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Life on Earth… but not as we know it

Life on Earth… but not as we know it
Across the world's great deserts, a mysterious sheen has been found on boulders and rock faces. These layers of manganese, arsenic and silica are known as desert varnish and they are found in the Atacama desert in Chile, the Mojave desert in California, and in many other arid places. They can make the desert glitter with surprising colour and, by scraping off pieces of varnish, native people have created intriguing symbols and images on rock walls and surfaces. How desert varnish forms has yet to be resolved, despite intense research by geologists. Professor Carol Cleland, of Colorado University, has a very different suggestion. It is a striking idea: We share our planet with another domain of life that exists "like the realm of fairies and elves just beyond the hedgerow", as David Toomey puts it in his newly published Weird Life: The Search for Life that is Very, Very Different from Our Own. Science's failure to date to spot this weird life may seem puzzling.

Former politicians convinced alien life exists and it has visited Earth WASHINGTON – We are not alone. That is the conclusion of two former members of Congress who heard five days of testimony this week about supposed UFO landings and a government conspiracy to cover them up. Asked if he now believes the government is suppressing the truth about visits by extraterrestrials, former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) said, “Very much.” "The testimony was convincing," he told the Daily News. Former Rep. Former Rep. “There's an implication for which one of the answers has got to be an extraterritorial origin,” Cook said. The Paradigm Research Group – which is dedicated to ending the “government-imposed truth embargo surrounding an extraterrestrial presence” – paid six lawmakers $20,000 each to preside over the weeklong “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.” Former Rep. The other four lawmakers who heard testimony offered more cautious views about alien life, but none of them ruled it out. "The Air Force has admitted there were 701 UFOs that they could not identify. AP Photo

My visit to Defkalion Canada | nickelpower On February 22 I made my way to the Canadian office of Defkalion. This is a report of my experience and what I learned. 1140 Homer St. in Vancouver is an older building in a well established area of the city. Defkalion is on the second floor. Symeon (I’d call him Mr. Symeon is the head of business development for the company. Mr. Mr. Now, there also was discussion about a certain report in a Greek newspaper . I was not able to confirm any source of government support. A few notes: · Only the R&D portion of expenditures can be applied to the SR&ED program. I learned that there is another R&D pursuit that Defkalion is taking on. Vancouver does offer Defkalion a lot of advantages, one of which is the SR&ED program. Speaking to the head of business development, I surely learned about Defkalion’s business strategy. However, they are placing emphasis on a second marketing strategy, a strategy that I find more interesting. <— To main blog Like this: Like Loading...

Defkalion plans to Unveil LENR device in August | Cold Fusion News Defkalion Green Technologies is planning to unveil an improved version of its low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology at the National Instruments NI Week corporate conference in August. The company’s CEO Alex Xanthoulis made that revelation to Pure Energy Systems’ Sterling D. Allan in an interview last week. Defklaion seems to have made a lot of progress with its Hyperion LENR technology if claims made to Allan by Xanthoulis and his colleague Symeon Tsalikoglou can be believed. The Greek company which has relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia, has also gone much farther in commercializing LENR than any other organization if these assertions are correct. Xanthoulis said that Defkalion has been approached by 450 different companies interested in licensing its technology. The two did reveal an impressive list of industries that they want to adapt LENR technology to. Xanthoulis said that Defkalion is planning to develop an LENR power source for ships themselves. Related search:

22 avril 2013 21 avril 2013 MOSTRATO AL MONDO IL REATTORE KESHE Brescia, Italy 21 Aprile 2013 Un nuovo capitolo della scienza ha preso inizio. Alle ore 17,00 del 21 Aprile 2013, presso il Centro Congressi del Fenaroli Palace Hotel, alla presenza di un pubblico proveniente da ogni parte del mondo, in collegamento streaming con 102 nazioni, Mehran T. Keshe, fisico nucleare, direttore della Keshe Foundation, ha aperto i lavori della Conferenza del Trattato di Pace Mondiale. Nel corso della conferenza l’Ing. Come già in altre occasioni aveva sottolineato, l’attuale traguardo raggiunto dalle tecnologie Magravs di cui la Fondazione è titolare, da una parte rende di fatto obsolete le armi di qualunque genere attualmente impiegate nei conflitti ancora in corso in varie zone del pianeta, dall’altra per la possibilità di dare soluzioni rivoluzionarie ai problemi di carenze di acqua, cibo e materie prime, per i quali le dinamiche dei conflitti prendono avvio, rende insensata la lotta che si fonda sulla scarsità. Un reattore da Malta L’intervento dell’On. L’On.

