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Sensoria® Fitness - Sensoria ® Fitness

Sensoria® Fitness - Sensoria ® Fitness

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Hexapod Robot Kits, Interbotix Hexapods, Dynamixel Hexapods, Hobby Hexapod, Robotis Hexapod, Research Hexapod, hobby Hexapod Show Price: $949.95 In Stock Item #: KIT-PXC-QUAD-MK2 - The PoloTech™ Shirt - Tees   Sweatshirts & T-Shirts It is our priority to provide you with the exceptional service you have come to expect from Ralph Lauren. Your feedback is important to us. For press inquiries, e-mail us at Phone: 888-475-7674 Please note that does not use your email for promotional purposes or disclose it to a third party. SXSW Where High-Tech Meets High-Fashion Wearable Technology designer Jennifer Darmour created this garment to help people improve their technique in Pilates. Multiple sensors detect positioning and provide feedback to the wearer. (Leo Lam)

Hexapod (robotics) A six-legged walking robot should not be confused with a Stewart platform, a kind of parallel manipulator used in robotics applications. A desktop sized hexapod. A hexapod robot is a mechanical vehicle that walks on six legs. Since a robot can be statically stable on three or more legs, a hexapod robot has a great deal of flexibility in how it can move. Nieuwe Heren Aegis: as stated in the Iliad, is the shield of Zeus, possessing great powers, forged by Hephaestus with a surface of gold like scaly snake-skin. With Urban pollution growing out of hand, and lifespans diminishing due to airborne pollutants we felt the urge to design a jacket that counters those effects. A sensor in the parka registers hazardous molecules and signals you of the intensity. The more Led’s illuminated the worse the air quality. A built in respirator with an active carbon filter helps you inhale fresh air.

Smartening up the shoe: How connected footwear will invade your life The shoe is the original wearable. It's the one that has allowed humans to walk on tougher terrain thousands of years ago, helped the Romans conquer Europe and allow elite athletes to run hundreds of miles without turning their feet into bloodied stumps. Pretty much everyone has at least one pair, so it's a no brainer that the shoe will be next accessory to go smart. Essential reading: The rise and fall of the smart shoe So why is the shoe such a big deal? Indoor positioning system The localization algorithm of Nextome, which is patented, is able to use, adapt and improve several technologies for the indoors navigation. The whole algorithm performance is done within the smartphone without need of constant communication between phone and server, in this way the app is totally usable even where internet doesn’t work. MLV3 Technology

Product Features Expert Fitness Coaching Developed with top experts who coach pro athletes and business executives, larklife’s activity tips reinforce positive behaviors and help you to learn new ones to incorporate into your daily routine. By getting more consistent, effective activity each day, you’ll notice improvement in your energy levels and your health. Active Breaks Get a nudge to move if you’ve been inactive for a while. larklife makes it easier to stick to a fitness routine with alerts that help you stay on track, as well as find ways to squeeze more movement into your day. Exercise Logging Studio Nancy Tilbury Studio Nancy Tilbury is a Fashion Laboratory based in London, UK. Our focus is digital and physical intimacy. We strategize, innovate and create fashioned technologies and hybridize science and couture.