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Resilience and Grit Resource Roundup

Resilience and Grit Resource Roundup
There’s been a lot of talk lately about resilience, grit, growth mindset, and related concepts -- including the social and emotional skills associated with these factors and their importance for student well-being and academic success. Edutopia has curated these lists of resources to help educators and parents follow these topics and create home and school environments that provide supports and opportunities to help young people thrive. Nurturing Resilience The ability to bounce back from adversity is associated with a variety of skills. Learn more about the resilience research and supports and strategies to develop resilience in young people. (10+ Resources) Fostering Grit Explore an array of resources about understanding and building student perseverance, and consider questions raised by the research on grit. (15+ Resources) Teaching Growth Mindset Learning From Failure Managing Stress Responding to Trauma and Tragedy

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Teaching Grit Cultivates Resilience and Perseverance Amy: Kenny is a student that participated in my grit program last year. Kenny: This is my evaporator. Amy: He's a perfect example of a ten year old with grit. In New Hampshire, we do a lot of sugaring, which is the term for making maple sugar and it's a whole ton of work. A dozen important brain based concepts - The Second Principle Creating a brain based classroom – A dozen important concepts and teaching strategies every teacher (and parent) should know about how the brain learns best ©Leslie Owen Wilson, Ed.D. 2014 Contact Leslie Download a PDF version of A dozen important brain based concepts L.

TV and Movies That Celebrate Grit close(x) Don’t Miss Out You’re all set! Building Resiliency in Struggling Students: 7 Key Ideas from Research In the coming weeks, millions of students across the country will return to school. Countless numbers of them will be labeled with such terms as at-risk or high-risk for academic failure or inappropriate behavior. As educators, we strive to find interventions, strategies, and programs that will help these students be successful. Perspective: A Game Changer in the Classroom and in Our Lives What is perspective? What does it have to do with teaching, leadership, and learning? The Oxford English Dictionary defines perspective as: "A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view." Blending this definition into our instruction, classroom cultures, and relationships, perspective drives all we are and do in our classrooms. Perspectives are bundles of beliefs, a mindset that we each embrace determining how we see one another, our experiences, and possibilities or lack thereof.

Dr. Anthony Muhammad Anthony Muhammad is one of the most sought after educational consultants in North America. As a practitioner of nearly twenty years, Dr. Muhammad has served as a middle school teacher, assistant principal, middle school principal, and high school principal. Dr. Movies That Inspire Kids to Change the World close(x) Don’t Miss Out You’re all set! Look out for our weekly updates soon. 3 Simple Exercises That Will Help Reduce Your Anxiety at Work - Levo Everyone has had to deal with anxiety once or twice (an hour) at work. All of the sudden, your normally rational mind catapults into What If Land, and you’re imagining all of the ways things could go terribly, horribly wrong. What if this person goes straight to my boss about this? Oh, I’m so getting fired. I’m so definitely getting fired. Stop right there, sister.

Building Social and Emotional Skills in Elementary Students: The Power of Perspective In this nine-part series, we will look at important factors that influence the happiness and social and emotional learning of elementary school age children. These are very useful in helping students learn, manage emotions better and increase empathy. Each blog features one letter of the acronym HAPPINESS: H = Happiness A = Appreciation P = Passions and Strengths P = Perspective I = Inner Meanie/Inner Friend N = Ninja Mastery E = Empathy S = So Similar S = Share Your Gifts Dr. Anthony Muhammad - Podcast: Help Students At The First Sign Of Trouble 68: Dr. Anthony Muhammad | Help Students At The First Sign Of Trouble | Galvanize Your Resources Through Motivation, Professional Development, and Modeling To Produce Productive, Healthy, Educated Students | Struggling Students Don’t Need Pity, They Need Help Download Podcast Here Dr. Anthony Muhammad is one of the most sought after educational consultants in North America.

Self-Esteem Books close(x) Don’t Miss Out You’re all set! Look out for our weekly updates soon. Connect with us Jump to navigation A Simple Meditation Technique for Beginners - And Here We Are Do you meditate? It has become widely accepted that meditation is a great way to reduce stress, improve focus and restore internal balance. I know that lots of people would like to be able to meditate, but find it hard to begin. Our minds wander, we get fidgety, and we don’t know what to do with ourselves. In this age of digital-everything, it’s just harder because our brains act differently now. We spend less time staring into space, watching clouds go by, slowing down, and just being present. 7 Tenets of Creative Thinking In school, we learn about geniuses and their ideas, but how did they get those ideas? What are the mental processes, attitudes, work habits, behaviors, and beliefs that enable creative geniuses to view the same things as the rest of us, yet see something different? The following are seven principles that I've learned during my lifetime of work in the field of creative thinking -- things that I wish I'd been taught as a student. 1. You Are Creative Artists are not special, but each of us is a special kind of artist who enters the world as a creative and spontaneous thinker.