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Business process management discussions, news and articles

Business process management discussions, news and articles
Welcome to ARIS Community - THE online BPM community for all topics related to Business Process Management (BPM). This BPM community is open for all discussions among tools and your expertise with them. Let's share knowledge, network with other experts and experience new approaches to BPM. Participate in discussions and download free ARIS Express to kickoff your BPM effort! Download your free of charge copy of ARIS Express right now!

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Process View of Work In his book The Agenda (New York: Crown Business, 2001), Michael Hammer defines process as “an organized group of related activities that work together to transform one or more kinds of input into outputs that are of value to the customer.” Hammer’s definition communicates several key ideas: A process is a group of activities, not just one.The activities that make up a process are not random or ad hoc; they are related and organized.All the activities in a process must work together toward a common goal.Processes exist to create results your customers — whether they’re internal (within your organization, such as a department) or external (outside your organization, such as paying customers) — care about. A process also can be viewed as a “value chain,” in which each activity or step contributes to the end result. Some activities directly contribute value, while others may not.

Don’t Skimp on the Cover Letter Like peanut butter and jelly or Batman and Robin, a resume is best when paired with a strong cover letter. In an age when most applicants apply for jobs through the Web, many creatives are tempted to skip the introductory letter. Don’t. Eighty-six percent of executives our company polled said cover letters are valuable in evaluating job candidates.

Gartner Reprint Published: 24 June 2016 ID: G00276075 Analyst(s): Thomas E. Murphy, Magnus Revang, Laurie F. 8 Hidden Benefits of A Restaurant Time Card App Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Most businesses with a mobile workforce, including restaurants, should be in the market for a Time Card app. Why? Most mobile time clock solutions present real-time employee time tracking and allow employees to easily switch from labor category to category and also to switch job codes and numbers. An accurate and uncomplicated time tracking system will generally improve payroll processing, reduce payroll costs and eventually reduce administrative costs. Unfortunately, in a bid to increase revenue, most restaurant owners and managers look outward when they should be looking inward.

INVEST (mnemonic) One of the characteristics of Agile Methodologies such as Scrum or XP is the ability to move stories around, taking into account their relative priority - for example - without much effort. If you find user stories that are tightly dependent, a good idea might be to combine them into a single user story. The only thing that is fixed and set in stone in an agile project is an iteration backlog (and, even then, it can be broken). The Grosvenor Hotel Now you can make every minute count when it comes to exploring London thanks to our new express check-in service. Simply make your booking directly on the Guoman Hotels website to access the new service, allowing you to simply pick up your room key on arrival at your chosen hotel. Certificate of Excellence 2013 Winner Stay in splendour in the heart of central London.

CHAOS Report 2016: Outline - The Standish Group Page 1 Winning Hand: is a description of the attributes of the winning hand. We also outline the attibutes of a losing hand. There is one chart on this page title is Winning Hand versus Losing Hand. It shows the results of success and value from the CHAOS Database 2012 to 2016. Page 2 Project Size: is a discussion of the size of projects with regard to both succcess and value. The Savoy To stay at The Savoy is to follow in the footsteps of Sir Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Christian Dior, Maria Callas, Claude Monet and Katherine Hepburn. An iconic hotel brilliantly reinvented for the 21st century where an unashamedly old fashioned glamour sparkles with a new lustre. Perfectly positioned on the banks of the Thames, all the excitement of London is waiting just beyond our world famous entrance.

John Kapeleris Journal “If you wait for opportunities to occur, you will be one of the crowd”. Edward de Bono Dr Edward de Bono introduced a simple, but powerful technique called the Six Thinking Hats[1]. 4 Cognitive Abilities That Actually Peak When You Are Older Many of us do not look, feel or act our age. Sooner or later, of course, time tends to catch up. Some abilities that we’ve had in our younger versions are no longer the same. Yet there are other ways in which we are sharper and smarter than we used to be.

Businessballs free online learning for careers, work, management, business training and education: find materials, articles, ideas, people and providers for teaching, career training, self-help, ethical business education and leadership; for personal, car How is businessballs is organized?... Below is an alphabetical listing of the main categories of information on this website, many of which equate to webpages. Businessballs has many very big webpages containing lots of sub-sections, rather like Wikipedia. Many of the sub-sections may be subjects in their own right. There are lots of internal site links from one subject to other releated subjects, so often the best way to learn about a subject is simply to start with a main section and follow the links to other content/subjects that you discover along the way.

Best Ways to Spend Your Connection in 10 U.S. Airports - Wendy Perrin As the storm season approaches and we brace ourselves for the flight delays and cancellations due to occur, we have a choice: We can either grumble about the time we waste stuck in airports, or we can turn them into new destinations to explore. You’d be surprised how many boring U.S. hubs have spas, museums, pools, legendary local restaurants, even golf. So the next time you’re connecting in an airport you hate to connect in, make the most of it with these suggestions: Minute Suites at ATL offer five private, noise-neutralized rooms where you can nap for $34/hour. Photo Courtesy Minute Suites