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Lessons & Activities

Lessons & Activities

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P&G Everyday United States (EN) Make festive yarn balls with our simple instructions to add some flash to parties or your home décor. By: Shelly Reese Want to add a festive touch to your home décor? Yarn balls are an inexpensive and versatile décor trick. National Gallery of Art NGAkids CD ROMs Eight new NGAkids CD-ROMs are available through the Gallery's LEARNING RESOURCES portal. If you are having compatibility issues or if you prefer using our art activities offline, we invite you to register and borrow these free CDs.

Online Drawing Lessons, Videos, And Exercises Beginning | Intermediate | Advanced | Drawing Videos | My Techniques Beginning Lessons Three Dimensional Pyramids with Gradations – Make three dimensional form with pencil gradations. Use three different pencil grades to shade pyramids and create realistic depth.How To Use A Value Scale and Value Cards – Printable scale and cards.My Odd Stick-It-To-Your-Sketchbook Drawing Method For 30 Days Of Drawing Success – If you want to increase your drawing know-how or revive it, drawing for 30 days in a row seems to work for everyone and for every skill level. This is how I do it.Talking With Doodles And Other Things That Make Life More Fun – What’s more fun than playing with doodles?

Free Art Lesson Plans-Visual Art Lesson Plans High School and Middle School ART LESSON PLANS Art Lesson Plans For Beginning Artists- Level One High School Color Theory Art Lesson Plan Students are exposed to color theory by creating a painting using tempera paint that is sectioned according to specific color themes. Clay Figures Sculpture Lesson Students construct a clay figure using "scoring a slipping". A challenging assignment that requires developing the clay in various stages.

Famous Paintings Art Appreciation Lessons for Kids These studies of Famous Paintingswere written on an elementary level, but will be of interest to all ages. They will help students become familiar with and learn to appreciate the works of famous artists. Teachers, for each lesson you will find a biography of the artist,a study sheet, a worksheet, a greyscale print of the picture,a jigsaw puzzle, a printable and online crossword puzzle, word search, and word scramble, links for further research, and links to art lessons for many of the artists. Yes, You Too Can Draw! - Ch 9 — One-Point Perspective - Chris Welcome back to another chapter of Yes, You Too Can Draw! The series that gets its name botched by the author constantly. In this chapter, I plan to introduce you to the concept of perspective and more specifically, one-point perspective. If you want to make any serious effort learning to draw, you will need to get a grip on perspective. Before we start, let’s review what we’ve learned in the previous chapter: What We Learned From Last Time

Chemistry - Goldenrod Color-Changing Paper - 100 sheets True goldenrod paper is made from a dye which is an acid-base indicator. This paper turns bright red in bases such as ammonia, baking soda or washing soda and returns to bright yellow in acids such as vinegar or lemon juice. Make your own indicator paper or use to preserve fingerprints. Art Unit Study Packet 2 + {10 Notebooking Art Page Printables} It took me a day or two longer to blog because on Thursday, the Erskine family featured my Free 7 Step Planner on Homeschool Freebie of the Day. I took some time to answer questions from my newer followers but you know I can't stay away long from you. The boys ballroom dance classes don't start back until October. I will have to share an update soon on how that is going. So far so good. For the last few days of August I used the time to make more curriculum choices.

1st Grade Art with Mrs. Brown We start by reading "Little Blue and Little Yellow". I give each student 1 ball of red, 1 yellow, and 1 blue. Then I have them break each ball into 4 evenly sized balls. So now they have 4 reds, 4 yellows and 4 blues. All together we mix 1 blue and 1 yellow. History of Dyes from 2600 BC to 20th Century - natural dyes, synthetic Crystal Palace Yarns Free Patterns Indie Patterns Shop List Yarn Cards What's New? by Susan C. Druding Integrating the Arts: Multimedia Resources for Art Education, and lesson plans These resources use the visual arts to teach concepts of social studies, science, language arts and math curricula. Designed for middle school students but adaptable for elementary and high school, all content including the printable lessons and flash interactives align with the Maryland State Curriculum. Ideal for visual arts teachers who want to integrate the arts into other disciplines or for non-arts teachers who want to venture into the world of art.

Halloween Coloring Pages: Free Printable Coloring Pages Halloween Coloring Pages Bright Fright Night Monsters, mad scientists and candy, oh my! How to Make Goldenrod Paper - Educational Innovations Blog by: Tami O’Connor Gone But Not Forgotten Many years ago at Educational Innovations we had heard rumors that our wonderful goldenrod paper that served as an easy to find indicator paper was being discontinued for environmental reasons.