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Kimono : Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds

Kimono : Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds

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50+ (Mostly) Free Excel Add-Ins For Any Task There is no doubt about it – Excel is one powerful tool. However, it has does have its limitations. That is where add-ins come in to play. Microsoft has been kind enough to open its code base and allow third party developers to extend the functionality of Excel. These add-ins make data analysis and manipulation easier and have practical applications in the business world. Below you find a list of 50 useful paid and (mostly) free Excel add-ins that will help you with just about any endeavor you have. Why “Simple” Websites Are Scientifically Superior — Design / UX Originally found on In a study by Google in August of 2012, researchers found that not only will users judge websites as beautiful or not within 1/50th — 1/20th of a second, but also that “visually complex” websites are consistently rated as less beautiful than their simpler counterparts Moreover, “highly prototypical” sites — those with layouts commonly associated with sites of its category — with simple visual design were rated as the most beautiful across the board. In other words, the study found the simpler the design, the better. But why?

This Simple Data-Scraping Tool Could Change How Apps Are Made The number of web pages on the internet is somewhere north of two billion, perhaps as many as double that. It’s a huge amount of raw information. By comparison, there are only roughly 10,000 web APIs–the virtual pipelines that let developers access, process, and repackage that data. In other words, to do anything new with the vast majority of the stuff on the web, you need to scrape it yourself. Even for the people who know how to do that, it’s tedious.

50 Best Firefox Addons Of 2013 Firefox might not be the most popular web browser out there right now, but the number of add-ons it has, and the ones it keeps welcoming every other day into its arsenal never cease to amaze me. The browser that became the favorite of the tech savvy crowd before there was Chrome, and still remains a favorite of countless loyal users has been known for its extensive add-on support to extend its functionality beyond the stock offerings. As we take a look back at 2013 to present our readers with the best stuff we’ve covered the whole year, it’s now time we show you our hand-picked collection of 50 Best Firefox extensions from 2013.

Partners - VMware - Pure Play OpenStack. Features and Benefits Mirantis supports integration with VMware technologies, essential for many mission-critical enterprise workloads, so cloud operators can leverage their existing VMware tools to manage both VMware and growing OpenStack clouds. Enterprises can explore new, cost-effective implementations of VMware’s best-of-breed virtualization under the OpenStack framework, create scale-out OpenStack clouds with VMware’s NSX (formerly Nicira) software-defined networking, or employ all these technologies in multi-hypervisor deployments. Expanded support for VMware environments in Mirantis OpenStack also includes: vSphere datastore: Fuel can deploy vSphere as Glance and Cinder back-end data store. Cinder is supported using the VMWare VMDK driver in environments that use vCenter HV Nova-network VLAN Manager support for vCenter: VLAN manager is now an option for Nova-network networking topologies in vCenter environments

HTML5 This Version: Latest Published Version: Latest Version of HTML: Latest Editor's Draft of HTML: Previous Version: KLEO – Next level Premium WordPress Theme KLEO – Next Level Premium WordPress Theme Extremely flexible, Fully customizable Wordpress Multi-Purpose theme to fit your demanding needs. You no longer need to be a professional developer or designer to create an awesome website. Let your imagination run wild and create the site of your dreams.

How to Scrape Google Search Results with Google Sheets Learn how to easily scrape Google search results pages and save the keyword ranking data inside Google Spreadsheets using the ImportXML formula. This tutorial explains how you can easily scrape Google Search results and save the listings in a Google Spreadsheet. It can be useful for monitoring the organic search rankings of your website in Google for particular search keywords vis-a-vis other competing websites. Or you can exporting search results in a spreadsheet for deeper analysis.

100 Best Google Chrome Extensions Of 2013 2013 is now gone, but before we jump to 2014 with new hopes and resolutions, it’s time to take a look at some of the best bits from last year. We’ve already shown you the best Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows apps from last year, and now it’s time to look at browser extensions. So, let’s start with the most brilliant Google Chrome apps and extensions we covered in 2013. Some were simply updates that brought additional functionality to the table, some replaced Google’s boring New Tab page into something wonderful, while others simply made Chrome even better in other ways. Note that the order of appearance of extension in this list is merely based on our coverage time, and does not reflect any ranking.

Solutions Our easy to use and extendable REST API allows developers to quickly integrate with various third party services for work offload, data ingestion, buffering, and more. Below are a few examples complete with source code.

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