Un message extraterrestre serait caché dans l'ADN humain Le physicien Vladimir I. Shcherbak, d'une université du Kazakhstan, et l'astrobiologiste Maxim A. Makukov, de l'Astrophysical Fesenkov Institut, avancent qu'un message de nature extraterrestre pourrait être caché dans l'ADN humain. Ces chercheurs affirment donc que chacun pourrait porter en lui une preuve de l’existence tant controversée des extraterrestres. La théorie de l'évolution de Darwin trouve ses limites A la question "Sommes-nous seuls sur Terre?" En effet, il a découvert que le génome humain pourrait être le fruit d'une civilisation extraterrestre. Pour ces chercheurs, le système de Darwin rencontre ses limites lorsqu'il agit d'expliquer un message mathématique découvert dans le code génétique humain. Dans leur étude intitulée "The 'Wow Signal' du code génétique terrestre" le duo de chercheurs explique qu'une civilisation extraterrestre a sans doute laissé ses empreintes sur Terre. La vision des deux chercheurs propose une approche biologique.

UFO researchers meet with Brazilian Ministry of Defense | Unexplained Things Are Out There Recently Brazil’s Ministry of Defense invited members of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) to a formal meeting with members of the Brazilian armed forces. The meeting was held April 18 at the Ministry of Defense headquarters, and was attended by representatives from the Brazilian Air Force, Navy and Army. We just can wish that this approach can use by other (or maybe most) countries and nations. The discussion dealt with access to military documents regarding UFO investigations and testimonies. A.J. According an article by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, A. The Secretary for the Ministry’s Institutional Coordination and Organization, Ari Matos, reassured the group that the documents are going through the proper procedures for release and will be released in accordance to Brazil’s Access to Information Act (LAI). The historical meeting lasted about 75 minutes, and everyone seemed to be satisfied with the results.

Brazil on the brink? | Imagine 10 Pentagon officials from every branch of the military, including the Secretary of Defense, agreeing to pow-wow for 75 minutes with civilian UFO researchers. Imagine, at the end of that meeting, in an ostensible show of good faith — or maybe it was just window dressing, who knows — the brass actually concedes the civilians may be on to something. And it agrees to give them access to some of the most contentious UFO records on file. Well, change the venue from the U.S. to Brazil, and that’s exactly what happened in Brasilia on April 18, according to A.J. Brazilian UFO Magazine editor A.J. As editor of Brazilian UFO Magazine, Gevaerd has been covering The Great Taboo forever in South America’s biggest country, and he has sources out the wazoo. Gevaerd is joining Steve Bassett’s Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, which kicked off today at the National Press Club in Washington. No such expectations are being raised by this week’s Citizen Hearings.

Sirius - VOSTFR Sirius - VOSTFR - Vu 38782 fois. Sirius est un documentaire passionnant qui nous fera découvrir l'autopsie d'un minuscule squelette de 15 cms prénommé Ata. Ata qui fût découvert il y a 10 ans au Chili dans le désert d’Atacama s'est finallement révélé être un spécimen humain. Décédé il y a un siècle, ses particularités auraient été causées par mutation. Garry Nolan, directeur du département des cellules souches à l’école de médecine de Standford a affimé : Je peux dire avec une certitude absolue que ce n'est pas un singe. La séquence que nous avons obtenue grâce aux mitochondries nous dit avec quasi-certitude que la mère d’Ara était une indigène du Chili et qu’Ata était de sexe masculin. Sirius - VOSTFR a été vue 38782 fois. Complément : Ata 56 commentaire(s) Pour laisser un commentaire vous devez vous connecter !