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Day 4-Free Kids Valentine Card Printable - Sweet Muffin Suite Day 4 of the free Valentine’s Day Downloads. This is a simple way to let your child’s friends know that you care. Simply print, cut out and add a sparkly glitter pencil. It’s that easy. Only 2 supplies are needed, paper and pencil. Directions: Download this pdf. If you are looking for the boy version, you can get it here!.

Free Printable: Life is to be Enjoyed | Mormon Mommy Blogs “And finally, in all of living have much of fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” This quote is taken from a 1996 address called Stand True and Faithful by Pres. Gordon B. I love this reminder, because it helps me to keep life in perspective. Download the zipped file by clicking the pink “Click Here To Download” buttonYour computer should automatically download a zipped fileRight click the folder and select “Extract” to open the folderYou now have the images on your computer ready to print! These images are for private, printed non-commercial use only. Want to know when we post new Printables? Get MMB’s newest posts in email or blog reader and never miss an update!

Vintage Cowgirl Party! Happy 3rd birthday to my little cowgirl, Penny! I searched all over for children's cowboy hats, and they were outrageous- especially since I needed 20! (two extras, just in case.) 2K+ Printable water bottle labels. 2K+Each food/ drink item had a funny cowboy name. loved my friends' suggestions- "cactus juice" for the little "Hugs". Neigh! Real horse rides! We brought and borrowed rocking horses for the kids that were too small to ride the real ones. Goody bags. MUCH needed coffee for parents! This is the box that Penny's barbie jeep came in. The "Fools' Gold" was caramel corn. I had a friend bring chocolate cookies.. And the beef jerky was for the dads. The cake! You can find the Vintage Cowgirl Party kit that I usedHERE from SugarTot Design:Store. And if you get a chance, the invitation is really cute too! It's HERE. -Sarah linking up to these parties:

Grocery Shopping and Math... I love to grocery shop. For real. No sarcasm at all. I love making the list of what we are eating that month. So, now that my kids are older I hate to give up some of my control over something I love so much. BUT, I want them to possibly love it just as much. Grocery shopping needn't be a chore. So, how do I instill the love of that part into my boys? Here is a little peek into what we do. First, I let them browse my pintrest boards. Second, once the meals are decided on, I have them write a list of all the ingredients that their chosen recipes will take. Once they have their list, I go through and cross off the things they don't need to buy. Third, I have them estimate how much THEY think it will cost to buy the things they have chosen. Fourth, I make out a list for them to write in how much things REALLY cost. Fifth, when we get home they total their list. Sixth, they figure out how much each recipe costs to make for our family. This teaches them so many things. How about you? Cheers

Dinner Tonight: Fregola with Artichokes, Feta, Almonds, and Herbs [Photograph: Blake Royer] Fregola is a hard-to-find pasta that's similar to cous cous (Israeli cous cous is a fine replacement if you can't find fregola), but larger, chewier, and toasted, which gives it a nutty quality. I fell in love with the stuff after trying it at Otto in New York, and was reminded again when I came across this recipe on the New York Times website. This recipe makes a fine side dish to, say, roasted fish, but it's also filling and balanced on its own. Get the Recipe Fregola with Artichokes, Feta, Almonds, and Herbs »

Sweet & Simple Valentine's Day Dinner Party This sweet and simple Valentine’s Day dinner party is easy enough for even the last minute planner to pull off in a pinch, while the festive aqua & red color palette make for a lasting impression! From the delicate hearts pattern on the table covering to the pretty vintage aqua glassware filled with ever-so-sweet baby’s breath, Nicki from Vitalic Photo set the scene for a truly lovely little celebration! {P.S. Love the artsy font used in the background banner? – Photographs & Party Styling: Vitalic Photo – Printables: Cute & Co. – Tablecloth: Target – Placemats: Walmart – Wine Glasses: Pier1 – Flatware: Martha Stewart for Macy’s – Dinnerware: IKEA – Candlesticks: Laughing Dog Gallery – Turquoise Dishes: Vintage – Cupcake Tags: DIY

Kitchen Island Board and Batten How-to After I painted our kitchen cabinets I felt like our island was looking a bit boring. I had all the quarter round trim for the floor cut, painted, ready to install but I couldn't do it. I knew I wouldn't be happy with it just as it was. It needed more character. I was debating between bead board and board and batten. That my friends is a bundle of 1 1/2" x 3/4" x 48" wood boards for only $11.97! There were a few boards in the bundle that I wouldn't use because of imperfections but the bulk of them were in great shape. Here's how I installed the trim. Materials needed: Wood Saw Measuring TapeLevelNails/nailgun Wood PuttyCaulkPaint 1) Measure and cut. 2) Level and attach the horizontal boards. 3) Figure out spacing. Here is what I came up with: There is about a 5" gap between each board on one side of the island and about a 4 3/4" gap on the other side because of the vent and outlet shown in the picture below. 4) Measure and cut each vertical board. 5) Again level and attach. And after:

County Fair Birthday Party County Fair Birthday I just have to say that Pizzazzerie has THE most TALENTED readers! You gals amaze me! Reader Jill Davis threw this County Fair birthday for her daughter Mallory’s 2nd birthday. How cute?! Jill wanted the food to be simple and easy, yet still make guests feel like they were at the local county fair. Mallory’s birthday cake (from Piece-A-Cake Bakery) was just perfect. Jill shared all about the FAIR GAMES! We also had a Pick-A-Prize board. After it was all over, everyone got their own “Mini Petting Zoo” to take home! ‘Life of Christ’ Quiet Book without Images — Simply Fresh Designs Many have asked for the LDS Quiet Books without the images. I really, really, really want to share all I have, so I’ll slowly get to all of them. This is what is included in the download (+ a sample image of my book + 3 photoshop files so you can insert the large photo behind the text). Download:Zipped Folder of all 4×6 pages (please note that the zipped folder is very large and may take a while to download) Now – what can you do with these .jpg files? You can insert your own photos found in the:Gospel Picture Art Book (my favorite!) I use Photoshop Elements to create the quiet books, but I’m sure there are other photo-editing softwares that you can use to insert the LDS images into your quiet books. You are welcome to ask questions, but I can’t promise that I’ll have time to respond to all. Merry Christmas! p.s.

Mystery dinner | Katrina Runs For Food Dinner tonight was something I made up all by myself. It’s called throw crap in a bowl and make it taste good. Everyone should try it. Technically, its a “pasta salad”. My husband wanted me to buy one of those boxes of pasta salad that has that clear bag of plastic veggies pieces. Open doors and throw stuff together. black olivesnavy beans1 cup of broccoli florets10 baby carrots, sliced1/2 cup of onion, chopped10 sliced mushrooms, sauteed in butter2 cups of spiral garden pasta1/8 cup of vinaigrette dressing of choice. Stephen thought it was outstanding.

My Brass Valentine On the agenda for the next few days: craft like a mad woman with hopes of sending cards out in time for delivery by the 14th. But this year I wanted the Valentines to be special… so I’m thinking that my friends and family might be pleasantly surprised to open an envelope and find a handmade metal card (paper is so last year), with an embossed message. Don’t be intimidated! This was actually super easy to make, and I love the thought of a little brass card living in the folds of a wallet as a keepsake, and a daily reminder of a shared love (of course, you’ll want to be mindful of it going through airport security!) Keep reading for the instructions, and I’d love to know what Valentine’s you’re all creating this year.

Morse Code Feb29 Double Merrick’s prints are always such classic designs. Their latest – Morse Code – could have easily been created 1912 rather than 2012. One Comment on “Morse Code” Leave a Comment

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