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Outlines to Copy

Outlines to Copy
Outlines to Copy I am posting outlines that you can add doodle patterns too, and you are free to use however you wish. I will post a new one or maybe two each week for you to use. I have added a Mr Linky so that those who want to, can post their results. I would love to see them as I am sure others would also. Suggested Variations to these designs. 1. 2. Related:  ✂️ ZENTANGLE

Step-by-steps & patterns Examples of this and alternative method here I draw string a lot so it's all over the blog. See also here and here. ("Well" is an official Zentangle pattern - this is just my spin on it) See an example of Morning Glories here See samples of bloom here 2/8's HEART S (no kick) See examples of this in use here You can find this pattern in a drawing here Find this one here and here (3rd one down) See this one in action here An example in my drawing sunset Tangles & Stuff Enthusiastic Artist Spiral Guide Zentangle® Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. The Zentangle art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at Life is full of surprises Your rainbow can be anything you wish My bike is my rainbow Creating a zentangle is riding a rainbow

Tangle Tangle Tangle New tangle or tangleation? What do you this a new tangle or a tangleation of keeko? It starts with keeko but reminds me of the knots in macramé. Years ago I loved making macramé pot plant hangers and wall hangings so I thought a good name might be mak-rah-mee (the pronunciation from the dictionary). You can just do one knot or add as many as you like in lines or random over your tile. Cockles N Mussels 'N' CLAMS, too! (I love seafood!) You're probably familiar with the tangle 'Nzeppel. Cockles 'n' Mussels begins with a random version of 'Nzeppel and moves on from there. First, a few photos. Okay, here's the tangle Cockles 'n' Mussels! In some cases you may want to subdivide a section to make more appropriate shapes. Here's a Zentangle tile with a few variations of Cockles 'n' Mussels, clams, and the random version of 'Nzeppel. Here's a tile using Cockles 'n' Mussels among other tangles.

PARADOX, and then some Here are Zentangle's instructions for the tangle Paradox, from the February 2008 newsletter. Paradox is one of my favorite tangles and I seem to do it rather well. Perhaps those two things are related! The elegant curves show best if the lines are close together. Agh! Then again, never say never. Paradox works best in triangles or squares. There are two looks that can be achieved with Paradox. Paradox is essentially a square or triangular spiral. TWISTS: Regardless of whether you spiral clockwise or counter-clockwise, if you spiral in the same direction in every section you'll end up with twists. FANS: To get the fans you need to spiral in the opposite direction from section to section. If you prefer to be less technical and more intuitive, you can look at what's happening in the section adjacent to the one you want to work in, and note where the lines need to converge and where they need to splay out. Munchin is a tangle that flows particularly nicely placed next to Paradox. HAVE FUN!

Denzer Family Art My step outs are sometimes crazy, I usually find myself using a new pattern in a zentangle and then try to figure out how someone else could do the same. My mind isn’t always logical but this is what happens. I will share all the patterns I have given steps to in this post. I apologize for some of the photo quality in my earlier postings. A Bed of Roses Birds of a Feather Lady Bug Border Pinwheel Flower Clover Leaf Star Fan-Leaf Cathedral Wedding Chain Reaction Cherry and Leaf Star Burst Bel Fiore Easter Lily Curly Border Sego Lily Sea Shell Bracelet Tuxedo Zentangle I am the diva - Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT®)