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More Powerful in Every Way

More Powerful in Every Way

i-Quad AIO Pro 450 Quadcopter GPS NAVIGATED 6 AXIS APM2.5 Pro 450 Quadcopter ready built. This quad has 3 axis gyro and 3 axis accelerometer so it will auto level itself. It also has a GPS, Barometer & Compass so it can fly around a set of predefined waypoints (set using flight planner software with integrated Google Maps). It can Return To Launch, GPS position and altitude hold (Loiter). Carry a GoPro or similar camera for aerial photography. It will bind to any DSM2 Radio transmitter (Spektrum Dx6i or Dx8 etc Dx8 preferred for the flight mode switching ability) It is very stable and easy to fly so is ideal for a beginner or expert pilot. It can do loops and fast forward flying or you can hover super stable. It can do flips automatically with the flick of a switch. It will carry a camera like the GoPro for aerial photography or FPV flying. Complete 450 Quadcopter built using: RM450 V2 frame (with integrated power distribution) 4 x multi rotor speed controllers (high speed) Flight control board (APM2.5) Needed to fly:

iPad - New iPad and iPad 2 with Free Shipping What’s the difference in storage sizes? iPad Air comes in four storage sizes: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.6 The term “GB” stands for gigabytes. The more gigabytes you have, the more content you can store on your iPad — apps, HD videos, movies, photos, books, magazines, and more. If, for example, you have a large music library or you frequently download HD movies, it’s a good idea to consider an iPad with a larger storage capacity. Wi–Fi or Wi–Fi + Cellular? Wi-Fi model: Uses high-speed Wi-Fi networking to connect to the Internet. Wi-Fi + Cellular model: Keeps you connected to the Internet using a fast mobile data connection when Wi-Fi isn’t available. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon. The iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular model you purchase will work with one of these wireless carriers: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon. No contract. When you decide to activate data service, you can choose the amount of data per month you want to buy — with no long-term contract. No new plan required.

Empulse Electric Motorcycle The 2014 Empulse is an evolution of the highly acclaimed, award winning 2013 Empulse. With its unique water cooled motor, six speed gearbox and integrated J1772 rapid charging, the Empulse remains as the market leader in the category. A top speed of 110mph (177kph) and a 3kW onboard charger means the Brammo Empulse retains its crown as the world’s fastest electric motorcycle in serial production both riding and charging. The 2014 Empulse embodies many new and improved components making it an EV technology tour de force. Fully 10lbs of weight is removed from the Empulse, further improving performance, handling, and range. Of course performance isn’t everything, and so the Empulse also boasts an impressive 438 MPGe (MPG electric equivalency) (.54 litre/100km-e) fuel economy, making the Empulse a smart move from a cost of ownership perspective as one of the cheapest motorcycles on the planet to refuel. Tires - 2014 sees a move to new rubber manufactured by Continental.

Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music Internet and Phone Packages - High Speed Internet Service Activation fee of up to $299 may apply. For 24-month commitment, a termination fee of $17.50/month remaining will apply if service is terminated before end of commitment. Equipment must be returned upon cancellation of service, otherwise unreturned equipment fees apply. Data Usage: Total data usage is split evenly between Anytime Data and Off-peak Bonus Data. Offer valid through 6/12/14. Full Offer Details