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jQuery webcam plugin

jQuery webcam plugin
The jQuery webcam plugin is a transparent layer to communicate with a camera directly in JavaScript. As there is native support for webcams in modern browsers, it would be great if you could add this feature to the project and use the flash-version as a fallback for older ones. I don't have time for this project at the moment, so a pull request would be great! Overview This plugin provides three different modes to access a webcam through a small API directly with JavaScript - or more precisely jQuery. jQuery webcam example error: No camera was detected. Available Cameras If you activate the filter with the button on the right side of the picture, methods of my already published jQuery plugin xcolor will be used to distort the colors of the Canvas. General information about the interface The following snippet describes the interface of the webcam API: Config Parameter widthThe width of the flash movie. heightThe height of the flash movie. Callback Interface Save Interface'/upload.php'); Related:  webcam in jsf

Access Denied How Tablets And Chromebooks Make Windows And OSX Legacy "Heavy, hard to change, powerful big hardware requirements, complex and costly to administer". All these words seem appropriate for legacy systems. Until recently ZOS (mainframe stuff) was generally considered legacy; I argue that this year Windows, OSX both became legacy as well. In this video I demonstrate a pure HTML5 based remote desktop system which allows access to Windows from any HTML5 based web device. I am using a Chromebook, an IPad or Android tablet would be just as good. If I were to bring employees into Nerds Central in future, I would give them Chromebooks and machine in the cloud. Was the 'PC Revolution' a 30 year blip?

Access Denied This example program will capture the video and audio stream from a Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 USB camera for 10 seconds and stores it on a file, named "testcam.avi". You can later use the microsoft windows media player to display this file. 100% written in Java, using the media framework library (JMF) from Sun. Tested on Windows 2000. With some minor modifications, this programm will also work for any other USB cameras. Purpose / Benefits100% Java.Non Windows/GUI based program ->> command line utility.May be used together with a scheduler and a local webserver to publish periodically live video fragments on the internet.Easy sourcecode and easy to understand: you may make your own modifications in a short time. Configuration Hint: perhaps you need a small change of the capture device. How to Modify the Input Devices or the Resoultion ? Useful Links Last updated on 23. About the Author ....and just for fun... ....for java developers...

Pixlr - Just Amazing One thing I miss a lot when posting from my Chromebook is a good image editor. No longer - Pixlr is amazing. If you have used The GIMP then this will be second nature to you - it is almost identical. In some features it is slightly easier to use, but generally identical. The zoom control is great - makes zooming in and out easier than on The GIMP. The only negative so far is that I am not convinced by the smudge tool - it seems to get the averaging algorithm incorrect in the luma - more research needed. Here is a pair of images - original and fiddled with (5 minutes work to demo): You can see where I have had some issues with the smudge tool to the right of the mountain on the 'after' image on the right; there is a dark patch in the sky. On other amazing thing - perfect Picasa integration (I expect Flickr is as good not tried it):

Add a webcam to your site Add a webcam to your siteSetting up your webcam.By Mike Slocombe for Internet Magazine, May 2004 1. Set the scene Find something remotely interesting to point your camera at and put it on a stable surface where it won't get disturbed. If the cam isn't going to be connected 24 hrs a day, list the times it's available, and include some example shots to entice people back. If your webcam is inside a building, try and spare viewers the excitement of a completely black screen and leave a light on at night and maybe add amusing objects to add interest. 2. Make sure you pin down all trailing cables to avoid any unexpected comedy moments. If you need to locate your webcam some distance from your PC, consider buying a wireless webcam, otherwise you can use a a USB repeater cable which will let you run a cable up 9 metres. 3. You'll need a program to take snapshots of your video stream, convert it into a JPEG file and the upload it to your server at pre-configured intervals. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

v8: a tale of two compilers Regular readers will have noticed my fascination with the V8 JavaScript implementation. It is indeed an impressive piece of engineering. When V8 was originally announced, Lars Bak wrote : I hope the web community will adopt the code and the ideas we have developed to advance the performance of JavaScript. How right he was! But as William Gibson says, "The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed." And indeed, with my selfish Guile hat on, this study in V8 is giving me lots of ideas and motivation. V8 compiles all JavaScript to native code. The quick-and-simple compiler is known internally as the "full-codegen" compiler. The boxes represent the flow of data in the compilation process. The compiler will emit loads and stores to pull these values into registers to actually do the work. Actually I should mention one important optimization that is done even with the full-codegen compiler, and that is inline caching . Here are some links to the source: ast.h type-info.h

