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La jupe qui fait top

La jupe qui fait top
Voici venues les vacances…Tu pars bientôt et tu connais bien le problème du « mais si j’te dis que ça rentre ! » ? (Alors que non, même en sautant dessus c’est un fait, la valise ne ferme pas ! ) Bien sûr, tu pourrais en prendre deux mais papa/chérichou/la tripotée de copines (rayer la mention inutile) ne seront sûrement pas d’accord… La solution la voilà : la jupe qui fait top, ou le top qui fait jupe, c’est comme on veut. Il nous faut : – un bon mètre de jersey – des ciseaux, du fil, des aiguilles – une machine à coudre Etape 1 : les mesures Tu mesures… eh oui, c’est l’étape que l’on ne peut pas zapper ! Tu mesures aussi ton tour de hanche, et si tu as de la chance les mesures sont similaires… Etape 2 : le bandeau Le bandeau sert de ceinture à la jupe ou de soutien-nénés pour le top. Tu découpes un grand rectangle selon les mesures suivantes : – Longueur = tour de poitrine ou tour de hanche – Hauteur = hauteur des seins (Sur la photo, la couture est au milieu pour vous montrer.)

Empire Waist Dress - Comfy Sews Vs. Cozy Knits Shannon from Luvinthemommyhood invited me to participate in her latest “Versus” series – Comfy Sews vs. Cozy Knits. Guess which side of the ring I’m on?………ding, ding, ding……you guessed it, Comfy Sews. I love Shannon and her blog so I’m thrilled she has chosen to include me again! For this challenge I decided to create an easy Empire Waist Dress. This dress could certainly be made the exact same way for a non-pregnant person and would be just as cute! Empire Waist Dress Maternity and Non-Maternity Supplies: 1 shirt 1-1.5 yards jersey knit fabric (60 inches wide) Scissors Sewing machine Iron and ironing board Ball-point sewing needle (for sewing with knits) Directions: Grab a shirt. Cut off the bottom of the shirt. Here’s the top of my shirt after it had been cut. And what will I be doing with the bottom of the shirt? Since this shirt had buttons down the front I decided to sew the button area shut. Now it’s time to cut your knit fabric. I cut the skirt portion of the dress 27″ long x 60″ wide.

Draped cardigan / cárdigan plisado When I saw the cardigan Angela had made, I knew that I needed one too.I sewed one inspiring me in her tutorial. I made it ​​the quick and easy way using jersey fabric.All you're gonna need is a sewing machine, jersey fabric, matching thread, pins and scissors. Cuando vi el cárdigan que Angela se había hecho, sabía que queria uno también. Lo cosi inspirando me de su tutorial. To start you must follow the first part of Angela's tutorial she explains very well how to cut sleeves.Once the sleeves are made, cut a rectangle in your fabric, mine is 40 "x 48" (but I'm tall). Para empezar debes seguir la primera parte del tutorial de Angela, donde explica muy bien cómo cortar las mangas.Una vez las mangas hechas, cortas un rectángulo en la tela, la mía es de 100cm x 120cm (pero soy alta). Fixed sleeves inside each hole with pins and sew. Fija las mangas dentro de cada agujero con alfileres y cose. It's super easy to do. Es super fácil de hacer.

Défi 13 #3 La trendy robe - ♥ avril mai juin etc. ◘ Robe modèle maison en liberty Tatum chéri, aux couleurs si délicates mais si difficiles à immortaliser - Shaukat ◘ Je crois que si j'ai tant de mal à coudre pour moi cet été c'est qu'aucun modèle ne m'accroche vraiment dans les bouquins que je feuillette. Avec cette chaleur, exit les petites manches et autres petites choses trop serrées et compliquées. A trois jours de partir, une soudaine envie de couper ce Tatum que je réservais pourtant pour l'automne. Les détails de la robe et le how to make sont dans ce petit tuto si l'aventure vous tente... Le défi'13 guinguette, c'est par ici mesdames !

