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Get bitten by mozzies? Some smells are tastier than others

Get bitten by mozzies? Some smells are tastier than others

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Can Caffeine Cause Chest Pains? Chest pains may occur in some people after drinking caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant drug that affects the central nervous system and helps you feel more awake. Chest pain from caffeine consumption is the result of inflammation and tightness in your airways and lungs. Chest pain may be accompanied by heart palpitations and a pounding sensation felt in your chest, throat and arm. Have your doctor evaluate your symptoms to ensure you’re not having a heart attack. AWS' Glacier and RedShift creep into to Australia Amazon Web Services' (AWS') Glacier data deep freeze* is now available in the cloudy company's Australian region. Glacier offers very cheap storage, but with the caveat of restore times that stretch into hours. The service is generally held to store data on tape. When AWS opened in Australia has often said it intends to offer more of its services to its Australian customers, partly because government clients prefer their data to reside on Terra Australis, rather than jurisdictions where foreign powers might be able to handle their bits. Another reason AWS opened down under was latency: many customers complained that even the nearby Singapore region added too many milliseconds of transfer time.

Cairns council will spend $524k on outside help to decide if Aquis casino can go ahead at Yorkeys Knob PROPOSAL: What a new Aquis resort and casino development at Yorkeys Knob might look like. Pic. Supplied Source: The Cairns Post VISION: Illustration of proposed Aquis development, Yorkeys Knob. Pic. Excellent infographic shows what it really takes to become a professional photographer by Dan Havlik posted Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 1:44 PM EDT Yes, anybody with a camera (or smartphone) who enjoys taking pictures thinks life would be much sweeter if they just became a professional photographer. TV commercial campaign casts doubt on dispersal of bats in Cairns BAT MAN: Film maker Noel Castley- Wright who has made a commercial about the removal of the flying foxes in Cairns. Pic: Anna Rogers Source: CairnsPost A CAIRNS film maker is set to air three TV ads criticising the council's plan to remove a flying fox colony from the CBD. The commercials, which have received funding from local environmental group CAFNEC, will be aired during prime time on Seven and WIN in the coming weeks. Filmmaker Noel Castley-Wright said he wanted to raise awareness about the doubts surrounding the plan to cut back the trees near Cairns Library and the Novotel Oasis resort in an attempt to move on the flying foxes. "There's a rush to act and move the bats without any thought of the consequence to what's going to happen," he said.

What It Feels Like to Get Bitten by a Black Widow Spider - Megan Garber A writer is subjected to one of the most painful experiences known to man, and lives to tell about it. In 1983, the entomologist Justin Schmidt published the results of a uniquely unenviable project: He had created a scale that attempted to quantify the pain inflicted by various forms of insect bites and stings. Some stings cause no pain in humans, thus meriting a 0 on Schmidt's scale; insects such as bees and wasps -- which inflict a wound that is definitely painful, but not excruciating -- warrant a 2 on the scale. Recursive Recruiting After being burned by The Old Switch n’ Bait, RJ was at his wit’s end with the recruiting firm his company forced him to use. The recruiter he had to work with, Brandon, was the HR Director’s brother-in-law. She insisted Brandon did a great job and he deserved another shot after such an honest mistake. “Brandon can be a little scatterbrained but he knows how to find good people!

Grow tall and go highrise to deal with growth in Cairns and Far North Queensland says Premier Campbell Newman MEETING SPOT: Premier Campbell Newman holds a meeting with 40 Cairns business people on his visit to Cairns. Pictured with businessman John Rebbechi. Picture: Stewart Mclean Source: CairnsPost REGIONAL cities such as Cairns need to consider high-rise buildings to accommodate a population migration from southeast Queensland over the next 30 years, Premier Campbell Newman says. Mr Newman will today urge regional councils to prepare their communities for booming growth to achieve the goal of having half of the population living outside the southeast corner, as set out in the Queensland Plan. Under the blueprint for the state's future, up to four million people could be living in the regions by 2043.

7 more things you didn't know about metering Recently we wrote about some of the things photographers might not realise about their camera’s metering system. So overwhelming was the response we came up with seven more! Modern metering systems are incredibly sophisticated and while they may not deliver a correctly exposed image every time, they generally do a pretty good job in most situations. In this article we’re going to take a look at a few things that you may not know about your camera’s metering system that could be very useful. DON’T MISS: Discover how Canon’s free Project1709 platform can simplify your photo management 1.

Second mosque to be built in Cairns Cairns Regional Council Cr John Schilling. Source: News Limited A SECOND mosque will be built in Cairns after the council gave the nod for a new worship centre in Bungalow. Cairns regional councillors yesterday voted unanimously to allow a 180sq m shed in the city’s industrial precinct to be turned into a mosque. The proposed Indonesian Community Centre and accompanying caretaker’s residence will use an existing house and industrial shed on the Newell St property. The centre is backed by the Association of Islamic Da’wah in Australia, which also has mosques in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Painful initiation for first victim of suspected irukandji jellyfish in stinger season at Low Isles near Port Douglas THAT STINGING FEELING: Adelaide man Dennis Hayles is lucky to be alive after being stung by a suspected irukandji jellyfish at Low Isles on Wednesday. Pic. Supplied Source: CairnsPost