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Yatedo: Free People Search - Home Lullar Com - Profile Search by Email Wordlists & Password Profiling with CRUNCH, WyD, & CUPP Today I am going to show you how to use three (3) different tools in Linux (Backtrack 5) for creating targeted wordlists to help speed up and increase the chance of success for your dictionary attacks. I will be covering the use of CRUNCH for pure wordlist generation, and then I will cover the use of WyD and CUPP which use password profiling techniques to create targeted wordlists to narrow your attacks. I will provide the written walk through here with a video at the end. Let's begin with CRUNCH... CRUNCH is a wordlist generator based on the user specified character set. It takes the character set designated by the user and generates all combinations and permutations possible into a nice new wordlist for you to use in your dictionary/bruteforce tools. You will need to download and extract using the following methods: COMMAND: tar -zxvf crunch-3.0.1.tgz COMMAND: cd crunch-3.0.1/ COMMAND: make && make install Basic syntax of CRUNCH looks like this (See MAN Pages for details): o -t *^ssw@rd%