to freezing)Standard fitBlackFront and back plastisol prints by our friends at Forward PrintingCustom-minted "Kestrel" zipper-pullEach jacket comes with an adhesive-backed Kestrel patch (though we recommend sewing it on once you're happy with the placement) Note: The lightweight jackets are slim fit, so Check out our sizing page for more information.

The Scribblenauts Pack For any fans of the hit game, Scribblenauts, you’re going to love this pack. It captures the cartoony feel of the game gloriously and gives a whole new feel to Minecraft. The attention to detail here is incredible. The Voice Activated R2-D2 This motorized replica of the headstrong little "droid" from the iconic Star Wars films responds to voice commands, navigates rooms and hallways, and makes any home feel like it has been transported to a galaxy far, far away. R2 obeys more than 40 voice commands ("Turn around!," "Move forward two units!") and he plays games like tag, using an infrared sensor to search for people in a room. His sensor helps him follow behind you, or it can be set to detect motion, turning R2 into a room sentry that sounds an alarm when a secured area is invaded. R2's lights, swiveling dome top, and distinctive happy and sad sounds faithfully mimic the real thing, right down to his occasional "bad mood."