Super Easy Dress We had our third annual family Simple Portrait this weekend (last year's, 2 years ago). I love that I'm pregnant in this year's photo and that next year there will be 5 of us! As soon as we showed up for the shoot, Jude decided he was a dog -- crawling around the studio floor and barking. Classic. I spent the morning of the photo shoot making this super easy dress out of comfy, maternity-friendly knit more thing I can cross off my Pinterest "Things I Want To Make" list. I paired it with another easy DIY find from Pinterest, the hipster scarf made from one of Daniel's old shirts. Happy Thanksgiving week! Arian : )

Maternity Sewing Tutorials Roundup 2011 image via first of all, let's get this out of the way no, i'm not preggers again :P what i am is excited about all the new maternity sewing tutorials that have popped up since last years roundup! i promised you all that i would, preggers or not, keep up on the maternity roundups each year so you can have a fun resource to turn to for stylish, affordable and helpful maternity sewing tutorials, patterns, links and resources. are you in the need for the perfect maternity dress? other skirt links: * maternity pencil skirt by domesticday * maternity yoga skirt on diymaternity * turning a normal skirt into a maternity skirt on burdastyle other nursing links: * ta ta nursing tank on burdastyle " on the cottage home. * don't forget our new dress tutorial "MODify" can also be changed up easily for maternity. readers faves: * maternity pants tutorial from "if only they would nap". * diy maternity skirt from "life is just a bowl of cherries". hope you enjoy the roundup ladies!

wanna make a dress?? i am PUMPED today! wanna know why? cause i’m gonna show you how to make quick, easy, and inexpensive dresses just like these! i know what y’all are thinking…no way that’s quick and easy. oh…you are SO wrong. it really is! go ahead…try it…and try to prove me wrong! i orginally found this brilliant idea here and was instantly motivated to try it. i did, however, change up some things along the way, such as making a long maxi dress, and one other thing in particular that will prevent a massive headache, so i’ll go ahead and post a tutorial here for you to see. i took the following pictures for the tutorial as i was sewing the long dress. i will make a note in each step where there is something different to do for the short dress. first things first…gather your supplies. all you need is a ribbed tank top and some coordinating fabric and thread. how cheap is that?? you’ll also need some elastic thread, but we’ll get to that. (i actually cut it even shorter after taking this pic) for the long dress:

tutorial: how to sew a simple maxi dress The Plan. Fabric. You will be making a maxi dress so buy fabric accordingly. Preparation and Cutting. Sewing. Don’t forget the banana. Instructions for making the rosettes are HERE. Swing Shirt Tutorial Erin from E.C.B. (Especially Creative Broad) and the g.c.b. Kids shop has a degree in apparel and textile design and a knack for creating flattering items that are also comfortable and wearable. Learn more about Erin in her introduction, and enjoy her free Swing Shirt tutorial today! I have a new favorite shirt. I haven’t yet added “creating PDF patterns” to my collection of skills, so unfortunately I don’t have a downloadable version of the pattern for you. Here’s what you’ll need (to create the pattern): Tracing paper on a roll (you can find this in the drafting section of Michael’s)A pen or pencilA rulerDrafting curves*ScissorsTapePinsA large corkboardA t-shirt that fits you well (look for armhole seams to hit on the bone in your shoulder, not inside or outside it) There are several types of drafting curves available. Making the Pattern: The first piece we’re going to create for our pattern is going to be the front neckline piece. At this point, our neckline front is essentially done.

Butterfly Sleeve Tunic (a top for women and girls First of all…….let me tell you a story. I grew up in AZ. I guess that will stick with me forever because I still really stink at driving on the snow/ice. Here’s what happened to my poor victim of a car this morning. image from my instagram account Poor car. Onto other things, how about that poll you guys have been voting on? Okay, whew…..onto the real post of the day. And this is something that’s for girls of all ages. This knit fabric top, has a very slight elastic empire line (which is optional), that cinches in… the top more shape. It’s doesn’t have a lot of complicated pieces or need crazy sewing techniques. And the style of it is simple, cozy, and forgiving. With arms out, you can see……just two pieces. Believe it or not, Elli actually asked me to make this for her. If I still haven’t convinced you of its simplicity, take a look at it laying flat. And I’ll have to go and admit…….I’m bummed I used this fabric on Elli. Ready to make your own? Let’s get started… -Ashley