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Outlines to Copy

Outlines to Copy
Outlines to Copy I am posting outlines that you can add doodle patterns too, and you are free to use however you wish. I will post a new one or maybe two each week for you to use. I have added a Mr Linky so that those who want to, can post their results. I would love to see them as I am sure others would also. Suggested Variations to these designs. 1. 2. Related:  ZentanglesZentangleMandalas & Strings pour Zentangle

Enthusiastic Artist Tangles to Try - Oklahoma Zentangle Fans Monday, July 26, 2010: Tangle "Brix" Although Brix is a very simple tangle, it is a great filler, especially for a larger space. It can be drawn with any size so that gives it a lot of variety. You can also "warp" it easily simply by making the beginning lines not parallel. Sometimes I have "bleed over" of a pattern into a string or a tangle might be open and feel like it needs a background--this is a really versatile answer to those things. Try varying how much you round the corners or how wide the lines are... you can also add some texture to the Brix with just a light line or squiggle. When we begin a Zentangle, the "rule" is to not have a plan ("expectation") of what it is going to look like but many times when I am done I look at the completed ZT and find that it looks like something to me. Thursday, July 22, 2010: Tangle "Sheeko" Sheeko is one of the first (if not the first) tangles I developed; it is based on the Japanese Sashiko stitching. Sunday--Fourth of July! e on it.

Bumps tangle pattern Click on the picture to enlarge it for its details Bumps is a pattern I've played with for years. I finally decided it was time to refine it and name it. When I draw it, it reminds me of a camel's humps. But naming it 'humps' might have had repercussions from my teenage son. Bumps is a great filler pattern that can be used in many spaces. Whether you start in the middle or in a corner, each shape builds on the one beneath it. Have fun with Bumps! NOTE - I have a new update for the bumps tangle - visit my blog for the Jan 8, 2014 entry - or follow this link

Celtic Challenge [Creative Doodling with Judy West] Dernier : 34 (téléchargés) Celtic Challenges I issue a Celtic Challenge on Friday once a fortnight. Below is a quick link to all the challenges I have posted so far.Celtic Challenge 34 - HERE Celtic Challenge 32 - HERE Celtic Challenge 31 - HERE Celtic Challenge 30 - HERE Celtic Challenge 29 - HERE Celtic Challenge 28 - HERE Celtic Challenge 27 - HERE Celtic Challenge 26 - HERE Celtic Challenge 25 A & B - HERE Celtic Challenge 24 A & B - HERE Celtic Challenge 23 A & B - HERE Celtic Challenge 22 A & B - HERE Celtic Challenge 21 A & B - HERE Celtic Challenge 20 A & B - HERE Celtic Challenge 19 A & B - HERE Celtic Challenge 18 - HERE Celtic Challenge 17 - HERE Celtic Challenge 16 - HERE Celtic Challenge 15 - HERE Celtic Challenge 14 - HERE Celtic Challenge 13 - HERE Celtic Challenge 12 - HERE Celtic Challenge 11 - HERE Celtic Challenge 10 - HERE Celtic Challenge 9 - HERE Celtic Challenge 8 - HERE Celtic Challenge 7 - HERE Celtic Challenge 6 - HERE Celtic Challenge 5 - HERE Celtic Challenge 4 - HERE Celtic Challenge 3 - HERE

How to draw SAND SWIRL By Linda Farmer, CZT Here’s another tangle pattern I just love and I think you will too. It’s simple, it’s flexible, and it’s mesmerizing to draw. It’s great fun to shade too. Sand Swirl is from Karry Heun who shared her Summer Sitter tangle with us earlier this year. This tangle is so much fun to draw and in true Zentangle® style, there’s no thinking or planning involved. Here is Karry’s step-by-step illustration for drawing Sand Swirl. Image copyright the artist, used with permission. Check out the tag karryh for more of Karry’s patterns on Related Links If you’ve just joined us recently and would like some help with shading your Zentangles or Zentangle-inspired art (ZIA), check out the TanglePatterns Shading Mini-Clinic: eBooks available from You might also like:

Vigne tangle pattern These are the steps for 'Vigne'. There are a variety of vine patterns out there but I think this is different enough to step out on it's own. (If not PLEASE let me know!) It was inspired by a pattern I saw on a Russian tray but I've changed it up a little. It is shown straight up but it certainly can be done on any curving string. - The first part starts at the bottom of the pattern. If you prefer you can also fill in the petals too. How to draw CACK By Linda Farmer, CZT This interesting pattern, Cack, is by fellow Floridian Adele Bruno and it’s her first on the site. I found this tangle pattern very challenging to draw but I’m sure it will suit many of you to a T. Not only are freehand circles difficult for my thumb to negotiate, but the intersecting circles together with “drawing behind” were a bit of a mind-bender for me. This is my umpteenth version and I stopped while I was ahead. Could it have been too much Miami Heat NBA Championship celebration? “I am a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Art Institute of Pittsburgh, teacher, artist, happy wife of Lou, blessed mother of our seven children and Gramma to two sweet grandkids. Adele continues, “I was inspired by intersecting circles that I saw on a skirt fabric while shopping with our beautiful daughter Catherine one sunny afternoon. Adele illustrates the steps for drawing her Cack tangle below and also shares a (mostly) monotangle of her tangle. You might also like:

