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Events & Promotion, Management & Booking, Brands & Digital

Events & Promotion, Management & Booking, Brands & Digital
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Inject Design | Branding, Graphic Design, Website Design & Illustration | Wellington, New Zealand Realizzazione Siti Web Milano Melbourne Creative UX Design, Development and Mobile App Digital Agency SundusLive tu aliado de negocio en internet Ricardo Tayar - CEO Licenciado en Derecho Postgrado en Comercio Electrónico Desde 1998 trabajando en el sector internet. Ponente habitual en congresos especializados de eCommerce y sector internet: Conversion Thursday, CINTERMED, Congreso SEO Profesional, Congreso Web Zaragoza, etc Profesor en los siguientes masters y universidades: - MeBA, Universidad de Zaragoza - Master de Analítica Web, K School - Master de Marketing Digital, Fundesem

Louisville, KY Web Designer | Chris Thurman Web Development Portland, Web Design Portland, Web Agency Portland | Harlo Interactive Our skills | EPIC - Creative agency Facts about epic agency We’re a young digital agency composed of developers, graphic designers, project managers and pixel lovers who think that every single pixel counts. Now let’s act smart and cool with some interesting facts about us. period. But you know, we really are very nice guys & we surely don’t walk around in shiny underpants. well, in fact let’s say we are only fighting pixels. One EPIC Pixel from us equals Two normal other pixels from anybody else partners And we know that's a lot succesfull hits on our keyboards (and counting) 559824.35km Coming at work happily fighting for you 10892.2days of internet experience developing designing slicing we have chased little pixels (so far) Currently seeking one very very very project manager

25 Great Infographics Designs for Inspiration Infographics are basically a graphical representation of data. In other words, a fun graph. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. Here are 25 places you can go on the web to see some great visual graphics to help inspire you to make your own. You may be interested in the following posts: 1. Ivan Cash 2. Responsive Web Design Infographic 3. Web Designers vs. 4. Great Garbage Patch 5. The Rising Cost of Higher Education 6. Social Media Analytic Infographic 7. Which Countries were Successful at the Olympics 8. Cellular Jerks 9. JavaScript Framework Popularity 10. The Evolution of the Web (Interactive) 11. Flickr User Model 12. One Extra Pixel 13. Mac Person vs. 14. Green Report 15. Students vs. 16. The Greatest Viruses of All Time 17. VISA London Economic Outlook 18. Olympic Swimming 2012 19. HTML5: Past, Present, Future 20. Best Times to Tweet or Post on Facebook 21. Challenge of Search Engine Complexity 22.