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Pernilla Alm | Just another site AlwaysPrepped – A Great Partner We’re super excited about our free partnership with the great team at AlwaysPrepped. 6 reasons to join AlwaysPrepped All your Socrative activity results will be viewable in one location.Organize the results by student or activity.See Khan Academy, Engrade, NWEA & Jumprope data there as well.It will save you time.New features are coming every week! VIDEO - The AlwaysPrepped and Socrative connection AlwaysPrepped – Join Here! visual curation tools Diy Scalp Treatment One of the first things we learned in cosmetology school was how to do a scalp treatment, and for good reason. For all the benefits they provide, I think it’s crazy they aren’t a regular part of our “beauty” routines. We’ll scrub, rub, and moisturize every square inch of our body, but the scalp tends to be neglected. Of all the at home diy treatments you can do, a scalp treatment is of the easiest – and seriously one of the best. Diy All Natural Scalp Treatment I have a friend from childhood that was my ever faithful guinea pig during beauty school. Before we talk about the how, let’s talk about the why. Why Scalp Treatments Are Important Here are just a few reasons that a scalp treatment should be a part of your regular beauty routine: Removes product build up (even shampoo and conditioner build up)Relieves dry, flaky, tight skin from winter monthsTreats dandruffStimulates the scalp to speed up hair growth Convinced you yet? How To Do A Scalp Treatment Supplies Recipes Application:

Brainstorming and Voting Amazingly Easy. Free Online Tool | tricider presentation 100% Natural Pancakes Recipe – Gluten Free, Flourless, Low Calorie, Easy Hey POPsters!!! New discovery!!!!! This is the easiest pancake recipe you will ever find in your LIFE!!!!! And it’s 100% made out of natural ingredients. No protein powder, no flour, no sugars…not even almond milk! Check this ingredient list: - 1 ripe banana - 2 whole eggs Bam!!! So simple I couldn’t believe it. Under 250 calories, nearly 14g of protein! Also, don’t forget to try my new POP Pilates workout in front of Big Ben…Pippa’s Butt Workout!! Also…I REALLY wanna do a cardio dance video. <3 you guys! Cassey Plant a Question, Grow Answers Topic (required) Type the topic of your new AnswerGarden. This can be a question or a topic, such as: "What do you think of my website?" More options (optional) For your convenience, you can change the following settings for your new AnswerGarden. AnswerGarden Mode In Classroom Mode respondents can submit an unlimited number of answers, but may only submit each answer once. Answer Length (New!) You can set the answer length to 20 or 40 characters. Admin Password You can enter a password that enables you to edit this AnswerGarden (such as the topic, unwanted answers and mode) afterwards. Show password Reminder Email Enter an email address and you'll receive an email containing the AnswerGarden link and admin password. It's ok to send me very occasional news about AnswerGarden. Spam Filter Filter that detects and removes common unwanted answers is now turned off. Broadcast on your current local network

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