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Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platform

Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platform

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Xamarin Studio - The best IDE for cross-platform mobile development Unified Search Never reach for your mouse again! Unified search lets you quickly find any file, type, member or command. Hello World: Build a mobile app in five minutes Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 or later makes it easy for you to build mobile apps for a variety of devices using the same workflow you use to build web or desktop applications today. You can now build apps to run on the Apple iOS, Google Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS platforms. This tutorial walks you through the basic steps required in Flash Builder 4.6 to create and run a simple mobile Flex project both on the desktop and on a device. CreatingMutators - blockly - Make blocks deeply configurable. - A visual programming editor Creating Custom Blocks: Defining a Block: Creating Mutators Advanced blocks may use a mutator to be even more dynamic and configurable. Mutators allow blocks to change in custom ways, beyond dropdown and text input fields. The most common example is the pop-up dialog which allows if statements to acquire extra else if and else clauses. But not all mutators are so visible. mutationToDom and domToMutation

iOS Publishing - Unity 3 Publishing Features Create great gameplay across all the major global platforms with Unity’s superbly efficient multiplatform publishing. With Unity’s powerful engine and tools, intuitive workflows and fast iteration, you have complete control to create and smoothly deploy a game on any screen. Cross-platform scripting Keep your code working across all the platforms and many devices. For platform specific tweaks, do runtime platform checks, employ code preprocessors and integrate tightly with platform specific code and plugins. iPhone & Unity3D: Integrating 3rd Party Static Libraries in Unity3D Generated XCode Projects - SCIO Development Blog Deploying for iPhone from Unity3D can be a little bit tricky, especially when customised code or 3rd party libraries are part of the project. So I decided to publish my own little check list and some hopefully useful information. In general I recommend the newest Unity3D version you can get (3.4 at time of writing) because there were some problems in Unity3D 3.3 leading to a bunch of errors and warnings. Start My environment for getting the app up and running: Unity3D 3.4XCode 4.02iOS 4.3.3Some 3rd Party static library.

CustomBlocks - blockly - Overview of creating custom blocks. - A visual programming editor This document is aimed at developers who wish to create new blocks within Blockly. It is assumed that one has a local copy of Blockly which one can edit, one is generally familiar with Blockly's usage, and one has a basic understanding of JavaScript or some similar language. Blockly comes with a large number of pre-defined blocks. Everything from mathematical functions to looping structures. However, in order to interface with an external application, one must create custom blocks to form an API. For example, when creating a drawing program, one might need to create a "draw circle of radius R" block.

How To Create Your First iPhone Application - Smashing Coding Update: 01/10/2012: The original version of this article by Jen Gordon was published in August 2009. It was thoroughly revised and updated by the author in September 2012. — Editorial Team Since the iTunes App Store launched in 2008, over 500,000 apps have been approved by Apple, and thousands more app ideas are scrawled on napkins across the world every day. But question remains, how can a person with limited technical skills create an iPhone app? The good news is anyone can make an iPhone app, it’s just a matter of knowing the series of actions you need to take to make it happen. Be sure to bookmark this article because it will serve as a guide for learning the process for creating your first iPhone app, going step by step from idea to the App Store.

Plugins (Pro/Mobile-Only Feature) Unity has extensive support for Plugins, which are libraries of native code written in C, C++, Objective-C, etc. Plugins allow your game code (written in Javascript, C# or Boo) to call functions from these libraries. This feature allows Unity to integrate with middleware libraries or existing C/C++ game code. The Transition US Team Richard Heinberg is author of ten books, including The Party’s Over, Peak Everything, and the soon-to-be-released The End of Growth, Richard Heinberg is widely regarded as one of the world’s most effective communicators of the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels. With a wry, unflinching approach based on facts and realism, Richard exposes the tenuousness of our current way of life and offers a vision for a truly sustainable future. Senior Fellow-in-Residence at Post Carbon Institute, Richard is best known as a leading educator on Peak Oil—the point at which we reach maximum global oil production—and the resulting, devastating impact it will have on our economic, food, and transportation systems. But his expertise is far ranging, covering critical issues including the current economic crisis, food and agriculture, community resilience, and global climate change. Richard is a much sought-after speaker and has presented in dozens of countries and across the United States.