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Welcome to INSPIRE geoportal Pulse of the Nation: U.S. Mood Throughout the Day inferred from Twitter Click for high-resolution PDF version (11MB) Video A time-lapse video of the maps, cycled twice, is available below (best viewed at 720p): Mood Variations A number of interesting trends can be observed in the data. Similar variations were discovered independently by Michael Macy and Scott Golder, and first reported in the talk "Answers in Search of a Question" at the New Directions in Text Analysis Conference in May 2010. Weekly Variations Weekly trends can be observed as well, with weekends happier than weekdays. About the Data and Visualization The plots were calculated using over 300 million tweets (Sep 2006 - Aug 2009) collected by MPI-SWS researchers [1], represented as density-preserving cartograms. About Cartograms A cartogram is a map in which the mapping variable (in this case, the number of tweets) is substituted for the true land area. Who We Are We are researchers from Northeastern University and Harvard University, studying the characteristics and dynamics of Twitter. Coverage

Slavery Footprint - Made In A Free World narrative now: Premiere: One Millionth Tower High-Rise Documentary Takes Format to New Heights | Underwire  How to Watch This Movie If you start the film by clicking ‘Explore,’ then you’re the director. Here’s how it works. 1. The mouse or arrow keys control the camera; use them to move throughout the 3-D world of the film. 2. Each image with a title tells a different story. 3. 4. 5. 6. To tell the story of Canadian high-rise residents reinventing their homes in the sky, the makers of new film One Millionth Tower reinvented the documentary format. The movie, which makes its online premiere above, was carefully crafted to be watched on the internet. “We’ve added an entire new layer to the web and One Millionth Tower is one of the first examples of that,” said Mark Surman, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, the force behind the Popcorn.js toolkit that powers the film. The resulting film is unlike any before it. The interactive movie is chock-full of photos from Flickr, street-views from Google Maps and changing environments fueled by real-time weather data from Yahoo.

StatPlanet – Visualisation interactive de données par le biais d Des améliorations sont régulièrement apportées à StatPlanet. Vérifiez régulièrement le site web pour les mises à jour et les nouvelles fonctionnalités. Pour de plus amples informations, contactez Frank van Cappelle. Plus de 300 indicateurs de développement internationaux La base de données de StatPlanet comprend des données démographiques, d'éducation, de santé, d’environnement et des indicateurs socio-économiques provenant des sources suivantes: Vous pouvez également ajouter vos propres données en utilisant StatPlanet - Map Maker. A propos de StatPlanet StatPlanet est un logiciel gratuit pour la création de visualisation hautement interactive de données aux échelles nationales et régionales. Le programme de recherche StatPlanet (la conception, la mise au point et le développement) a été lancé en 2005 par Frank van Cappelle. Les fonctionnalités de StatPlanet - Télécharger le PDF Des cartes interactives: Fenêtre de graphique: Fenêtre des indicateurs: Fenêtre de sélection: Fenêtre de tableau:

Moodwall / Studio Klink and Urban Alliance Media architecture collective Urban Alliance has recently finished the Moodwall: a 24 meter long interactive light installation in Amsterdam. The Moodwall is situated in a pedestrian tunnel and interacts with people passing by, improving the atmosphere in the tunnel and making people happy and feel less unsafe. The interactive urban wallpaper is built out of about 2500 leds behind a ribbed semi-transparent wall. The curves in the wall make it less suitable for grafitti and improve the visibility of the content for the side. The resolution is horizontally stretched so the images of the screen are better for the side so people are stimulated to watch the screen from outside the tunnel. This prevents the tunnel to become a hang-out spot. The Moodwall is a pilot project for a 70 meter long media wall proposal by Urban Alliance (in collaboration with Daan Hartoog) which won a competition for ideas to improve the public space of the social unsafe area of the Amsterdam Bijlmer. _docubase - Open Documentary Lab at MIT Few things can compete with the emergence of a new media practice for sheer innovation and unpredictability. Conventions, orthodoxies and routine have not yet set in. Virtually anything is possible. Consider the earliest years of film, radio and television, when media makers engaged in unparalleled levels of experimentation thanks to the absence of rules. Today, this untamed creative fervor can be found in the new documentary – a fast-emerging form that includes interactive, participatory and community-created fact-based storytelling. As the community of new documentary makers and users explores imaginative forms, negotiates the challenges of collaborative authorship, and engages with its subjects in still surprising ways, we have an opportunity denied to the media of the past. ‘Unruly’ best describes the amazing documentaries that we’ve gathered together in _docubase. _docubase offers multiple ways of bringing order to this complexity: William Uricchio