WebCam no swing Eu estou usando uma tela de cadastro de pessoas e tem um jbutton(Tirar Foto), quando eu clico no mesmo ele abre um jframe(CapturaFoto) que possui um jpanel interno detro do CapturaFoto, esta funcionando ok a imagem da webcam está sendo reproduzida. O problema e quando eu estou fechando esse jframe atraves do jbutton(fechar) ou da forma traticional fechar no X, quando eu clico novamente para Tirar Foto conforme relatei acima e lança esse erro: 14/07/2009 11:13:00 Assunto: WebCam no swing Olá a todos deste forum, Eu tenho uma aplicacão em swing que captura uma imagem da WebCam, qaundo eu chamo novamente o frame ele me traz o seguinte erro: Eu estou usando o JDK 1.6.0_07 IDE NetBeans IDE 6.5.1 (Build 200903060201) detalhe quando eu fecho a IDE, Inicio ela novamente e rodo a aplicação e faço todos os processo citados acima funciona Eu acho que devo fazer um método para fechar a conexão da JVM com driver da WebCam o que vc acha? Desde já eu agradeço sua ajuda veio...

a closer look at crankshaft, v8's optimizing compiler Continuing in my series of articles on V8, Google's JavaScript engine, in this article I'd like to take a closer look at V8's optimizing compiler, with a focus on the Hydrogen intermediate language. brief summary As my readers might recall, Crankshaft is the marketing name of V8's optimizing compiler. It complements the "full" compiler by optimizing hot functions, while ignoring uncommon cases. It translates the JavaScript abstract syntax tree to a high-level static single-assignment (SSA) representation called Hydrogen, and tries to optimize that Hydrogen graph. The point of the Hydrogen translation is threefold: To permit inlining. The Hydrogen SSA representation facilitates all of these operations. static single assignment (click for accessible SVG) Hydrogen consists of values instructions and phis --contained in basic blocks , which themselves are contained in a graph The standard SSA notation associates a named value with every expression: t1 = x + y; t2 = 3; t3 = t1 + t2; ... value phi . uses . .

Adobe outs un-Flash web animation tool High performance access to file storage Adobe has released an early incarnation of its new un-Flash web design tool, Adobe Edge. First revealed last October at the annual Adobe Max show in Los Angeles, Edge is a means of building web animations using standard technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. "We see both of these technologies – Flash and HTML – coexisting, just as they always have done," Paul Gubbay, Adobe's vice president of engineering, design, and web, tells The Register. Adobe Edge in motion (click to enlarge) Built atop the open source WebKit rendering engine, Edge is part of Adobe's ongoing effort to reposition itself in a world where Apple has banned Flash from its mobile devices and even Microsoft has put its weight behind the latest web standards. "What we've been doing for a long time is focusing on our runtime: Flash. With the tool, you can add animations to existing HTML documents or fashion animations from scratch.

Understanding The Power Of Google+ The subtle differences between Google+ and Face Book are hard to get ones head around. However, I think Google+ is very much more powerful than Face Book. It is not any one thing, but a set of slight differences. The big thing which people talk about is the idea of circles - which are brilliant. For example - if I were to kick of a shared development project - I can just make a circle for it. Then there is the idea of streams. I suspect the real power will come when people start using Google+ more collaboration in conjunction with socialising, but we will have to wait and see if the 10M users balloons enough to make that happen. This quarter, we released +1 buttons to the entire web, and many sites like Huffington Post, the Washington Post and Best Buy have added +1 buttons Google+ is still only in field trial with limited access as we scale the systemUsers have to be invited, sign up with a profile in order to use it