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Starstruck at Christmas « Kate's Creative Space

Starstruck at Christmas « Kate's Creative Space
Regular followers will know of my obsession with all things paper, and with projects which take very little time or specialist skill. As Christmas draws ever closer, I’ve been experimenting with different types of festive stars and bring you some simple projects to try today. My usual reassuring criteria apply; these had to be things I could a) get right the first time – or very occasionally the second; b) could do in front of the TV, merlot in hand, and c) look far more elegant and skilled than the actual labour would suggest. Below you’ll find my instructions on how to make each of these stars; the classic 5-point Amish barn stars, 6-point folding stars and concertina or snowflake stars, which look beautiful hung in windows. Five-point stars are in some ways the most striking and simple stars; reminiscent of Amish barn stars and New England folk decorations, they are the kind of stars that children draw in their first pictures. They make gorgeous gift-toppers too…. Finally, fold! Related:  Origami

white fish & things | capturing the everyday happily. Paper Flowers – Anyone Can Do That | Japanese Kusudama, this tutorial is featured on Craftuts Anyone can do that, I assure you. The proof: I can, just take a quick look at my result below. Below you can see my very first attempt to create paper flowers. What you will need to make your own Kusudama paper ball? 1. 3. 4. (optionally) I prefer torn paper instead of cut. You have to start with a single petal. Now you have to glue your 5 petals into a flower. Apply the glue to only one side of each petal, except for the last one, in this case cover both sides with glue. Your first flower is done. Don’t glue every petal right after you make it. When all 12 flowers are finished you have to glue them together. When two halves of Kusudama Flower Ball are ready you have to glue them together.

It's a Wrap: Triangle Origami Boxes | I Try DIY Good things come in tiny packages! I guess one type of candy packaging wasn't enough for me this year. This year though, there's an origami theme going on. Here's a simple triangle origami box or pouch that can hold some loose candy like Skittles or M&Ms. So, I pulled a couple sheets of scrapbook paper from my all seasons paper pad. You need to cut small squares. Start with one square, wrong side up. Diagonally, fold the square in half to form a triangle. Then, fold the square in half again to form a smaller triangle. Unfold once. Do the same with the left corner. Take your other two squares, and make all the same folds. Open up the fold slightly. Now, we're going to have to connect the three pieces together. The two should be an easy puzzle to put together. Next, you'll take your third piece. It should look something like this. Slowly hollow out the center of the box or pouch. But when you're done it'll all be worth it!

DIY :: Origami Christmas Tree And finally I managed to post this origami tree tutorial...for those who follow me on instagram, you know I've made these last week. So if you wanna know how to make this.... Crocheted Where’s Waldo Hat + Tutorial | Heavily Edited I crocheted this Waldo hat for my Halloween costume last year. I figure there may be others looking for a Waldo-inspired hat for a costume or just because, so I opened up a made-to-order listing on Etsy. They sell for $28 and custom color orders are welcome if you’re not a Waldo fan. Tutorial I’m not the best at writing crochet patterns, but if you’re a reasonably good crocheter, you can probably figure it out from the interesting instructions that follow. Sorry I don’t have more pictures. I used a size I (or maybe J, just test it out first) hook along with Stitch Nation’s Full O Sheep yarn, so the fabric turned out open and lacy, yet warm and dense. Make the main part of the hat first. Decide how tall you want the brim to be, then take the red yarn and chain to a little longer than that length, plus two chains. Now, you should have a white rectangle with a red strip along the bottom. While the hat is still inside-out, thread your needle with a length of white yarn.