Strings TanglePatterns [] Dernier : 219 July 16th, 2016 This String is shared by CZT Mei Hua Teng (Damy) for your creative enjoyment. You can help our community’s String resource grow by sending me yours to share. I’m always looking for new strings! Continue reading: TanglePatterns String 218 July 9th, 2016 This String is shared by CZT Lianne Woods for your creative enjoyment. Continue reading: TanglePatterns String 217 July 2nd, 2016 This String is shared by tangler Rosemary Turpin for your creative enjoyment. Continue reading: TanglePatterns String 216 June 25th, 2016 This String is shared by tangler Shirleen Long for your creative enjoyment. Continue reading: TanglePatterns String 215 June 18th, 2016 This String is shared by tangler Debra Sweeting for your creative enjoyment. Continue reading: TanglePatterns String 214 June 11th, 2016 This String is shared by tangler Audrie Wiesenfelder for your creative enjoyment. Continue reading: TanglePatterns String 213 June 4th, 2016 Continue reading: TanglePatterns String 212 May 28th, 2016

How to draw AURA-LEAH By Linda Farmer, CZT Here’s another simple and lovely tangle pattern from South Africa’s Carla du Preez. She’s named this one Aura-Leah. You may recall that Carla recently added the fun Pop-Cloud tangle to our repertoire. Carla writes “I love the flow and simplicity of the lines. It feels as if I am breathing deeply when I draw it. Here are Carla’s steps for drawing Aura-Leah and some written instructions to guide you. Image copyright the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Check out the tag carladp for more of Carla’s patterns on You might also like:

For my fellow tangle junkies: some thoughts on collecting and organizing tangle patterns I'm a perfectionist. I didn't always know this about myself, or maybe I wasn't always one and I'm just settling into my own shoes a little as I get older. But "ehh.... good enough" is probably not something you'll hear me say. For example, I've attempted a few methods for collecting and organizing tangle patterns... index cards, flip cards, graph paper pads, Moleskine notebooks, different-sized journals, a small binder with page protectors, et cetera. First I had to let go of the idea that any journal I created would/could ever resemble Maria's... that just wasn't realistic for me. I had a handful of requirements in mind for an acceptable method of organizing a bazillion tangle patterns: Each pattern needed to be 1) big enough to be as detailed as necessary, but 2) not so big that each one would take up a lot of room. Here's how my lofty standards and I arrived at a solution I could run with. The pink (1.5") binder on the bottom is my personal tangle pattern collection. The bottom view.

Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge [madebyjoey] Dernier : 123 This tangle challenge is for anyone who enjoys using tangles in their art. Whether you are an experienced artist or new to drawing, we're here to learn from each other and have fun with our art! I hope that you will find my challenges fresh, stimulating and rewarding! Use the Link Up at the bottom of the post to share your work. note: the link up never closes, so you can come back and link up to any challenge, at any time. Many thanks to everyone who said how much they enjoyed the last challenge series! Your enthusiasm for the Roman Numeral Strings made me so happy, I hope that you enjoy this next series of challenges just as much! Here's how the idea came about . . . I recently noticed a pattern forming in the objects that were catching my eye. The fabric was given to my Mom by her cousin about 6-7 years ago, found in her stash from who knows when (possibly as far back as the 80's by the looks of the pattern?!) We affectionately called them the "spotty pants". Happy Monday! ~ joey ~

How to draw ANGEL FISH By Linda Farmer, CZT Marizaan van Beek, a colleague from my CZT#7 class last October, is from Pretoria, South Africa, one of two CZTs in that country. Her simple and lovely Angel Fish tangle pattern is her first on the site. Marizaan writes, “Five years ago I was introduced to Zentangle® by accident looked it up and as a Social Worker and Art Therapist I knew here was something special. I was not practicing anymore but I wanted to teach Zentangle as I knew instinctively it could change people. I was doing Sanibelle when this just emerged. Dragonair is based on the official tangle Cadent, which you will no doubt discover is a veritable tangleation factory. Angel Fish is a very easy and versatile tangle pattern – you can draw it as simply as I’ve done above or you can create an overall pattern with it as Marizaan does in her tile below. Marizaan illustrates the step-by-step instructions for drawing her Angel Fish tangle pattern below, accompanied by a lovely Zentangle® starring Angel Fish.