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Chord Progression Generator

Chord Progression Generator

Common Chord Progressions—The Complete Idiot’s Quick Guide Writing chord progressions can be one of the trickier things about writing a music composition. It would seem that creating a harmonious chord progression is just a matter of applying a few hard-and-fast rules. It isn’t quite as simple as that—there are a lot of choices available, and the rules aren’t always hard and fast. In this guide, we’ll look at the more common chord progressions found in both popular songs and other types of compositions and the rules for using them. Note: All examples are given in the key of C. Example:C-F Comments: It doesn’t get much simpler than this, just the tonic (I) and subdominant (IV) cycled over and over. Example: C-G Comments: If you can cycle between the tonic and the subdominant, why not the tonic and the dominant (V)? Example: C-F-G Comments: This is probably the most common chord progression in popular music. Example: C-F-G7 Comments: Similar to the previous progression, with increased tension from the dominant seventh chord. Example: C-F-C-G

Alternate Guitar Tunings: Dropped D And Open G and D | The standard E A D G B E tuning of the six string guitar is one that evolved over time. There has been no alternative guitar tuning devised that provides such a broad and workable compromise between easy chording structures and viable single note scales. The key word is compromise. The very act of a tuning a guitar is a compromise. The sad fact is that a guitar can never be tuned so all chords in all keys will be perfectly in tune, no matter who made it or how much it cost. Standard tuning is not symmetrical. Dropped D Tuning Drop the bottom E string of your guitar down to a D. Open D Tuning Leave the E strings on your guitar in their dropped state and drop your B string down to A and your G string to F#. Open G Tuning Let's imagine we have our guitar with the Es dropped to D but other strings as in standard tuning. Nashville Tuning There are many more tunings to explore but this is enough to give you a taste of the wide world of alternate tunings.

Diatonic Harmony So reading this diagram from left to right we can move from iii to vi. Then from vi to either IV or ii. From IV we can then move to either viio, ii, V or I. From ii we can move to either viio or V. From viio we can move to V or I. From V we can move to either vi or I. Now for the cool part. ;; markov chord progression I IV V (define progression (lambda (time chord) (for-each (lambda (p) (play-note time piano p 80 40000)) (pc:make-chord 60 73 3 chord)) (callback (+ time 40000) 'progression (+ time 44100) (random (cdr (assoc chord '(((0 4 7) (5 9 0) (7 11 2)) (progression (now) '(0 4 7)) Now that was pretty easy but our list of chords is a little unwieldy. ;; markov chord progression I ii iii IV V vi vii (lambda (time degree) (pc:make-chord 48 77 5 (pc:diatonic 0 '^ degree))) (random (cdr (assoc degree '((i iv v iii vi) (ii v vii) (iii vi) (iv v ii vii i) (v i vi) (vii v i) (vi ii)))))))) (progression (now) 'i) Have a listen to my progression progression_one.mp3. ;; mordant (define play-note-mord (* .7 dur)

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