DIY Santa & Reindeer Garland : The Proper Pinwheel Out of all the crafting mediums, paper is one of my favorites. You can make almost anything. Any design. Any color. Any size. To make your own santa & reindeer garland you’ll need: Downloadable template for sleigh and reindeer5 large sheets of light brown cardstock4 large sheets of dark brown cardstock1 large sheet of red cardstockbrown or red twinejingle bellsscissors and hot glue Download the template for the sleigh and reindeer. Wrap the twine around the reindeer’s necks (this isn’t animal cruelty) and hot glue in place if necessary. Download the template here: Santa & Reindeer photo cred: Ashley Swapp Photography **no reindeer were harmed in the creation of this garland**

Window Star tutorial I made some Waldorf-style window stars to decorate our big living room windows. I like to put them up in the winter, to liven up the wintry view. They are a bit fiddly, but satisfying to crank out, not unlike cut paper snowflakes. The best paper to use is square kite paper (ETA- it's 6 1/4" square.) Actually, my son Julian, who is 7, made the green one, I was pleasently suprised he stuck with all the steps! Use the white paper as a work surface, it's easier to see what you are doing. Then fold it in half and crease well. Then fold the pieces each in half crosswise and cut. Next, open them out so you have a rectangle with a crease running down the center. See my not-quite tidy edge? Now on one end only, fold in the sides to meet at the middle. So after you've done that with all eight pieces, you will have this: Now put a small glob of glue on the corner of your white paper. Continue gluing and laying out the pieces... That's it!

Granar av träfanér – Wood veneer trees November är här och det betyder att det är helt legitimt att börja julpyssla! Jag mjukstartar med dessa små granar som jag klippt ut av träfanér och dekorerat med glittrig washitejp. ————-November is here and that means that it’s perfectly legitimate to begin Christmas crafting! I started up with these small Christmas trees that I cut out of wood veneer and decorated with glittery washi tape. Du behöver: Träfanér (ca 1 mm tjock), washitejp (metallic/glitter) och en sax. Gör en egen mall på hur du vill att din gran ska se ut eller skriv ut min mall. Efter jul när du vill plocka undan allt pynt så monterar du enkelt ner granarna och de tar väldigt lite plats. Förutom att låta granarna stå uppställda bredvid varandra skulle man kunna limma fast ett snöre i toppen och hänga dem i julgranen.

Gift bags made from envelopes The event for which I needed that non-Satanic craft was this past weekend. In addition to little demon-free booklets, we also made these mini gift bags. "Baglets," as one participant christened them. (Or maybe you'd spell it "Baglette"? Looks more elegant than spelling it like "piglet." Find an envelope of any size. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. All done. Update: Try this envelope gift bag project with decorative masking tape.

Waldo Crochet Hat Pattern and Costume Thinking of putting together a handmade Halloween costume this year? How about Waldo from the "Where's Waldo" books?! If you know how to crochet, this would make a great DIY costume! First search through your kids closets for a red and white striped shirt and blue jeans. You will also need Waldo's glasses. Now for the hat pattern. You will need to know how to make a Front Post Half Double Crochet (FPHDC) and a Back Post Half Double Crochet (BPHDC). Waldo Crochet Hat PatternSize: approx. 2 - 4 years... it fits both my 1.5 and 3.5 year old. Materials: White and Red yarn (I used Vanna's Choice brand for both colors) Size H Hook Tapestry needle Abbreviations: Ch = Chain Sl St = Slip Stitch HDC = Half Double Crochet FPHDC = Front Post Half Double Crochet BPHDC = Back Post Half Double Crochet With white yarn... Change color to Red Round 17 - 23: FPHDC in first stitch, BPHDC in next, repeat around, join, chain 1 (60) Fasten off and weave in ends. To make an extra large pom pom: 1. There you have it!

How to make 5-pointed paper snowflakes Though no longer in elementary school, I still get a kick out of paper snowflakes. I made this snowflake garland the other night from origami paper, dental floss, and tape. The second and third flakes in this garland are based on a 5-pointed star. The first, fourth, and fifth flakes in the garland are based on 8 points. Here's an 8-pointer. Gói quà dễ thương chỉ trong 5' Túi quà nhỏ xinh này trông nữ tính quá! Đựng những món quà nhỏ vào bên trong là hết ý luôn nha! Cổ điển mà đẹp "thôi rồi"! Mình có thể thay kẹo bằng bánh quy đựng cũng rất yêu nhé! Một gợi ý gói quà rất hay ho cho mùa chia tay cuối cấp đó nghen.