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LEGO Ad From 1981 Should Be Required Reading For Everyone Who Makes, Buys Or Sells Toys

LEGO Ad From 1981 Should Be Required Reading For Everyone Who Makes, Buys Or Sells Toys
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Culture Mapping (scenarioDNA La lutte contre les discriminations sexuelles commence par les jouets du Happy Meal Une lycéenne américaine raconte son combat pour lutter contre les stéréotypes de genre au sein de la chaîne de restauration à emporter J’avais 11 ans à l’automne 2008 lorsque j’ai écrit au PDG de McDonald's pour lui demander de changer la méthode de vente des Happy Meals dans ses restaurants. J’exprimais dans ma lettre ma frustration que McDonald’s demande toujours si ma famille préférait un «jouet de fille» ou un «jouet de garçon» lorsque nous commandions un Happy Meal au drive-in. Dans mon courrier, je demandais s’il serait légal que McDonald’s «demande lors d’un entretien d’embauche si la personne voulait un emploi d’homme ou un emploi de femme?» Quelques semaines plus tard, j’ai reçu une réponse laconique d’un représentant du service clientèle m’expliquant que McDonald’s ne formait pas ses employés à demander si les clients qui achètent des Happy Meals voulaient des jouets de fille ou de garçon, et que mes expériences étaient les exceptions confirmant la règle. Antonia Ayres-Brown

How to be a bad feminist | Dazed Can being slutty disrupt the sexual status quo? What does it mean to be a female writer? In conjunction with our Girls Rule issue, some of our favourite writers, activists and artists will be musing on these questions for Girl Guides, a series of how-tos and thinkpieces on the state of modern womanhood. I am one of many people very excited for Roxane Gay’s forthcoming collection of essays, Bad Feminist (Harper Perennial, 2014). By identifying as feminists, we are judged and judge ourselves, which is absolutely a good thing, but not when we are measured against a set of unachievable feminist ideals that leave us feeling invariably "not as committed as [we] need to be" – a tension that is reinforced by the countless ways we’re called out for being bad feminists. "But you enjoy [insert problematic media here]!" Porn, literature, fashion magazines, music, television, film. "But you won’t explain it to me." "But you should at least know what you think!" "But your concerns seem trivial to me."

My Son Wears Dresses; Get Over It - Matt Duron A lot of marriages don’t survive raising a gender-creative son who is, statistically speaking, most likely going to be gay or transgender as an adult. I wish I could to talk to those men. I wish I could be there for their kids. I've been a police officer for more than 15 years. I grew up in a sports-oriented family. But, being an athlete, a firefighter, and a cop, I have spent a lot of time in locker rooms and around guys who dish out homophobic slurs like turkey on Thanksgiving. Sometimes I’ll call people out when they use them. “Bro, I was just joking. Those are the responses I get. Here’s the thing. I don’t tell most of the guys who I work with at the police department about my son. My close friends know. I've slipped at times and told some of the other guys in my life. “Man, how do you deal with that? What does all of that mean? To me, loving a child who is different, a target and seen as vulnerable is my role as a father and decent human being. I’m a father.

Fundraising Programs & Resources | Work with Heifer to end poverty | Teaming up to End World Hunger Recruit your family and friends to join your team, raise money and support Heifer’s mission! Whether your goal is $20 or $20,000, Team Heifer is a great way to support ending world hunger and poverty. Fundraising Ideas We've assembled a few ideas to spark your personal movement to end hunger and poverty: Be Creative Encourage your hobby club to produce a special fundraiser for Heifer – knitting all night for a knitters basket, selling sunflowers to buy an Ark, or selling bracelets for 10 flocks of chicks. Family Rally all your relatives and extended family to join a Team Heifer Holiday Fundraiser. Birthdays Use Team Heifer to help make birthdays more meaningful. Memorials Provide a legacy for your loved ones to be remembered in a unique way while supporting a great cause. Civic Groups Your community organization can inspire others to make a difference in the world with a Heifer fundraiser. Office and Co-Workers Educational Sports Faith Communities Weddings

