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Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky
Fifteen years ago, a research group called The Fraunhofer Institute announced a new digital format for compressing movie files. This wasn’t a terribly momentous invention, but it did have one interesting side effect: Fraunhofer also had to figure out how to compress the soundtrack. The result was the Motion Picture Experts Group Format 1, Audio Layer III , a format you know and love, though only by its acronym, MP3. The recording industry concluded this new audio format would be no threat, because quality mattered most. Who would listen to an MP3 when they could buy a better-sounding CD at the record store? Then Napster launched, and quickly became the fastest-growing piece of software in history. If Napster had only been about free access, control of legal distribution of music would then have returned the record labels. How did the recording industry win the battle but lose the war? The people in the music industry weren’t stupid, of course. But who faces that choice?

Learning Journal I was tasked this week with creating a digital profile; what type of digital profile and how much to disclose or not to disclose was our choice. However, our choices were to be explained and supported. My response: When starting this project I began with trepidation, much the same approach I use with social media in general. I am naturally a private person and despise “small talk,” while at the same time relishing a good theoretical debate. Facebook is overwhelming for me, in that my mind has difficulty filtering all of the self-disclosure of mundane daily undertakings of a ridiculous number of acquaintances.

50 Little-Known Ways Google Docs Can Help In Education Google Docs is such an incredible tool for college students, offering collaboration, portability, ease of use, and widespread acceptance. But there are so many options, both hidden and obvious, that there’s a good chance you’re not using Google Docs to its fullest capability. We’ve discovered 50+ great tips for getting the most out of Google Docs as a student, with awesome ideas and tricks for collaboration, sharing, and staying productive. * Pour en finir avec la repentance coloniale après le voyage de Hollande en Algérie, la colère de José Castano la colonisation de l'Algérie : au sujet des raisons de la conquête José CASTANO «Chose étrange et bien vraie pourtant, ce qui manque à la France en Alger, c’est un peu de barbarie. Les Turcs allaient plus vite, plus sûrement et plus loin ; ils savaient mieux couper les têtes.

Howard Rheingold Syllabi Social Media Literacies (Based on Net Smart) First taught at Stanford, Winter 2013. Editable Google Doc version (ask me for editing privs) and editable Google Doc high school version (ask me). Social Media Issues Improving Professional Practice:Moving to Evidence-Based Professional Practice Schools have recently begun to place increased emphasis on the use of rigorous research evidence in guiding instructional decisions. These efforts have been partly inspired by the No Child Left Behind Act's insistent call for the use of “scientifically based” research. As educators, however, we are driven by a much more powerful force than legislative mandates: We sincerely want to know that our actions will help students succeed. How can we harness the power of scientific research on behalf of the students we serve? What We Know

Webinaire Carrefour - Tirez profit des ressources éducatives gratuites Carrefour éducation présente le webinaire Tirez profit des ressources éducatives gratuites Ce webinaire aura lieu le 27 mai 2014 de 12h à 12h30.Pour participer à un webinaire, il suffit d'avoir accès à un ordinateur lié à Internet et d'avoir des écouteurs ou des haut-parleurs pour entendre son interlocuteur. Aussi simple que cela. Pas de déplacement, pas de coût! Vous devez vous inscrire pour y assister, en cliquant ici. Carrefour éducation, c’est un accès rapide et gratuit à des ressources pertinentes et validées, sélectionnées pour les enseignants du Québec.

15 Inspiring TED Talks You've selected your classes and shopped for your dorm room. You've bought some new clothes and packed your favorite things. The new semester is around the corner and you're as ready as you'll ever be. Unless, that is, you want to get a tiny bit ahead. We know you're excited, and probably more than a little nervous, so take some time to listen to these TED talks to get some inspiration before you even have a syllabus to crack. You'll learn some important lessons that may just stick with you throughout college and beyond.

Research for Practitioners: Can Text Messages (SMS) Support Learning? by Clark N. Quinn “We too often neglect meta-learning (learning to learn) strategies in our approaches. Having support for these strategies, in addition to all else we do for our learners, is likely to increase the learning outcomes.” Do you take the time to read through examples provided in learning experiences and explain to yourself why the author took each step? 15 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life Feel like getting inspired, motivated or just looking for a feel-good cry? Then look no further. There's no better way to start your day than with a fresh cup of coffee and a nice TED talk to make you feel ready to take on your day. TED — which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design — features "ideas worth spreading." The speaker series launched in 1984, and there are now more than 1,400 TED talks available online.

Onefolio, a single page portfolio WordPress theme for creative people — Peaxl Onefolio is the perfect responsive WordPress theme for creative people who want to show their work in a simple way and on one single page. It has a minimalist design and great typography. It uses the parent theme Aeronef (included in the package) and also has about and news sections. Onefolio offers you 3 different ways to show your portfolio with small, medium and large thumbnails. You can also add descriptions to each of your works.