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Sass - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets

Sass - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets
Before you can use Sass, you need to set it up on your project. If you want to just browse here, go ahead, but we recommend you go install Sass first. Go here if you want to learn how to get everything set up. Preprocessing CSS on its own can be fun, but stylesheets are getting larger, more complex, and harder to maintain. Once you start tinkering with Sass, it will take your preprocessed Sass file and save it as a normal CSS file that you can use in your website. The most direct way to make this happen is in your terminal. You can also watch individual files or directories with the --watch flag. sass --watch input.scss output.css You can watch and output to directories by using folder paths as your input and output, and separating them with a colon. sass --watch app/sass:public/stylesheets Sass would watch all files in the app/sass folder for changes, and compile CSS to the public/stylesheets folder. đź’ˇ Fun fact: Sass has two syntaxes! Variables SCSS Syntax Sass Syntax CSS Output Nesting Partials

Sass (stylesheet language) Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) is a stylesheet language initially designed by Stu Robson and developed by Nathan Weizenbaum.[1][2] After its initial versions, Weizenbaum [Sina JO] and Chris Eppstein have continued to extend Sass with SassScript, a simple scripting language used in Sass files. CSS3 consists of a series of selectors and pseudo-selectors that group rules that apply to them. Sass (in the larger context of both syntaxes) extends CSS by providing several mechanisms available in more traditional programming languages, particularly object-oriented languages, but that are not available to CSS3 itself. When SassScript is interpreted, it creates blocks of CSS rules for various selectors as defined by the Sass file. SassScript supports four data types:[9] In SCSS style Or SASS style $blue: #3bbfce $margin: 16px .content-navigation border-color: $blue color: darken($blue, 9%) .border padding: $margin/2 margin: $margin/2 border-color: $blue Would compile to:

The Designer’s Guide to the OSX Command Prompt The command prompt. Once the lofty domain of that guy you know with the computer science degree. Now more and more the every day domain of the hacker web designer. Perhaps you’ve mastered a little Javascript or PHP, but you are realizing that the cool kids are playing around with stuff that is only accessible to people who are comfortable with the command prompt. Whatever the case, I’m here to help. First things first: launching terminal The command prompt1 application on OSX is called Terminal. Applications → Utilities → Terminal Here’s a screenshot of my Finder window showing the Terminal application and the path that I took to get to it in the status bar at the bottom: Once you get there, double-click the Terminal icon to launch it. Dressing it up a bit: Terminal themes When you first open Terminal on OSX, you’ll find it a stark barren white place. Let’s dress it up a bit so that it feels like home. Terminal → Preferences This will open up the Terminal settings window. Shell → New Window ls

Backbone.js HAML + Blueprint + SASS + Wordpress(!?) - Port80 Forums It's run by the Australian Web Industry Association. Founded in 2002, Port80 is proud of its informal meetings - no long speeches, no admission fees, no forced networking. Just an interesting talk, great discussion, a few drinks and the chance to meet others in your industry. Many of us tweet (@awia) and we're not too proud to chat on Facebook. Also, there's a LinkedIn page; well of course there is. The place where people's eyes do not glaze over Join hundreds of Australian web industry professionals discussing web and mobile technologies and the issues they raise. Care about what you do? Join the Australian Web Industry Association Install the Compass Stylesheet Authoring Framework Installing Ruby Compass runs on any computer that has ruby installed. For more advanced users you may want to install rvm. Setting up the ruby environment $ gem update --system$ gem install compass Looking for the next release's preview version? To install the preview version of Compass: gem install compass --pre Tell us about your project and we'll help you get it set up: I would like to set up my project named with starter stylesheets. Thanks. Terminal newbies, read the Designer’s Guide to the OSX Command Prompt first! $ gem install compass $ compass create <myproject> Note: Values indicated by <> are placeholders. Note: $ is a placeholder for your terminal's prompt. Then follow the instructions that compass provides in the output. Hate the Command Line? Try one of these Community supported GUI applications: Next Steps

