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Democrats Lose Control of Wisconsin State Senate, Leaving Republicans With Full Control Again | PR Watch Election night was a good night for national Democrats; President Obama won reelection, and Democrats gained two seats in the Senate. The news was not as good for local Democrats in Wisconsin, though, who lost their hard-fought majority in the Wisconsin State Senate, the only thing standing between Governor Scott Walker and Republicans' full control of the Wisconsin Legislature. Of the 33 Senate seats, 11 were up for election on Tuesday. Five Democratic incumbents and four Republican incumbents kept their seats. Senate District 12 was up for grabs after Democrat Jim Holperin, who survived two recall attempts during his time in office, announced that he would not be seeking reelection. If Gudex's win holds up, the Wisconsin Senate will sit with 15 Democrats, 17 Republicans, and one empty seat after Republican Rich Zipperer announced he was resigning to become the Walker administration's deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Counsel. Wisconsin had historic recall battles in 2011 and 2012.

WikiLeaks Direct Democracy: Results of Ballot Propositions Across the Country | PR Watch Across the country in states that allow for citizen lawmaking through ballot propositions, yesterday voters in many states had a direct say in the laws that govern them. There were 188 measures on the ballot in 38 states. Below we review the official, unconfirmed election results of some of the key propositions. Join the conversation on Facebook and tell us about other important propositions in your state. California Rejects GMO Labeling (Source: Alliance for Natural Health) As CMD has reported, California's Proposition 37 to label foods made with genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) enjoyed the support of two-thirds of the California population as of a month ago. The measure failed to pass, with 47 percent voting for and 53 percent against. Colorado and Montana Vote Against Citizens United Colorado's measure passed with 73.7 percent voting for and 26.3 percent against, while Montana's passed with 74.9 percent voting for and 25.1 percent against. (Source: New Faculty Majority)

Futurama Wiki - Futurama characters, episodes, planets, and loads more! Bender's Quote of the Day Dynamically changes - refresh me! Latest News Latest Futurama News July 9, 2015 Good news, everyone! News Main | News Archive | Submit A Story Improvement Drive This week's improvement drive: Please improve this article in any way you can. And do anything on the To Do List. Which Polls Fared Best (and Worst) in the 2012 Presidential Race As Americans’ modes of communication change, the techniques that produce the most accurate polls seems to be changing as well. In last Tuesday’s presidential election, a number of polling firms that conduct their surveys online had strong results. Some telephone polls also performed well. Our method of evaluating pollsters has typically involved looking at all the polls that a firm conducted over the final three weeks of the campaign, rather than its very last poll alone. There were roughly two dozen polling firms that issued at least five surveys in the final three weeks of the campaign, counting both state and national polls. For each of these polling firms, I have calculated the average error and the average statistical bias in the margin it reported between President Obama and Mitt Romney, as compared against the actual results nationally or in one state. For instance, a polling firm that had Mr. Photo Several polling firms got notably poor results, on the other hand.

Wikiquote Now That's What I Call Gerrymandering! Americans woke up on November 7 having elected a Democratic president, expanded the Democratic majority in the Senate, and preserved the Republican majority in the House. That's not what they voted for, though. Most Americans voted for Democratic representation in the House. The votes are still being counted, but as of now it looks as if Democrats have a slight edge in the popular vote for House seats, 49 percent-48.2 percent, according to an analysis by the Washington Post. Still, as the Post's Aaron Blake notes, the 233-195 seat majority the GOP will likely end up with represents the GOP's "second-biggest House majority in 60 years and their third-biggest since the Great Depression." So how did Republicans keep their House majority despite more Americans voting for the other party—something that has only happened three times in the last hundred years, according to political analyst Richard Winger? "It's difficult to take all of the politics out of the process," Iyer admits.

Main Page Mitt Romney, Class Warrior When you think of class warfare, you probably think of inciting anger, resentment and jealousy among the have-nots against the haves. That’s what Mr. Romney has accused Mr. Obama of doing, but those charges have always been false. The truth is that Mr. Romney has been trying to incite the anger of a small slice of the richest Americans who need no government assistance but get it anyway, against the working poor, older Americans, the disabled workers and veterans, and even a significant chunk of middle-class Americans. That was the message of remarks that Mr. A video made public on Monday by the magazine Mother Jones showed a Mitt Romney who felt free to speak candidly about his campaign and how he would conduct a presidency. Gone was the pretense that he will be a president of all Americans. To Mr. But, of course, Mr. Everything about Mr. The government’s revenue problem does not start with the poor but with the richest people, through the Bush tax cuts and other changes. Mr.

Commons The Simpsons attacks Romney with Mr. Burns and Seamus the dog. (VIDEO) Back in September, we noted that the voting-booth goof The Simpsons used in a promo for its Halloween episode was a bit more politically pointed than the one they ran four years before, when Obama was pitted against McCain. While the 2008 version mostly had its fun at the expense of electronic voting machines, the 2012 edition made jokes about Mormonism, Romney’s tax returns, and the former Governor’s flip-flopping on healthcare reform. Well, that was nothing. You can watch the promo below.

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