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Social Media Curation Guide

Social Media Curation Guide
The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. Last year on SEOmoz, I published The Content Curation Guide for SEO, which - even though it is still valid - I thought it needed a fresh addition. Not only does this post update some of the information shared, but it also digs deeper into an aspect of content curation that is actually the most used and, possibly, useful to SEOs and Content Marketers who must deal with more duties than just curation: social media curation. For that reason, I gave a Mozinar last week about this topic where I explained why it is important to include social content curation in your inbound marketing strategy; how to prepare, organize, execute, and analyze your social curation activities; and what tools to use. If you missed the opportunity to attend the live broadcast of the Mozinar, you can watch it here. Joanna Lord does great social content curation on Pinterest! Audience Q&A Related:  Curation

100+ Free Blogger Addons & Widgets Widgets are a handy, easy and simple way to add some flare to your blog. Whether you’d like to display the number of currently online visitors to your site or simply the weather report for Los Angeles, you can do it with widgets. Blogs that are on Blogger, WordPress or TypePad can now add the wonderful outbrain star ratings widget to their blog posts. Blog Ratings Widget - 3Bubbles, a chat tool for blogs Adam Kalsey's Button Maker, add a button to your blog Babel Fish, add a translation tool to your blog WikiSeek - search Wikipedia with this simple widget. FeedCount - show off the number of visitors to your blog with this handy little button. Technorati Link Count - display the number of links your website has from one of the biggest blog authorities - Technorati. MyPageRank - another good way to show how “big” your blog is is to show off your Google PageRank. BlinkxIt - embed a link to related videos directly into your website. Yahoo!

Content Curation: 12 Ways To Add Value Producing sufficient quality content is the biggest challenge content marketers face according to recent research by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. While automated content curation offers a possible solution to this growing problem, it misses a critical point. To be done properly, content curation requires the added value that only humans can provide to convert curated information into quality content that supports your business objectives. To ensure that it yields the optimal results and achieves your business goals, here are twelve ways to enhance the value of your content curation. Understand that your audience is a community. Content curation is a great way to augment your content marketing offering. Are you using content curation to enhance your content marketing? Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen Here are some related articles you may find of interest: Photo credit:

10 Steps To Curate Your Social Media Content With for Increased Value First, Are you asking the following questions: “What is social media curation?” and “How does it add value?” Are you like many business owners trying to get your head around curation and the associated benefits? Well I have come to realize, you are not alone! In an earlier post I defined curation. Reminder of What’s Social Media Curation? With the exponential growth of social networks and blogs, the amount of information on the internet can be overwhelming and time consuming. How Makes Social Media Curation Easy First, let me share a story on my introduction to is a semi-automated curation platform. Figure 1: Examples of 4 business owners who currently use successfully: Just Story It by Karen Dietz; Business Improvement by Daniel Watson; Business Know How by Martin Gysler and Internet Marketing Strategy 2.0 by Robin Good. With every published post, the web magazine grows into multiple pages and becomes an excellent resource for the selected topic.

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Boston Marathon Explosions: Thursday's Developments : The Two-Way Note: We're following Friday's breaking news — that one suspect is dead and that police are searching for the other — in a new post. hide captionThe FBI released this photograph of a man they are calling a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. The FBI released this photograph of a man they are calling a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. Thursday's post: Throughout the day, we'll be updating with the latest news about the two explosions Monday near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. 5:45 p.m. INVESTIGATION: The FBI released images of two men who they say are suspects in the bombing of the Boston Marathon that left three people dead and injured about 180. FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers said the FBI identified one individual at first, but after reviewing video and other evidence they determined that another individual was also implicated. The images they released appear to come from surveillance cameras along the marathon route. Update at 7:02 p.m. Nasser S.

Curation in Learning I’m getting very excited about the possibilities of using more digital curation in learning. The trouble with curation is that I’m seeing it everywhere. As such I wanted to come up with a short framework that I could use to talk about how I see curation in learning being used, both at the organisation level and for individuals. So, go easy on me; here’s what I’m proposing… We can think of digital curation as being useful to us in four broad roles that I’m calling Inspiration, Aggregation, Integration and Application. Inspiration With the proliferation of content on the Web, it should come as no surprise that we are in increasing need of systems to sort, maintain and re-purpose content in a systematic manner. Organizations can of course benefit from this approach. Aggregation Increasingly we are being challenged to deliver ‘more with less’ in the learning department. Taking this further, some organizations are beginning to advocate a ‘resources not courses’ strategy. Integration Application

Content Curators Are The New Superheros Of The Web Yesterday, the ever-churning machine that is the Internet pumped out more unfiltered digital data. Yesterday, 250 million photos were uploaded to Facebook, 864,000 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube, and 294 BILLION emails were sent. And that's not counting all the check-ins, friend requests, Yelp reviews and Amazon posts, and pins on Pintrest. The volume of information being created is growing faster than your software is able to sort it out. What's happened is the web has gotten better at making data. While devices struggle to separate spam from friends, critical information from nonsense, and signal from noise, the amount of data coming at us is increasingly mind-boggling. In 2010 we frolicked, Googled, waded, and drowned in 1.2 zettabytes of digital bits and bytes. Which means it's time to enlist the web's secret power—humans. If you want to understand how fast curation is growing on the web, just take a look at Pinterest. 1. How will curation evolve?

1. About Events Events, and the graphs generated from performance monitoring, are the primary operational tools for understanding the state of your environment. This chapter defines events and describes the Zenoss event management system. To enter the Zenoss event management system, an event must contain values for the device, severity, and summary fields. If an event is missing any of these fields, then Zenoss rejects it. Basic event fields are: deviceipAddresseventStateseveritysummarymessageevid 1.1.1. device and ipAddress Fields The device field is a free-form text field that allows up to 128 characters. The ipAddress field is a free-form text field that allows up to 15 characters. Zenoss automatically adds information to incoming events that match a device in its database. For more information about these fields, refer to the chapters titled "Production States and Maintenance Windows" and "Organizers and Path Navigation." The eventState field defines the current state of the event. Figure 7.1. 1.5. Note

Harold Jarche | sense-making for the connected workplace How Content Curation Enhances SEO Content is king. This is even more true after Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates that make relevant and quality content an even more important in search engine optimization (SEO). For organizations constantly vying for the top spot in search results, content marketing is becoming a more crucial part of their marketing strategies – as seen here on our infographic. Not every business, however, has the resources or time to create original content on a regular basis. With an abundance of well-researched articles, videos and images on the Web, it can be a challenge to create original content that stands out from the crowd. So what should brands do? Content curation is about discovering, gathering and distributing relevant and interesting content on a specific topic or subject matter. How does content curation help your SEO? Get linkbacks. Generate social signals. All curated content has a chance to be shared across different platforms and social media networks. Attract traffic.