SASS : l'évolution du CSS pour Play, Rails ou autres • @GreWeb SASS, Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets, est un langage de feuille de style évolué qui permet de factoriser beaucoup de code css et de rendre son écriture et sa maintenance rapide et moins contraignante. Il est compilé en css. Pourquoi utiliser SASS ? Son utilisation a de nombreux avantages par rapport au CSS : sa simplicité (pas de crochets, pas de point virgule mais juste de l’indentation)l’imbrication des sélecteurs css (appliquant l’idée DRY : don’t repeat yourself)l’utilisation de variablesl’utilisation d’opérations élémentaires (sur les pixels, les couleurs, …)la factorisation du code (au lieu de faire des copier-coller, on peux factoriser le code à travers les “mixins”).La réduction css et la clarté du codeLa compression du code compilé avec la possibilité de tout mettre dans un fichier (via l’héritage) et de minimifier le code css. Ce langage n’est pas difficile à apprendre, cela ressemble au css, avec de nombreuses fonctionnalités intéressantes en plus. La syntaxe du langage ! ! Liens

Easy SASS for wordpress using phamlp | The Accessible Design blog Hi there, I’ve been getting quite into this SASS malarky so wanted to get it running on a new WordPress site I am developing. There are a few solutions out there using compass – eg Sass up your WordPress themes with Compass but installing this requires you to have sudo shell access to your server, install ruby and all that jazz. The steps Get phamlp and extract it to the root of your wordpress site In your themes header.php shove this lot in in : 'nested' ) ) ; $file = $_SERVER [ "DOCUMENT_ROOT" ] . Wrap in style tags – these have been omitted due to wordpress not liking them. And that will basically spit your compiled CSS – depending on your setup you may want to delete references to the default stylesheet. Get PHAMLP to create a .css file If you want to go one step further & get phamlp to create a CSS file for you – you’ll need this handy PHP function I have written. Steps create a blank css file & upload it to the server – this will be populated with the rendered sass

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Tutorial Compass, CSS trop facile avec SCSS et SASS Compass est un framework qui permet de compiler des feuilles de style css en utilisant SCSS ou SASS. Cet outil permet d’intégrer des frameworks CSS tel que blueprint. Il met également à disposition une API pour une intégration HTML et CSS3 propre et productive. Nous allons voir comment SASS/SCSS permet combler les limites de CSS avec les variables, les fonctions, les mixins et l’héritage de selecteurs. Les limites de CSS A l’air des sites web dynamiques et des supports mobiles, le concept de feuille de style semble souffrir de quelques faiblesses. Mise en place rapide d’un bootstrap avec Compass Compass est développé en ruby, il faut donc s’assurer que la machine sur laquelle vous développez possède un interpréteur ruby d’installé. Pour installer compass Pour créer un nouveau projet, il suffit de lancer la commande suivante : Il est possible de changer certains paramètres (tels que le noms des répertoires des différents assets) en ajoutant les options suivantes : Conclusion

php - Wordpress with Haml/Sass Breve manuale di educazione del Cliente L’importanza di essere onesto. L’educazione del cliente alla comunicazione: strategia in 4 atti. Un cliente, in generale, sa di aver bisogno di un’agenzia o di freelance esperti quando si rende conto dell’importanza della comunicazione per la sua azienda. Ogni professionista della comunicazione, dal momento in cui acquisisce il lavoro, deve percorrere due strade parallele: creare una strategia efficace ed “educare” il cliente, cioè spiegargli le regole del gioco e perché deve seguirle. Ecco dunque un breve vademecum per semplificare il lavoro pedagogico, il cui titolo, preso in prestito dal buon vecchio Oscar Wilde, riassume perfettamente i concetti. Atto I Una questione di fiducia. Educare un cliente a gestire la comunicazione della sua azienda in modo corretto e a non inseguire i competitor ciecamente, è un’impresa difficile. Spesso, il cliente tenta di imporre le proprie idee, che poi si basano sulle azioni dei suoi “antagonisti”. Atto II Promesse da marinaio? Atto III Chi ci segue ci ami!