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Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Samsung Galaxy S I9000

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[WINDOWS APP] Kies Registry Patcher, patch registry on latest Kies [WINDOWS APP] Kies 2.0 Registry Patcher, patch registry on latest Kies This tool is was designed in order to easily patch the registry to force Kies to update your Galaxy S. This latest version of patcher works even with latest Kies (, all you have to do is to spoof your firmware version to and older one, you can even spoof the product code in order to change it. The new spoof system works differently from the older patching system, it allow you to use the original dll of kies and works on latest Kies; It should even be future-proof. IMPORTANT NOTE: Patcher Version 1.8 doesn't fully work yet. When I built it i only partially tested.

Real Android apps leveraging db4o persistence engine (Part 2) We Recommend These Resources This the second delivery in a series of articles targeted at showing developers how db4o (an open source database that leverages today's object-oriented languages, systems, and mindset) is being used in several Android projects to avoid all the pitfalls and hassles of object-relational mapping while benefiting from an concise and straight forward way to evolve a domain model which, in the end, translates into faster, easier upgrades for users. There are many benefits to using an object database like db4o, including easier code maintenance, and the ability to create applications based on more complex data models. Unlike in rigid, predefined SQL tables, you can store dynamic, free-form data, which can be changed or amended any time.

[Guide] The Complete Beginner's Guide to installing custom ROMs on the HANNSpad I accept no responsibility for anything going wrong with your HANNSpad. Use this guide at your own risk. I have installed and reinstalled every HANNSpad compatible ROM about 5/6 times each before finally deciding to write this guide. [GUIDE] Step by Step ROM Firmware Upgrade & Migration to Froyo 2.2 [JL2] Bell I9000M Retired Forum Moderator - OP Thanks Meter 1571 Posts: 11,517 Join Date: May 2008 Location: buried under loads of work IRL Froyo Quick Review Samsung Galaxy S Power Pack surfaces in German newsletter We have already talked about a slew of official Galaxy S accessories that surfaced early this month along with the new smartphone. Another new accessory for the Galaxy S has surfaced in a German Samsung Newsletter that might be just what some users are looking for. If you find the battery on your Galaxy S doesn’t last as long as you want it too, the new Galaxy S Power Pack EBB-U10 might be just the thing for you. The device is a carry case to protect your phone that also has a battery inside for more run time. Supposedly, the case adds an additional 8.5 hours of talk time and 500 more hours of standby time. I don’t read German, but it appears the thing weighs 70 grams and has a LED capacity indicator.

Beginning Android Game Programming Introduction Game development on the Android platform is challenging and rewarding and comes with it's own set of pitfalls and hard learned lessons. In this series of articles I hope to show you some of those pitfalls and maybe teach a lesson or two along the way. [Guide] Hannspad Rooting (Updated August 4th 2011) Hannspad Rooting Guide (v2 August 4th 2011) This guide assumes you have a fully stock Hannspad. Easy WayDownload these 2 files:

Android Universe, C.C.P. Cre@ions WiimoteController is an application which allows a Wii remote to connect to your Android phone. You can then use the Wii remote to control various apps. IMPORTANT! This application does not work with most HTC Devices that have Sense UI. It doesn't matter if the Sense is turned on or not, the problem seems to be much deeper.

Samsung Galaxy S Series - XDA-Developers Galaxy S Variants Comparison Table Hardware Memory Tear-down analysis here shows KLM8G4DEDD Samsung chip to be used for the memory (8GB model). From part number decoder document here, the part appears to be memory (K), with contoller (L), moviNAND (M), 8G = 8GB, Nand4 + microcontroller (4), MLC (D), 3.3VCC (E), S3C49VDX01 controller (D), 5th generation (D).