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The Website the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See

The Website the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See

Getting The Protein You Need Photo by Kelly Rossiter Hands down, the number one response I get from people when I mention that my children are both vegetarian is "but how do they get enough protein?" Getting your daily requirement of protein is actually pretty easy. In fact, if you are eating meat, chances are you are consuming more protein than you need. Eating any kind of balanced diet simply requires a little thought and a well stocked pantry. Just a cursory look through my cupboards and refrigerator revealed quinoa , green lentils , red lentils , dried chickpeas, canned chickpeas, dried kidney beans , canned kidney beans , canned navy beans , dried yellow split peas, dried black beans , tofu , eggs , cheese , cottage cheese , peanut butter , almonds, cashews , pine nuts and walnuts . This recipe was very easy and absolutely fantastic. Photo by Kelly Rossiter Baked Quinoa with Spinach and Cheese 1. 2. 3. 4. From the New York Times

Paul Verhaeghe: Nieuwe beroepsziektes en (gebrek aan) solidariteit Op de Dag van het Socialisme op 2 november 2013 gaf hoogleraar psychotherapie Paul Verhaeghe aan UGent, een lezing over hoe het neoliberalisme ons ziek maakt. Hij vergeleek o.a. stress gerelateerde aandoeningen met de stoflong en de loodvergiftiging van weleer. Lees hier een uitgebreide versie van deze lezing die hij een dag voordien bracht op de bijeenkomst van de Nederlandse Gezondheidsraad in Utrecht. In deze tijden van ‘meten is weten’ steek ik van wal met wat cijfers. Binnen de EU kunnen we een ranglijstje opstellen van de ziektes met de grootste impact op levensduur en kwaliteit. Dit is, op zijn zachtst uitgedrukt, vreemd. Die vaststellingen zijn voor heel wat mensen een reden om een veroordeling uit te spreken over de groep die uit de boot valt. Ziekte is een zaak van het individu en schaadt ‘onze’ economie Deze redenering berust op een impliciete, en alleen al daardoor des te belangrijkere aanname. Psychologie en psychiatrie versterken de individualisering Even ter vergelijking.

SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten Let Food Be Your Medicine ‘Tis the season once again, cold and flu season that is. Drastic changes in the weather, being closed up indoors, and generally feeling rundown can all lead to a serious case of the sniffles. If you run the other way when you see someone sneeze, or hide out when you hear a cough- it’s time to arm your body against cold and flu bugs from the inside out. Don’t give the flu a fighting chance by powering up with immune boosting foods. Even though it seems most people get sick during the fall and winter months, Mother Nature is (like always) one step ahead of us. Most of the beautiful produce in season this time of year also happens to provide great sources of immune boosting nutrients. Vitamin A: Studies have found that Vitamin A can reduce both the incidence and seriousness of infection by improving the body’s antibody response1. Zinc: Another popular immune booster, zinc accelerates the growth of immune cells while slowing the reproduction of the cold-cause rhinovirus3,4. Resources:

Monsanto Officially Starts Retreat from Europe Biotech giant Monsanto has officially withdrawn four requests for GMO cultivation in the EU, following its announcement last month that it would no longer try to grow biotech crops in the bloc. The US-based company, whose GM maize MON810 is the only biotech crop grown for food in the EU, now says it will focus on only conventional seed production and on importing more of its GMOs for food and feed uses. Last month Monsanto told Reuters that it will withdraw all pending approval requests to grow new types of genetically modified crops in the European Union, due to the lack of commercial prospects for cultivation there. “We will be withdrawing the approvals in the coming months,” Monsanto’s President and Managing Director for Europe, Jose Manuel Madero, told Reuters by telephone. The decision covered five EU approval requests to grow genetically modified maize, plus one soybean and one sugar beet. El sitio de noticias online de Chile 57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan | Nursing Schools : LPN RN BSN MSN : Online Nursing Degree Vegans are frequently misunderstood as fringe eaters with an unnatural passion for animal rights. While many vegans do feel passionately about animals, its time for others to see that a vegan diet and lifestyle go way beyond animal rights. Following a healthy, balanced vegan diet ensures a host of health benefits as well as prevention of some of the major diseases striking people in North America. Read these blogs to find out about the health benefits or going vegan or just provide better information to your patients. Nutrition All of the following nutritional benefits come from a vegan diet full of foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, and soy products. Reduced saturated fats. Disease Prevention Eating a healthy vegan diet has shown to prevent a number of diseases. Cardiovascular disease. Physical Benefits In addition to good nutrition and disease prevention, eating vegan also provides many physical benefits. Body Mass Index. Too Much in the American Diet

Uprising: the crisis of civilisation and the struggle for the global commons… | Strike! Magazine Dr. Nafeez Ahmed is a bestselling author, investigative journalist and international security scholar. He is executive director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development, and author of A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization among other books. That book was the basis for the excellent Crisis of Civilisation documentary. He also writes for the Guardian on the geopolitics of environmental, energy and economic crises on his Earth insight blog. Illustration by Lucca Benney Uprising: the crisis of civilisation and the struggle for the global commons by Dr Nafeez Ahmed The last half decade has seen the persistence of social protests in various forms, including civil disobedience and mass demonstrations. With the world reeling under the impact of banking collapses, austerity, environmental crisis, energy woes and rocketing food prices, it’s no wonder that people everywhere are rising up and demanding change. But the struggle for the global commons had only just begun.

Wikipedia Vegan Diet Infographic Want to know how to be healthy and cruelty-free? No worries—eating vegan is easy! Get all your answers and more with PETA’s “Wondering About a Vegan Diet?” infographic, and don’t forget to share this infographic on Facebook. Are you ready to eat healthy? Pledge to go vegan for 30 days! Embed “Wondering About a Vegan Diet?” <a href=” src=” width=”720″ border=”0″><p>Wondering About a Vegan Diet? Transnational Institute