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Как сделать провод из пластиковой бутылки: 4 шага (с фотографии)

Как сделать провод из пластиковой бутылки: 4 шага (с фотографии)
Experimented example Heat gun: Setting "300℃ (572ºF )/280L" is gauged with a digital thermometer. The temperature of the hot wind: (From vent) For 15cm (5.906 in) > 100℃ (212ºF) and for 20cm (7.874 in) > 80℃ (176ºF) Hair dryer: The suitable temperature is in the vent nearest. Experiment with twisting the wire. A tight twist looks completely different than a loose twist.Pulling on the wire ensures that it is straight.Control the width of the wire by selecting the desired thickness of the original PET strip.For added strength, twist or braid multiple wires together. Ad

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What This Guy Did Might Be The Coolest But Possibly Most Illegal DIY Project Ever. The End Result… BRILLIANT I was really confused when I heard the term Moss Graffiti. The name sounds simple enough, but really? After looking into it a little more, this may be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Of course, we would only suggest doing this on your own property, especially because it does take a little bit of maintenance to get it going. Crafting with VHS Tapes February 24th, 2011 Email 109 users recommend As a creative exercise, I spent a few days playing with VHS tapes. habitat Cactus Hotel, by Brenda Z. Guiberson, is an awesome book that shows kids the life cycle of the saguaro cactus, as well as biodiversity that encompasses the desert ecosystem in the North American Sonoran desert. The book focuses on all the different species that live inside of the saguaro cactus (while it's living and after it dies).

Tiny Pumpkin Pie My family’s Thanksgiving meal always features a magnificently high homemade pie-to-person ratio. I love the warm wafting scent of spices, pumpkin, and expertly rolled-out crusts emanating from a hot oven, and that anticipation of dessert after any already delicious dinner spent with friends and family feasting. Is your belly rumbling already too? For this week’s How-Tuesday post, Jessica Partain from Inedible Jewelry, a shop dedicated to mouth-wateringly realistic faux food jewelry, and author of The Polymer Clay Cookbook, has shared with us a tutorial on making miniature polymer clay pumpkin pie charms that actually smell like pumpkin pie. Jessica will also be joining us on Monday, November 14 at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn (RSVP), and on the Online Labs, to lead a Craft Night on the same topic. I hope you can join us in NYC, or online!

The 10 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps Editing your images is a fun and fundamental part of iPhone photography. However with countless iPhone photo editing apps offered on the App Store, it can be difficult to know whiches to make use of. In this post you’re going to uncover the 10 best photo editing apps that numerous iPhone photographers advise to utilize. Photo Tile Coasters {Using Resin} Last Christmas I almost had a breakdown... We had just moved in to our home the month before, but I didn't want to let that prevent us from having the holliest jolliest Christmas. My intentions were good. I wanted to make Christmas special for everyone, but I learned the hard way that I should have been planning ahead!!

20+ Educational Tools and Apps That Support 21st Century Learning October 8, 2015 Technology has radically transformed the notion of education to the extent that a label such as 21st century learning is a commonplace in the nascent teaching literature. There are now multiple forms of learning (e.g flipped, blended, synchronous/asynchronous, mobile...etc) that are primarily shaped and mediated by some sort of technology be it web or mobile based. This is, in our eyes, not technological determinism as some prefer to call it but rather an appropriation of the emerging technologies for the service of education.

DIY — bracelet made from braided beads I came across this tutorial from ECAB that demonstrates how to make a braided bead necklace and I knew instantly that was going to be my next project. I have modified the instructions a bit to make a braided bead bracelet. I will show you pictures from my bracelet making process and give brief instructions. DIY Wrap Bracelet You should all know by now that we are all about stacking bracelets on our wrists. The more, the better. In fact . . . the most, the best! With that being said, we’ll show you how to master a version of the ever so popular wrap bracelet.

Сара Тернер - SodaStream SodaStream uses Sarah's work in their latest campaign with British super model Erin O’Connor. The huge sphere Sarah handmade from 562 recycled plastic bottles was perfect to help communicate the message of 'A World Without Bottles' for Sodastream. British supermodel Erin O’Connor holds the sphere symbolically on her shoulders, recreating the iconic pose of Greek God Atlas, highlighting the burden of the world's plastic bottle waste. Excellent Gmail Tips for Teachers August 14, 2014 Gmail has several hidden features that are just wonderful. Knowing these features will definitely enhance your emailing experience and ultimately increase your productivity. In today's post I am sharing with you one of these hidden features: using operators in Gmail advanced search.

little glass box: When in doubt, make a lamp shade out of it... It wouldn't be Monday morning without a strange lamp shade idea right? For some reason I just have a thing for lamp shades, so I can't help but bring y'all along with me on my crazy lamp ride. This particular project was inspired by an Anthropologie display and I think it came out pretty cool.