When brands disappoint… This rambling piece will (and should) fall under the category of #thingsyoulearnrandomly. And hopefully you will soon see, why! Every morning, instead of reading newspapers, now I need curated emails and twitter lists. One of these early morning reads is Jason Hirschorn’s Fashion Redef email newsletter — I like fashion and style and it has an eclectic mix of links. This morning, email’s curator Adam Wray shared an article about the rise of the niche and non-mass market brands in perfume industry. The Globe & Mail’s Nathalie Atkinson informed me that large companies are buying up smaller, independent brands and plugging them into their system. I was introduced to Le Labo by a friend, who like me is a champion of the small brands. Going back to Atkinson’s piece, when reading that piece, I felt a sense of distress, and a little bit of anger. Edouard Roschi and Fabrice Penot, both left L’Oreal to start Le Labo. February 5, 2015 San Francisco Like this: Like Loading... Tweet Like

HERS - Why Boys Don't Play With Dolls IT'S 28 YEARS SINCE THE founding of NOW, and boys still like trucks and girls still like dolls. Increasingly, we are told that the source of these robust preferences must lie outside society -- in prenatal hormonal influences, brain chemistry, genes -- and that feminism has reached its natural limits. What else could possibly explain the love of preschool girls for party dresses or the desire of toddler boys to own more guns than Mark from Michigan. True, recent studies claim to show small cognitive differences between the sexes: he gets around by orienting himself in space, she does it by remembering landmarks. Time will tell if any deserve the hoopla with which each is invariably greeted, over the protests of the researchers themselves. The feminist movement has done much for some women, and something for every woman, but it has hardly turned America into a playground free of sex roles. I'm at a children's birthday party. Theories of innate differences in behavior are appealing.

Nytänk i modeindustrin. - Tempelman Jag är inbjuden till ett modehus för att hålla föredrag för deras ledningsgrupp. Om män och manlighet. Företaget har brottats i årtionden med att försöka få män att bli mer modeintresserade och handla mer kläder. -Vi har inte knäckt koden, vi måste förstå män bättre, säger den kvinnliga HR-chefen som anlitat mig och stressat tittar på klockan. -Jag har min egen lilla metodik för att skapa insikt, börjar jag. -Jag har fullt förtroende för dig Anders men jag måste springa till ett annat möte, säger hon och backar in i hissen. Två veckor senare står jag i ett konferensrum med en befriande jämn könsfördelning. -I grund och botten är det här ett marknadsföringsproblem säger jag och tittar ut över de välklädda männen och kvinnorna runt det blanka valnötsbordet. -Och nyckeln handlar om identifikation. Människorna runt bordet nickar instämmande, fyller på Ramlösa i sina glas, antecknar. -Män vill se en bättre version av sig själva. -12-åringar? -Ja, max upp till 17 år.

How we made: Michael Nyman and Jane Campion on The Piano | Film Michael Nyman, composer Jane Campion called me while I was in the middle of watching Neighbours one lunchtime. We had never met, so I asked her "Why me?" Jane had the vision to see, through that music, that I could do the emotion she wanted. My more rough-and-ready, high-energy stuff would have been totally inconceivable for The Piano, so Jane forced me to do other things. Reading this on mobile? Strangely, although the soundtrack sounds very easy and improvised, getting the right voice was difficult. When I went through the script with Jane, she indicated where Ada needed a piano piece. I had listened to recordings of Holly Hunter, who played Ada, performing Bach and Brahms and thought she'd be best suited to reflective, lyrical music – and useless at the usual Michael Nyman-type stuff. Nobody, me included, ever dreamt that the main theme tune, The Heart Asks Pleasure First, would achieve the popularity it did. After doing the piano pieces, we started on the orchestral soundtrack.

7 Innocent Gestures That Can Get You Killed Overseas If you've ever had your penis cut off and/or been executed while on holiday, you'll probably know that it's easy to offend people from other cultures. Unless you learn the ways of the place you're visiting, even the most well-meaning tourist can regularly find his oesophagus stuffed with burning goat. But surely just plain common sense and good manners will save you, right? Wrong. Extend Your Hand, Palm Outward in Greece What you think you are saying: "Phew! What you are actually saying: "Phew! What the hell? SHIT, is what we're saying here. If you really want to piss a Greek person off, you can go for the double moutza, which features both hands splayed above your head. Give the Thumbs-Up In The Middle East What you think you are saying: "Ayyyyy! What you are actually saying: "Ayyyyy! What the hell? The thumbs-up sign has been confusing people for thousands of years. Finish Your Meal In Thailand / The Philippines / China What you think you are saying: "This is a delicious meal.

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