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How to Quilt: Scrap Quilts

How to Quilt: Scrap Quilts
How to Quilt>Scrap Quilts Bonnie Hunter is a quilter who specializes in scrap quilts using fabric from thrift shops or donations from friends' closets. Recently she visited with us for our Eavesdrop on a Telephone Conversation, and the specific topic was how to choose the garments at a thrift shop that will make great fabric for a quilt. Here is a sampling of her answers: Penny: How do you know whether a particular garment would make a good fabric for a quilt? Bonnie: I look for garments the same way I look for fabric. If it says 100% cotton, then that’s the first thing I’ll look for. The next thing I check is how the fabric feels in my hand. I look for the same kinds of things when I look for articles of clothing to cut up for fabric. Penny: You don’t use polyester? Bonnie: No, I don’t. Men’s shirts, so far, have not incorporated spandex. Penny: How do you estimate how much fabric you’ll be able to get from a particular garment? Bonnie: The size of the garment will give you an idea.

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7 quick, low-cost fixes for your quilting space (+ sale) Do you have a quilting studio? A room? Half a room? Aligning the Quilt Sandwich I have finished the Mini Quilt and in doing so have also prepared a simple tutorial to show you how I go about aligning a pieced quilt back with the quilt top. The back for this quilt was pieced with a horizontal strip of small squares of fabric and was at least three inches larger than the quilt top. To baste the quilt the backing was taped right side down on a hard surface. De-Boning A Shirt I have had the most RIDICULOUS time getting this thing to upload! First off, I shouldn’t have removed it from my phone --- it would have been easier to send it straight to Youtube from the phone – but no—I thought I wanted it on the computer. Okay – so I put it BACK on my phone….but now it wasn’t on my camera roll so I couldn’t upload it through youtube there.

I'm actually getting it done... I'm following Vicki's lead and quilting for an hour first thing in the morning. I have been making a lot of progress on my Scrappy String and I'm enjoying it immensely. If I keep up at this pace, this quilt will be done in no time.

GLQC Quilt Care Tips on Storing and Caring for Your Quilt Have you ever wondered whether or not your should wash your Great Grandmother's silk and velvet quilt? Does that antique quilt you've stored in the attic worry you? Have you ever wanted to display your quilt on the wall in your living room? 5 Quilt Supplies You Didn’t Think You’d Need - 24 Blocks 5 Quilt Supplies You Didn’t Think You’d Need You’ve already grabbed the fabric, thread, and scissors – but what about those helpful quilting supplies that aren’t so obvious? Once you’ve got the basics, consider getting these items – many of which you might not have considered. Quilt Dad: orbc quilt-along Thank you all so much for the wonderful feedback you've been leaving me on my last tutorial. I am so glad to hear that I've been able to help so many new quilters (and even some older, but new-to-wonky quilters!) get started on this new project.

Scrap Happy! Scrap Happy! By Alison Dea Bolt I was taught never to waste anything, especially food. Leftovers, no matter how small, were always kept. Freebie: The ABC Quilter in PDF · Quilting May Sandra of Sandra’s Craft Corner put up her freebie for the month of May, 2012. This one has complete instructions for 12 quilts, however because it’s dated material there is no mention of rotary cutters, and the preferred method given for piecing is by hand. Free-Motion Quilting Basics This is a simple overview of free-motion quilting on a home machine. For a post detailing my process for managing the size and weight of a larger quilt during quilting, please refer to my post on the Modern Quilt Guild blog. I prepare my machine as follows: Fit machine with darning/free-motion foot.Set stitch length to zero.Lower or cover feed dogs (depending on the machine).Fit machine with a brand new needle.

How to Choose the Best Rotary Cutter It wasn't too many years ago that quilters had only a few choices when it was time to buy a rotary cutter. Things have certainly changed, because now just about every manufacturer who makes rotary cutters lets us choose from a variety of blade sizes, handle types, safety latches and other features. That's good news for quilters, because it means there's a rotary cutter out there to suit every need.

a string quilt block tutorial – paper pieced method I’m so blown away by all the wonderful comments on my string quilt, now aptly named ‘Kaleidoscope’ (many thanks to Kerri who was the first to suggest it, followed by 9 others of you who had the same thought!) I think it’s just perfect. And now, a quick tutorial – I had a few requests for a tutorial on making this type of quilt, so I figured I’d oblige (it’s the least I can do, right?). This shows the paper piecing method, which is my preferred method.