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Resources for builders, developers and designers of th

Resources for builders, developers and designers of th
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Most Inspired: Design Inspiration Blog 10 Cool (or Hot) Mobile Weather Apps Before I started writing my own weather app, I searched high and low for something that would fit my needs. Ultimately I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, and wrote my own, but you might like some of the inspirational apps I found. Dark Sky 30 Must See Web Generator for Lazy Webmasters Here’s a list of 70 hand-picked, easy to use, and free web generators that will save you tons of time and energy. I have grouped these tools into 10 categories: Color Palettes, Robots.txt, Website Screenshots, Favicons, Web Backgrounds, Webpage Elements (buttons, tabs, etc), Memes, Forms, Logos, and Dummy Texts. The best part about these tools is that they are completely free (some need you to signup though).

25 Useful CSS/Wordpress Snippets Throughout my years of being involved in web design and development, I have come across a wide range of code snippets. The more useful ones, I tend to save for later use. I use Code Collector Pro to manage all of my snippets that I keep in one easy place. Here are a bunch of the snippets that I use on a regular basis to save time and be more efficient in coding. Feel free to leave a comment with a snippet that you use often, that I might have missed, or if there is a better coding solution to one that I cover Some great resources (where most of these snippets are from) for smart code snippets are:CSS Tricks – SnippetsSnipplr – Social Snippet RepositoryDevSnippets

40 Extraordinary Photoshop Text Effects The trouble with Photoshop Tutorials is that there are a lot of them out there, but you only want the very best, most creative ones. In this post, we’ve collected 40 of the very best and most extravagant tutorials for working with type. After working through a few of the most appealing looking ones to you, you should have more than a few ideas for creating your own, unique effects! Design a Beautiful Website From Scratch Have you ever wanted to design a beautiful website but just didn’t know how? To be honest, a few years ago, that happened to me too. While browsing the web, I saw so many nice looking websites and wished I had the skills to create such designs. Theme-supported features In version 2.9, WordPress introduced one of my all-time favorite pieces of functionality for themes: theme-supported features. I haven’t seen many theme developers taking advantage of this useful feature. And, I haven’t really been putting this awesome functionality to the test until recently. Theme-supported features allow theme developers to declare that their themes support specific features in WordPress with a quick, simple line of code. But, that’s not what really gets me excited about the functionality. Theme developers can also create custom features that users can turn on/off within child themes.

Browser Sandbox - The Browser Sandbox makes cross-browser testing and backwards compatibility easy. Just click Run for any browser to launch it instantly. Browsers run within an isolated virtual environment, eliminating the need for installs and allowing legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 to run on Windows 7 and 8. Virtualized browsers behave exactly like installed browsers. And because they run locally, you can test web applications hosted on your own development machine or on internal servers. How to add Backwards Compatible WordPress 3.0 Features to Your Theme If you’re looking for a way to take full advantage of the new WordPress 3.0 custom menu and background features, then keep reading. Learn how to integrate the WordPress 3.0 custom menu and make it backwards compatible for older WordPress versions. Also learn how to implement the new “header background image”; all with detailed examples, codes, and pictures. Add WordPress 3.0 Menu Navigation (and make it backwards compatible!) I’ve read a couple different tutorials on how to implement the new menu navigation, but none of them have been detailed or shown how to write backwards compatible code. So let’s do this right.

WordPress - Six Revisions 5 Modern WordPress Alternatives to Keep an Eye On WordPress is the most dominant CMS on the market. 18.9% of websites run on WordPress and, just last year alone, it’s been downloaded 46 million times according Matt Mullenweg, the publishing platform’s creator. continue reading » 10 Free Blank WordPress Themes This is a review of the top blank WordPress theme choices. Create a PDF viewer shortcode If you’re using PDF files on your WordPress blog, it could be very cool to give your users the chance to open them using Google Docs. The following recipe will show you how you can do that. The first step is to paste the following code into your functions.php file: Once you saved the file, you’ll be able to use the shortcode on your posts and page. Here is the syntax: Best WordPress Articles of September 2010 3rd Oct 2010 | Posted by Eko S. | 12 Comments Best WordPress Articles of The Month is up and running, this is one of the great things about working with WordPress and developing your own themes, is the community and all of the resources that are available. We hope this post will help you in solving problems on your wordpress site and as a source of inspiration to develop your wordpress site. In this month (September 2010) we collect a wide selection of fresh wordpress resources. Check these contents what we have for this month : WordPress Tutorials